As collusion case collapses, Democrats seek obstruction – Buck Sexton

Is This Legal? Official Copies Of The Mueller Report Are Being Sold Online, And The Release Date Listed Is “March 26” -Michael Snyder

Don’t Believe the Hype – Expect a Worsening of U.S.-China Relations – Michael Krieger

Mike Pompeo’s War Warning to China – “Why would we make such a commitment? Why take such a risk? Is Trump aware of what Pompeo’s promise could entail? If Trump cannot cut back these war guarantees, who will?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

John Bolton: We Own the Western Hemisphere – Kurt Nimmo

Usurper in Waiting Guaido Returns to Venezuela Without Incident – “He’s the Trump regime’s designated puppet, a convenient stooge, trained by the US for his role, a Manchurian candidate for its coup plot in Venezuela – initiated at a chosen time to serve Washington’s imperial interests in the country.” – Stephen Lendman

Guaido Not Arrested In Venezuela – Rubio And Bolton Outraged! (VIDEO) – “US-named Venezuela president Juan Guaido defied the Venezuelan government and returned to the country yesterday. US neocons were hoping that his arrest would open the door to US military action. They were disappointed” – Ron Paul

30 BLOCKS OF HOLES – “Seven decades of one party rule in Philadelphia has wrought murder, squalor, poverty, corruption, debt, welfare enslavement and guaranteed Democrat voters. This is the Democrat plan for the entire nation and is why they desperately want to keep the borders open to more Democrat voters. If successful, they will turn the entire nation into one giant shithole. If the Democrats gain one party rule over the country, AOC’s end of world prediction may come true – after the civil war starts.” – Jim Quinn

Echoes Of 2016: MSNBC Slanders Sanders With Outright Lies After Saturday Speech – Tyler Durden

What The Heck Is Going On? The Party Of Derangement, Darkness & Death Have Completely Lost Their Minds – “So when I say they are the party of death, I mean that literally. I used to separate Democrats into groups when I referenced them, moderate, far left and radical, but as I look at the news these days, almost all of them have become radical. Anyone that thinks they do not want a civil war, is not paying attention.” – Susan Duclos

American Civil War 2: US media will have only itself to blame if all hell breaks loose – Robert Bridge

Israel Lobby Rebuts Omar’s Claims About Its Immense Influence By Exerting Its Immense Influence – Caitlin Johnstone

Truly Not Getting It: French President Emmanuel Macron’s Manifesto – “French President Emmanuel Macron tops the list of the political elite truly not understanding reasons behind anything.” – Mish

France’s Yellow Vests: Proving cops are indeed part of the 1% – Ramin Mazaheri

This is Why They Protest: Cops Pepper Spray Man in Wheelchair at Yellow Vest Protest – Matt Agorist

PM Justin Trudeau: A Soros Puppet Hellbent on Destroying Canada – “Just like Obama was shoehorned into the White House to collapse the American Republic, Trudeau was moved into 24 Sussex Drive to destroy the constitutional monarchy of Canada.” – The Millennium Report

Socialism in the UK means no pools, no swearing and citizens pulling their own teeth – Simon Black

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mom shows the socialist disconnect from reality on taxes – “Moved to Florida from New York to get away from all those high taxes.” – Monica Showalter

What Taxing the Rich Did to Warren and Ocasio Cortez’s States – Daniel Greenfield

Federal Election Commission Complaint: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Aide Hid $1M – Michelle Moons

Government Corruption in Municipalities is Off The Charts – Martin Armstrong

MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) Thoroughly Disemboweled – “A good friend of mine, who happens to be highly intelligent and obsessive about research, is thoroughly confounded by the idea anyone in their right mind would consider MMT as a serious policy tool other than as a mechanism to accelerate the confiscation of wealth and liberties from the public.” – Dave Kranzler

The Magic Money Tree – “MMT might be nonsense, but so are most of the current central bank policies and practices. If central banking and economic policies were sensible and effective, how did the United States (and world) sink into such a deep financial hole? Indulging in fantasy accounting, delusional economics and speculation, we suggest…” – Gary Christianson

Modern Monetary Theory Isn’t Helping – “Now that policies made famous by Bernie Sanders, like Medicare for All and free college, and newer ones like the Green New Deal, are infiltrating the political mainstream, advocates are always faced with the question: “how would you pay for them?” Conveniently, there’s an economic doctrine that allows you to do just that: Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Newly elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at least MMT-curious, and it’s all over Marxist reading groups and Democratic Socialists of America chapters. Its main selling point is that governments need not tax or borrow in order to spend — they can just create money out of thin air. A few computer keystrokes and everyone gets health insurance, student debt disappears, and we can save the climate too, without all that messy class conflict.” – Doug Henwood

NSA Abandons Part Of Mass Surveillance Program Exposed By Snowden – “Oh really?” – Tyler Durden

GoogTwitFace: Big Tech’s Big Leftism and Big Intolerance – Selwyn Duke

Over 4,200 ‘Mass Animal Death Events’ The Past 7 Years: End Times Signs Include Rumors Of Wars, Famine And The Formation Of An ‘End Times Death Cult’ – Stefan Stanford  – END TIMES PROPHECY.ORG LISTS ALL MASS ANIMAL DEATHS OCCURRING AROUND THE WORLD SINCE 2011. PLEASE SEE OUR LINK UNDER ARTICLES AND REVIEWS. IT WILL AMAZE YOU!!

Fed agencies like the EPA and IRS continue to stockpile guns and ammo while Democrats push to disarm the American public – J. D. Heyes

Smells Like Infringement: 5 Ways H.R. 8 Could Make You a Felon -Trace Munson

Colorado House Passes Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bill, More Counties Become 2A ‘Sanctuaries’ – Robert Davis

Why You Need A Ghost Gun – ” These are guns that are invisible to the government, because they were not manufactured by a licensed arms manufacturer and doesn’t carry a serial number. It is legal to do this, as long as you are manufacturing it for yourself.” – Bill White

Smart Phones, Smart Appliances…Smart People? Brain Chip Will Create Super-Intelligent Humans – Dagny Taggart

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Matthew 6:23  But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!