“Now Is the Time of Monsters” – “We see presidential elections in which one of the two leading candidates is a textbook narcissist, whilst the other displays all the traits of sociopathy. To be fair, the US is by no means alone in delivering incapable people with nonsensical solutions to the higher offices.” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pity the Nation: War Spending Is Bankrupting America – “Our nation is being preyed upon by a military industrial complex that is propped up by war profiteers, corrupt politicians and foreign governments. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your hard-earned tax dollars are being used for national security and urgent military needs. It’s all a ruse.” – John W. Whitehead

Trump proposes record spending, trillion-dollar deficit – Lisa Mascaro

Malice and Revenge Are Trump’s Way to ‘Make America Great Again’ – “The Trumpian United States has few friends, mainly because in his two years in the White House Trump has gone out of his way to belittle, demean and insult long-standing partners and antagonise those who may have been considering seeking closer ties with Washington.” – Brian Cloughley

Explosive Lisa Page Testimony: Dossier Timeline Contradictions And DOJ Interference – Sara Carter

HALF THE 2020 FEMALE DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES COVERED UP SEXUAL HARASSMENT – “Would sexual harassment go away if there were more women in politics?” – Daniel Greenfield

More than half of all illegal immigrants arrested at the US-Canada border are Mexican -Anna Giaritelli  – COMING IN FROM ALL SIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Venezuela: Let Them Drink Sewage Water – “CNN, of course, doesn’t entertain the distinct possibility the on-going power outage is the work of saboteurs.” – Kurt Nimmo

WaPo Anti-Bolivarian Propaganda – “The neocon/CIA-connected broadsheet serves Langley’s interests, supporting its involvement in the Trump regime’s coup plot to eliminate Bolivarian social democracy in Venezuela. It published several anti-Bolivarian propaganda pieces by pseudo-journalist Francisco Toro. His Caracas Chronicles blog features disinformation, Big Lies and fake news on Venezuela” – Stephen Lendman

CIA Implicated In ‘Especially Violent’ Attack On North Korean Embassy In Madrid – Tyler Durden

UK lawmakers seek to stop no-deal Brexit as EU warnings grow – Jill Lawless, Raf Casert and Renee Graham

Brexit: Beware – It’s all starting to stink of something else – TruePublica Editor

Blackmail, Balderdash and the Brexit that Wasn’t – Tom Luango

The Next Step in Social Security’s Ponzi Scheme – Gary Galles

How Europe Will Kill Tourism – The Age of Big Brother is Upon Us – Martin Armstrong

Another Reason for Washington in Venezuela?- “Target China?” – F. William Engdahl   – GOOD ANALYSIS!!!!!!!!!!

The Global Economic Reset Begins With An Engineered Crash – “What we do know is that the intent of the globalists is to use this reset to create a more centralized monetary system and micro-managed global economy. At the core of this new structure would be the IMF along with perhaps the BIS and World Bank.” – Brandon Smith

The Curators: Culling “Fake News” or Controlling the Narrative? (VIDEO) – Sharyl Attkisson

Grand Jury Filing Over Use of Explosives on 9/11 ‘Names Names’ of Who May Have Blown Up Towers – Matt Agorist

Colbert Smears Tulsi Gabbard To Her Face While Telling Zero Jokes – “Gabbard is being targeted by this smear because she challenges US political orthodoxy on military violence (the glue which holds the empire together), so no amount of capitulation will keep them from trying to prevent the public from trusting her words.” – Caitlin Johnstone

How Middle America Is to Be Dispossessed – Patrick J. Buchanan

Socialist Dystopia: “This [Power Blackout] Is Going To End UGLY” – Mac Slavo

Why Socialism Fails Every Time – Virginia Fidler

Socialism’s millennial fans don’t even know what it is – New York Post

Socialist Revolution: The Price Capitalism Pays When Greed Goes Unrestrained – “Most Socialists are. However, just as Capitalism is subject to being undermined and exploited by the greedy and self-serving, Socialism has proven equally prone to being overtaken by the powerful and oppressive who need to control others.” – David Haggith

Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Rasputin – “You’d better be paying attention.” – Frank Hawkins

Pope to Lead the World to a Single Religion (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Ever Wonder Why No Bankers Go To Jail? – Dave Kranzler

Algorithms have already taken over human decision making – Dionysios Demetis

The Reality of Mind Reading: These Neuroscientists Can Predict Your Choices 11 Seconds Before You Make Them – “This kind of mind-reading technology certainly appears to have the potential for abuse and manipulation if it falls into the hands of the wrong people. What does this mean for privacy? What does this mean for those being interrogated by law enforcement? The list of ramifications could go on and on.” – Dagny Taggart


Gun Control Bill To Be Introduced In Senate Today – Tom Knighton

Connecticut Anti-Gunners Threaten Gun Violence, Break Gun Laws – Personal Defense World

The Fed’s Fancy Footwork on Stress Tests Was About Silencing Bank Examiners – “There is a strong case that can be made that the rushed rule change was to protect the biggest banks on Wall Street – the ones serially charged with crimes around the globe – while putting the public at risk of another epic financial collapse. What the rule change effectively did was to tell the recidivist banks that their on-site Federal regulator, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was not going to flunk them in their stress test for serious lapses in risk management like failing to report and/or control money laundering, insider trading, bribery, or market rigging, to name only a few typical breaches of law.” – Pam Martens

US Banks Report $251 billion of “Unrealized Losses” on Securities Investments in 2018, the Most Since 2008: FDIC – “And other juicy banking nuggets.” – Wolf Richter

Record Debt Everywhere (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff – Greg Hunter

With conventional farmers embracing dicamba, specialty crops likely next in line for damage – “Dicamba’s job is to kill weeds, and it does it well. But it also damaged a million acres of soybeans across the U.S last year. Planting season is just weeks away, and produce farmers are wondering whether their fruits and vegetables are next.” – Jonathan Ahl

Parents Blame Elementary School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Diagnosed With Cancer – Jennifer McGraw  – WAIT TILL 5G KICKS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interview with a Retired Vaccine Researcher – “[These days,] If I had a child […], the last thing I would allow is [my child to be vaccinated].” – Jon Rappoport

A Witch Hunt Against Parents of Unvaccinated Children – “Measles Outbreaks: How a Witch Hunt* Against Parents of Unvaccinated Children Was Unleashed” – Vera Sharav

New bombshell indictments show the entire American education system from Kindergarten through college is one big scam – Ken Schortgen

Are wireless earbuds dangerous? Experts warn that Apple’s AirPods could send an electromagnetic field through your brain – as 250 scientists sign petition to regulate trendy tech – Natalie Rahhal

‘Almost certain extinction’: 1,200 species under severe threat across world – “Scientists map out threats faced by thousands of species of birds, mammals and amphibians” – Lisa Cox

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.96EUR




Proverbs 27:17  Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.