Anyone Buying This Venezuela Bullshit Is A Complete Fucking Moron – “I’ve interacted with so many Trump supporters since I started this gig who claim to be anti-interventionist and anti-neocon, yet once their president started ramping up yet another neocon regime change intervention in yet another resource-rich country just like Bush and Obama before him, they fell right in line just like Bush and Obama’s supporters did” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN. THE NEXT FEW LINKS ARE ALL IN CONSENSUS OF THAT OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies – John Pilger

Flashpoint in Venezuela Coming to a Head – “Saturday and days following the 23rd are showdown days in Venezuela. At stake is Bolivarian social democratic freedom v. US-imposed fascist tyranny. There’s no ambiguity about it. Trump regime hardliners are using Trojan horse “humanitarian aid” to force a confrontation with Venezuela’s military.” – Stephen Lendman

The U.S.-Venezuela Aid Convoy Story Is Clearly Bogus, but No One Wants to Say It – Adam H. Johnson

Trump’s Contra War Redux in Latin America – Wayne Madsen

George Washington’s Warnings Yet Go Unheeded – ” A nation that harbors habitual fondness for some nations or hatred toward others, he warned, “is a slave to its animosity or affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest.” – Jack Kenny

Mobilise For Peace – Russia has called for dialogue and peace, China, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Venezuela; there is a never-ending outpouring of pleas for peace from them. But the gangster nation that wants to run the world like a mafia don, the United States of America, rejects them all” – Christopher Black

Society Breaks Down – Wolves ,Sheep and Sheepdogs – Ray Gano

Americans Gather For National Day Of Mourning Saturday Over New York Infanticide Law – Theresa Bonopartis  – BET THIS WON’T BE COVERED BY THE LIBERAL MEDIA!!!!

MAKE BANKS GREAT AGAIN. As The Middle Class Becomes Extinct (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

‘Terrifying’: Rapid Loss of Biodiversity Placing Global Food Supplies at Risk of ‘Irreversible Collapse’ – “This should be at the top of every news bulletin and every government’s agenda around the world.” – Julia Conley

Trump Calls For More Biometric Scans, Data Sharing To Stop Terrorism – Aaron Boyd

Amazon Alexa voice assistant could soon make 999 calls – “It states that the plans being drawn up by the Metropolitan Police Force would allow “an incoming demand from a home automation bot, rather than from a human”. “The contact may be triggered by the human issuing a command to their bot, or it may be automatically generated by the bot through AI [artificial intelligence,” the report states.” – Oscar Quine   – WHAT COULD GO WRONG HERE. JUST WHAT WE NEED, AN A.I. MACHINE DECIDING WHEN TO CALL THE POLICE. BIG BROTHER ROLLS ON!!!!!

FDA Boss to States: Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions, or Else – “Food and Drug Administration boss Scott Gottlieb (shown) is now threatening to use federal force. Indeed, in bizarre comments made to national media, the senior health bureaucrat threatened that growing nationwide resistance to vaccination mandates may “force the hand of the federal government.” “- Alex Newman

Pedophile priests’ files either ‘destroyed’ or ‘not even created,’ admits Vatican top cardinal – RT

Cancer-Linked Monsanto Chemical Discovered In Five Major Orange Juice Brands – Arjun Walia

The Death Of Local News Is Making Us Dumber And More Divided – “Local journalism simply isn’t what it used to be. It began with the death of your local hometown newspaper. It’s been compounded by an online media industry that’s too busy laying off existing reporters to spend much time expanding local reporting. Now the last bastion of local journalism, local TV broadcasters, are increasingly being hoovered up by giant companies for which real journalism isn’t much of a priority.” – Karl Bode

Of Course They’re Talking about Taking Your Guns – “we have the Speaker of the House threatening that the next president could declare a national emergency on guns if President Trump carries out his immigration plan. Who thinks they don’t plan on playing that card regardless, as soon as the right “gun-free zone” exploitation presents itself?” – David Codrea  – A LOT OF GUN CONTROL GOING ON NOW UNDER THE RADAR, WHILE EVERYONE IS BEING DISTRACTED. BETTER WAKE UP, AS YOUR CONSTITUTION IS BEING DESTROYED BEHIND YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!

Your Second Amendment Rights Are Under Attack While You’re Looking At The Border – Tim Brown

California Can’t Confiscate Guns Fast Enough, Backlog Continues to Grow – Dan Zimmerman

Colorado Advances Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bill – Robert Davis

What Is The Fastest Growing Gun Nation In The World? Even Barack Obama Was Powerless Against America’s Last Line Of Defense Against Tyranny – “Our Founding Fathers Would Be Proud As ‘Gun Nation’ Grows Bigger And Bigger By The Minute!” – Jay Chambers

What I Know When I Eat Locally – “When you eat locally, you know things about your food that people who shop at the grocery store do not.” – Daisy Luther

12 Seeds You Need To Start NOW For Spring Planting – Jacki Andre

How Far Can 5G Millimeter Waves Travel: 10 Kilometers Or 6.2 Miles – “What adverse health impacts can consumers expect when 5G cells will be placed outside their bedroom windows, front doors or in their back yards? Who in the microwave industry is willing to answer that question?” – Catherine J. Frompovich

5G Massive Rollout “Nowhere to Hide” (VIDEO) with Ronnie McMullen – The Common Sense Show

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.62EUR




Jeremiah 6:29  The bellows are burned, the lead is consumed of the fire; the founder melteth in vain: for the wicked are not plucked away.