Wokester’s Nightmare – “The tides are shifting. Something’s in the wind. And it’s not just the fecund vapors of spring. The political soap opera of RussiaGate ended like a fart in a windstorm last weekend, leaving Mr. Mueller’s cheerleaders de-witched, bothered, and bewildered. And then a crude attempt was made to cram the Jussie Smollett case down Chicago’s memory hole. Welcome to the new era of consequences! All of a sudden, a whole lot of people who have been punking the public-at-large will have to answer for their behavior.” – James Howard Kunstler

Judicial Watch: Russia Collusion Hoax Served to Protect Clinton and Co-Conspirators in Obama Admin – Michael W. Chapman

“A Very Incomplete List of Sinister Things Vladimir Putin/Russia/’the Russians’ Have Been Accused of Doing” – The Grayzone

Time is the Fire By Which We Burn – “Could Trump, Russiagate, Spygate, FISA Abuse, and the majority of daily headlines we see simply be distractions; or, rather, apparitions? Because, within the matrix, it appears technology has morphed into power: The power to surveil, the power to control, the power to steal, and even the power to generate illusions in the minds of the masses; movies in the mind, or a stage-show as it were; but with genuine consequences.” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn  – LONG BUT GOOD ARTICLE!!!

The Truth About Mueller – “Mueller’s fans never knew who he was. He was an idea. Now the idea, like all lefty ideas, is dead. Its killer was that old villain named Reality who tears through lefty beliefs about economics and politics. One messiah has fallen. It’s time to find another one.” – Daniel Greenfield

NothingGate, the Real Story Behind Mueller – Gordon Duff

The Democrats Are Self-Destructing – “The Democrats cannot stop making fools of themselves. As Trump committed no crime, what evidence did he obstruct? The evidence of his innocence? Just as murder requires a body, obstruction requires a crime to obstruct.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – EXCELLENT POINT FROM DR ROBERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump adviser warns Russia on military presence in Venezuela – ” “We will consider such provocative actions as a direct threat to international peace and security in the region,” Bolton added.” – Reuters

Trump Threatens Nuclear War If Russia Protects Venezuela- “The United States is therefore trying to do to Maduro what Barack Obama did to Victor Yanukovich in Ukraine in 2014, and to Muammar Gaddaffi in Libya in 2011, and tried to do to Bashar Assad after 2011 in Syria, and what George W. Bush did in 2003 to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. But, this time, there is a difference, because right up front, Russia isn’t allowing it” – Eric Zuesse

Imposter First Lady of Venezuela at the White House – “The legitimate Venezuelan first lady is in Caracas with her husband President Maduro. The scene in Washington was surreal and farcical, Fabiana Rosales, wife of designated Trump regime puppet/usurper in waiting Juan Guaido with Trump, Pence, and others at the White House. She looked very young, naive, incredulous, and bewildered about why she was there, a prop for the Trump regime’s photo-op” – Stephen Lendman

You’re A Sucker For Not Believing That The System Is Rigged – “Do you see the DOJ ever indicting some liberal Dem or some pliable submissivecon for “campaign finance violations?” We know the answer to that because Hillary is wandering around the woods, with a goblet of screw-top Chardonnay glass in her withered paw, free as a bird.” – Kurt Schlichter

What? NYT columnist David Brooks blames fake news media’s nonstop coverage of the Russian collusion hoax on…POTUS Trump and Sean Hannity – J. D. Heyes

Trump Russia Hoax Over, MSM Damaged Beyond Repair, Yield Inversion Trouble (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

President Trump Rises To The Challenge Where Barack Obama Failed Miserably! Finally, A Presidential Executive Order That May Save American Lives! – “President Trump’s EMP EO Is Long Overdue And Not A Moment Too Soon” – Dr Peter Vincent Pry


TOTAL BREXSH*TS MPs throw out May’s deal for third time – Brexit now faces death or a delay of years – Hugo Gye and Natasha Clark

The Demise of Democracy – “By sticking to the Brexit process as it’s been developing up to this point you’re not guaranteeing democracy, you’re guaranteeing its demise.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Financial, Political & Banking Chaos in Europe Going into May – Martin Armstrong

Spain tells Mexico ‘hell, no!’ following AMLO’s demand for an apology for colonial conquest – “Leftists love to apologize for the supposed misdeeds of forbears, as President Obama demonstrated repeatedly. Spain would be an easy mark for one of these, AMLO calculated. Much to AMLO’s surprise, he got a wet mop in the face from Spain, from its socialist foreign minister, no less.” – Monica Showalter

Why the UN World ‘Happiness’ Report Is a Load of Nonsense – “No, Finland is not the happiest place on Earth.” – Jon Hellevig

“As Many As A Million Calves Lost In Nebraska” – Beef Prices In The U.S. To Escalate Dramatically In The Coming Months – Michael Snyder

‘Mother Of All Caravans’ Forming In Honduras – Up To 20,000 Hope To Cross US Border: Report – Tyler Durden

Cory Booker Displays Profound Ignorance On Gun Laws In Town Hall -Tom Knighton

The “Good Guys” are Illegally Pushing for Door to Door Confiscation through Red Flag Polices – Not Law! Learn From History – Bradlee Dean

BREAKING: Colorado Senate Approves Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bill – Robert Davis

Illinois’ Top Legal Officer Turns His Back On Jesse Smollett Issues – “It’s a legal fiasco earning headlines across the world, but the Illinois Attorney General has nothing to say about the growing list of legal questions surrounding dismissal of the case against Jussie Smollett. It’s inexcusable.” – Mark Glennon

Illinois Ponders Taxing Internet Streaming Services and Gas Tax Hikes of $0.19 – “Illinois seems desperate to drive away every able body citizen who can possibly leave.” – Mish

The Big Picture on Debt and Devaluations – Gary Christenson

Solar Power System Diagram [4 Basic Building Blocks] – Ken Jorgustin

5 Fascinating Facts About CBD You Need to Know – Lisa Egan

Inside FDA’s Supplement Power Grab – ANH-USA




Psalm 2:10  Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.