NeverTrump’s Complicity in Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax – Julie Kelly

The Reckoning Has Arrived: Very Bad, Horrible Week For Deep State Players, Their Media Puppets, NeverTrumpers And ‘The Resistance’ – Susan Duclos

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Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s Top Cop Slam Dropped Smollett Charges As “Whitewash Of Justice” – Tyler Durden

Jussie Smollett Allowed To Walk Free But Not Manning or Assange – “The Obama regime’s protection of a black criminal has enraged the Chicago Police who are demanding a federal investigation into Cook County’s top prosecutor for dismissing the case after being contacted by Michelle Obama’s aide.” – Paul Craig Roberts

MSNBC’s Trump-Russia Ratings Fizzle: ‘Time to Pivot to 2020’ – “The Mueller report and its potential implications have driven the network’s coverage—and monster ratings—for two years. Now it’s ended with a whimper, leaving execs in a bind.” – Maxwell Tani and Lloyd Grove

Rachel Maddow, the left’s powerhouse on cable, doubles down on the collusion angle – Paul Farhi

Pete Buttigieg’s star rises in crowded 2020 race – Michael Mathes

Here’s the Democrat’s secret weapon to steal the 2020 POTUS election – “Can you imagine the American people electing a gay male POTUS who lives in the White House with a “First Man”?” – State of the Nation

Trump Signs Executive Order to Protect US from EMP attacks – Off Grid Survival

GOD, GUTS AND GUNS Inside America’s ‘Dad’s Army’ of gun-toting veterans patrolling Mexico’s border for illegal migrants and MS-13 gangs ‘until the wall is built’ – Patrick Knox

Report from the Hill: Lindsey Graham Says Federal Govt. Should ‘Incentivize’ States to Enact Red Flag Laws – Teresa Mull

The Strange Fascination Anti-Gunners Have With The NRA – Tom Knighton

What AOC and Bernie Sanders don’t understand about ‘Free Education’ – “But what most of these people fail to realize is that there’s an enormous difference between an education and a university degree. a university degree is just an expensive piece of paper; it doesn’t actually confer any real knowledge.” – Simon Black

The SEC is Trying to Remove Musk But Not the Bankers. Why? – Martin Armstrong

Gay sex will be punishable by stoning to death and thieves will be amputated under ‘vicious’ new Sharia laws brought in by Brunei – Chris Dyer

Globalism’s Last Disgrace: The Army vs. the Yellow Vests – Tom Luango

Russia appears ready to ditch the petrodollar completely in global oil sales – “Once Gazprom commences energy trading outside the dollar, it could very quickly begin a domino affect across the rest of the world (including OPEC)” – Ken Schortgen

Europe Enters Orwellian End Game After Draconian Article 13 Passes Setting Up The Abolishment Of The ‘Free Internet’ – Stefan Stanford

AI Can HATE With No Human Input – “What if scientists can’t keep AI unbiased?” – Dagny Taggart

A County In New York Has Completely BANNED All Unvaccinated Children From ALL Public Places – Michael Snyder

Disease Outbreaks Among Fully Vaccinated Students Show Insanity Behind Mandatory Vaccination Laws – Brian Shilhavy

Walmart Sells Satanic Paraphernalia Despite “Family Company” Image – Daniel Jennings

$1 Quadrillion Global Derivative Market Means Deflation (VIDEO) with Rick Ackerman – “When you talk about $22 trillion in federal debt, that is really a drop in the bucket because the bigger piece of it is in the global financial markets, mainly in the derivative instruments.” – Greg Hunter

Twelve Preps From A Discount Tools Store – Salty

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Isaiah 16:6  We have heard of the pride of Moab; he is very proud: even of his haughtiness, and his pride, and his wrath: but his lies shall not be so.