A press blackout on news top FBI lawyer James Baker wanted Hillary Clinton prosecuted – “The implication now is that laws are for little guys, like that Navy sailor who was prosecuted for carelessly taking a “hi, Mom”–type photo onboard a classified ship, but not for Madame Big.” – Monica Showalter

Lara Logan doubles down on media bias claims on ‘Hannity’ (VIDEO) – Fox News

CNN TREATS JUSSIE SMOLLETT WITH KID GLOVES AFTER HE BECOMES A SUSPECT – “anchors and pundits on CNN are still making excuses for the actor’s alleged behavior.” – Amber Athey

Watch CNN’s Don Lemon Have a Meltdown Over Jussie Smollett’s Felony Charge – “Don Lemon, whose show airs at 10 p.m. eastern, had a meltdown and proclaimed this isn’t Smollett’s fault. Further, Lemon’s biggest concern seems to be the reaction from Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.” – Katie Pavlich

Smollett indictment has Dems suddenly supporting ‘presumption of innocence’ – Taylor Day  – BUT NOT FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, JUSTICE KAVANAUGH, COVINGTON STUDENTS, ETC.!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago Police Commissioner Calls Out Media, Stars and Politicians for Pushing Smollett Hoax – Jon Levine

The Real Story Behind the Fake Smollette Attack Is Not Being Told – Dave Hodges

The independent media just saved America from a bloody race war (that the mainstream media was trying to start) – “Yet the hoax was revealed thanks to the efforts of the independent media and old school police work by the Chicago PD, not the “mainstream” media news cartels (which pushed endless lies and propaganda to prop up the hoax for as long as possible). It was indy media that asked the first questions about the flimsy story that Smollett pushed on the world.” – Mike Adams

When The Race Card And Gun Grabbing Collide – Tom Knighton

Mass Shooting In Aurora Shows Why Gun Control Doesn’t Work – “The shooter was able to carry out an act of violence not because of a lack of gun laws, but because of a bureaucratic failure to enforce the existing ones.” – Madeline Osburn

What If They Started a War and No One Showed Up? – “The humiliation of United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Warsaw last week was a good thing.” – Philip Giraldi

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for President? – ” I find it stunning that the media immediately says she is not a “fad,” but said the opposite for Trump. They fail to see the commonality that both are indeed not a fad, but both are part of a rising revolution against career politicians.” – Martin Armstrong

Ilhan Omar, Islamic Law & The US Constitution – Bethany Blankley

The Nightmare Fairyland of the Green New Dealers – Richard M. Ebeling

US Housing Market In Freefall As New Buyers Can’t Afford A Home – Tyler Durden

If Truth Is Politicized, All Is Lost – “Trump’s surrender to the neoconservatives makes it impossible for an informed person to support him. He has signed off on the coup against democracy in Venezuela, and he has placed all life at risk by pulling out of the INF treaty with Russia. What is important is not what political party or candidate that we support, but that we support truth wherever we find it.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – TAKE NOTE OF NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN 2016’S  BY-LINE: TO QUOTE THE GREAT SHOW, THE X-FILES – “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK”!!!!!!!!!

Is Venezuela On The Verge Of Becoming Another Syria? – “I believe the reasons for regime change and the destabilization of particular countries have evolved in recent years. In the past it was about bringing each countries under the new world order umbrella. Today, the goal seems to be an attempt to create points of global contention.” – Brandon Smith

Venezuela – US Attack Imminent? – “I cannot help being amazed at what level of inhumanity we have arrived. Trump calls openly out to assassinate those who stand behind the legitimate President of Venezuela – and the rest of the world just looks on, watches and says NOTHING – zilch, zero – tolerates such atrocity coming from the mouth of a buffoon, aka the strongman of the self-proclaimed one and only superpower of the globe. – No, much worse – the so-called civilized west” – Peter Koenig

The Fake News about Humanitarian Aid and Venezuela – Alan Macleod

Putin Slams Trump Regime’s INF Treaty Pullout: To Respond Tit for Tat – Stephen Lendman

The Ins and Outs of the West’s Anti-Russian Infowar. The Role of “Government Organized” NGOs – Andrew Korybko

The dissolution of the European societies – Gefira

Merkel Draws the Line Against Trump – “Her speech at the Munich Security Conference should be considered Germany’s divorce filing from the U.S.-led post-WWII institutional order.” – Tom Luongo

Raw Politics: Hungary Prime Minister Attacks Juncker and Soros in Billboard Ad – Mish

Is China’s Social Credit System A Preview Of The Coming “Beast System”? – Michael Snyder

Downturns and Financial Crises – Sequence – “Watch gold and silver soar as the dollar collapses.” – Gary Christenson  – GARY LAYS IT ALL OUT!!!!

As ‘Antichrist Technologies’ Are Unveiled At An Alarming Rate, Imagine What They’ll Be Able To Accomplish Combining ‘Deep Fake’ A.I. With Voice-To-Skull Tech! – “The Possibilities To Control Us With These New Technologies Are Endless” – Stefan Stanford

Stargates, Dark Energy, and Manipulating Extra Dimensions (Oh My!) (VIDEO) – Truthstream Media

20 Unexpected Ways Zip Ties Will Save Your Life in an Emergency – “Preppers may be known for their beans, bullets, and band-aids, but in a survival situation, they may also want to be known for their vast knowledge of zip-tie uses to get them out of hairy situations.” – Tess Pennington

Vaccine Correlations Graphically Confirm CDC-FDA-Pharma Skewed Vaccine Efficacy Science – Catherine J. Frompovich

Apple’s Homepod 2 and Google’s Nest Guard take spying on your family to the next level – MassPrivateI

Bear Market in Gold & Silver is Over (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – “The bear market in gold and silver is over. the central bankers’ price suppression of gold and silver is grinding to a close.” – Greg Hunter  – ANOTHER GOOD INTERVIEW WITH CRAIG!!!

‘Asset Transfers’ To Pensions: Be Afraid – “Governor JB Pritzker’s administration has now made clear it will seriously consider the latest idea to address Illinois’ pension crisis – transferring public assets directly to state pensions” – Mark Glennon

You Won’t Believe How Much Contaminated Water is Pouring From Mine Sites in At Least NINE States – Dagny Taggart

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.65EUR




Proverbs 17:15  He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the Lord.