The Mueller Report Is In. They Were Wrong. We Were Right. – “It has been obvious from the very beginning that the Maddow Muppets were being sold a lie. I’ve been saying Russiagate is bullshit from the beginning, and I’ve been called a Trump shill, a Kremlin propagandist, a Nazi and a troll every day for saying so by credulous mass media-consuming dupes who drank the Kool Aid. ” – Caitlin Johnstone  – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ!!!

Trump Witch Hunt Over: No American Was Even Charged With Conspiring With Russia – “Compare what cable hosts (let’s leave them unnamed) & Democratic operatives spent two years claiming this would lead to – the imprisonment of Don, Jr., Jared, even Trump on conspiracy-with-Russia charges – to what it actually produced. A huge media reckoning is owed.” – Mish

Mueller wraps up — but don’t expect the hysteria to end – New York Post Editorial Board


With RussiaGate Over Where’s Hillary? – “During most of the RussiaGate investigation against Donald Trump I kept saying that all roads lead to Hillary Clinton. Anyone with three working brain cells knew this, including ‘Miss’ Maddow, whose tears of disappointment are particularly delicious.” – Tom Luango

So, Mueller’s probe is over. Here’s what the special counsel DIDN’T find (that we were told he WOULD) – Jon Dougherty

Major Media Response to Release of Witch Hunt Mueller Report – “Not a shred of evidence supports the above bald-faced Big Lies. No Russian US election meddling occurred, no hacking of Dem computer networks or Hillary campaign emails, none stolen by Russians or anyone else. Like virtually all other US major media, the Times reported and endlessly repeated Russiagate Big Lies. Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed people anywhere. To their shame, a majority believe the Russiagate Big Lies. They’re easily debunked by following credible alternative media reports online. Anyone connected can know what’s going on with minimal effort. Many do. Most don’t, why no matter how many times the US public is lied to, they’re easy marks to be duped again.” – Stephen Lendman  – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ AS WELL!!!!

MULEgate: Why Special Counsel Mueller Was Set Up For Perceived Failure – “Mueller’s Main Mission was to Cover Up the Democrat Crime Spree and Real Russiagate” – State of the Nation

The inflection point: Mueller Report delivery will unleash the counter-narrative – Thomas Lifson

‘$1mn for Mueller report’: WikiLeaks seeks to publish ‘Russia collusion’ probe findings in full – RT

The truth is now out about those FISA warrants – Monica Showalter

Make No Mistake the Mueller Investigation was a Coup Against President Trump and It’s Perpetrators Should Be Treated as Such – Joe Hoft

Coercion Meets Its Match – “Like the fabled spring zephyr came news that the Golden Golem of Greatness, (a.k.a. President Trump) signed an executive order that would withhold federal funding from colleges and universities that do not demonstrate support for free speech. It has been an amazement to behold the appalling, hypocritical suppression of the first amendment on campuses across the nation, with their ignoble speech codes, asinine safe spaces, sinister kangaroo courts, and racist anti-whiteness crusades.” – James Howard Kunstler

SPLC Implodes: President And Legal Director Resign Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal – “The Southern Poverty Law Center – the “vicious left-wing attack dog” used by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon to identify “hate groups” – is unraveling.” – Tyler Durden

Trump and the War to Save “the War” – Gordon Duff

John McCain: From War Criminal to National Hero – “Anyone who has read this blog knows I’m not a Donald Trump supporter. Donald Trump is clueless on many issues and it is an understatement to say he’s unqualified for the job. But he’s right on at least one thing. The late John McCain isn’t a hero.” – Kurt Nimmo

It’s Time To Replace America’s ‘Socialist Indoctrination Centers’ That The Left Calls ‘Universities’ Because ‘As Is’, America’s Education System Is Broken Beyond Repair – William B. Stoecker

The Gold Trade Note Has Been Introduced, The [CB] Is On The Chopping Block (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – X22 Report

U.S. runs largest monthly budget deficit on record in February – Robert Schroeder

French Military Authorized To Use Deadly Force On Yellow Vests If Lives Threatened – Tyler Durden

Housing bubble 2.0 beginning to burst at an accelerating rate – Ken Schortgen

The Fed Has Given Up: Get Ready for More QE – Ryan McMaken

The State of Michigan Is Compiling a Pre-Genocidal “Enemies of the State” List-Are You On It? – Dave hodges

Prepare To Burn?! Military Weapon Coming to A Street Near You—Millions Will Have Limited Life! (VIDEO) – “Believe it or not, the FCC has officially approved the ‘experimental’ use of 6G for public use. Even though they haven’t implemented 5G fully yet, and even though they are not fully aware of the applications that 6G (or 5G) may cause. I issue a “Red Alert” due to the fact that 6G technology contains the very technology used in military grade weapons. ” – Lisa Haven

Something To Consider: Will Rollout Of 5G Millimeter Waves Dramatically Activate The “Frey Effect”? – “the “Frey Effect” affects you more than you may know insofar as microwaves open up the blood brain barrier—a huge health No-No!” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Eradicated Diseases Reemerge with a Vengeance in Liberal Utopias Throughout the US – Off Grid Survival

US FDA Lifts Ban on GMO ‘Frankensalmon’ -F. William Engdahl

Scavenging and the Law – “Why would anyone willingly scavenge in the first place? It’s the diametric opposite of preparedness, a failure to plan. Fundamentally, there shouldn’t be anything you need to scavenge for.” – JRRT

8 Small Preps Save The Day – Salty




Luke 24:11  And their words seemed to them as idle tales, and they believed them not.