FOIA Docs Reveal Obama FBI Covered Up “Chart” Of Potential Hillary Clinton Crimes – Tyler Durden

The Real National Emergency is the National Debt (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

National Emergency? It’s Not the Border – “The reality of poor Central American campesinos crossing the southern border in search of free stuff in return for voting Democrats into office is overshadowed by another national emergency, one few want to talk about—the national debt.” – Kurt Nimmo  -LOOKS LIKE KURT AND PETER ARE BOTH IN AGREEMENT ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann Coulter: “The Only National Emergency Is That Our President Is An Idiot” – Tyler Durden

Why Trump doesn’t like Ann Coulter anymore – “President Trump cares what Ann Coulter thinks, and he proved it Friday by pretending he doesn’t.” – Eddie Scarry

Donald Trump, America’s Elected Dictator – Jacob G. Hornberger  – AGAINST TRUMP!!!

Why is Trump, and not Obama, the so-called ‘dictator’? – “Somehow, following a law Congress passed gets Trump labeled as a dictator. President Obama repeatedly said that the Constitution didn’t allow him to unilaterally change immigration laws but he did it anyway with his executive order on DACA. Democrats not only didn’t care that he went around Congress and acted as a dictator, they supported the move.” – Jack Hellner  – FOR TRUMP. EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION, JUST LIKE EVERYONE HAS AN ASS HOLE. WE PRESENT BOTH FOR FAIRNESS; YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Bezos v. Trump: 3 Major Divisions in the American Ruling Class – Caleb Maupin

Will Diversity Be the Death of the Democrats? – Patrick J. Buchanan

BBC Producer Comes Forward with Syria Bombshell—Sarin Attack ‘Hospital Scene was Staged’ – The Free Thought Project  – CAN ANYONE SAY, FALSE FLAG, ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real ‘Obscene Masquerade’: How BBC Depicted Staged Hospital Scenes as Proof of Douma Chemical Attack – “In an extraordinary turn of events, corporate media appears to have been exposed again as an extension of state foreign policy, by a member of the establishment media cabal, manufacturing consent for regime change in Syria.” – Vanessa Beeley

Hating Neocons Is Becoming Mainstream Again, And It Is Excellent – Caitlin Johnstone

Media Frustration Over Maduro’s Resilience – “What was supposed to be a walkover with Venezuela’s military joining forces with Trump regime hardliners against Maduro hasn’t turned out this way. Around one-fourth of world nations succumbed to US pressure, bullying, threats, and/or bribes to support illegitimate nobody Guaido. The large majority of world community nations stand with Maduro, either by publicly endorsing his legitimacy or refusing to back Guaido formally. The self-styled newspaper of record NYT, strongly for regime change by coup d’etat, swallowed hard headlining “Venezuela’s Top Diplomat Enlists Support From Dozens of Nations to Counter US,” ” – Stephen Lendman

Italian Meddling At French Maidan: When Will Russia Be Accused? – Tim Kirby

Theresa May – Goes for Broke, Having Broken Everything Else – True Publica

‘I do not recognize my country’: Yellow Vests who have lost eyes, limbs demand justice from Macron – “For most demonstrations anywhere in the West, Lignier’s story would have made her a poster girl for law enforcement excesses. Among the Gilets Jaunes, her case is just one of many. The sheer scale of concentrated peacetime violence since November is hard to comprehend” – RT

Sweden Prosecuting Pensioners, Welcoming ISIS – Judith Bergman

Know Your Enemy: The Royal Institute of International Affairs – “The CFR’s influence in setting Washington’s foreign policy agenda was once derided as “conspiracy theory.” But, as is often the case, that “conspiracy theory” is now a simple truism that is openly joked about by the conspirators themselves.What you may not know, however, is that the CFR is in fact a branch of a slightly older, slightly less-known organization: the Royal Institute of International Affairs” – James Corbett

How the US has hidden its empire – “The United States likes to think of itself as a republic, but it holds territories all over the world – the map you always see doesn’t tell the whole story.” – Daniel Immerwahr

Why Are These Professional War Peddlers Still Around? – “Pundits like Max Boot and Bill Kristol got everything after 9/11 wrong but are still considered “experts.” ” – Tucker carlson

US Air Freight Company that Smuggled Weapons Into Venezuela Linked to CIA “Black Site” Renditions – Whitney Webb

The State Expands its Responsibilities In Order to Expand Its Power – Aayush Priyank

This Retailer Bankruptcy Will Lead to the Largest Liquidation by Store Count in the US. Liquidation Sales to Start Next Week – Wolf Richter

U.S. Recession, Economic 9/11 Postponed. Monetary Methadone to Boost Growth (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

5 Long-Lasting Superfoods To Keep You Healthy All Winter – Susan Patterson


Aurora, Illinois Shooting: Catalyst For Dem/Trump Unconstitutional Laws? – “The shooting comes one day after the first anniversary of the Parkland shooting, which we have yet to see actual video or picture of the alleged shooter inside the school such as we saw at Columbine. In fact, there were 70 cameras on the campus, but only 4 camera videos were ever released and not one video showed the shooter or any of the carnage alleged to have taken place.” – Tim Brown  – ONE DAY AFTER PARKLAND’S ANNIVERSARY. CO-INCIDENCE??????????????????????

In gun-controlled Mexico, the murder rate is nearly 500% HIGHER than in the USA – Lance D Johnson

From Echo to Ring doorbell and Fire TV, are you comfortable with Amazon controlling your smart home? – Jefferson Graham

Big Tech Tries To Scare Independent Media Readers Into Compliance With Dire Warnings: Stealth Censorship Shutting Us Down One Voice At A Time – Susan duclos

Facebook “Exploring Additional Measures” To Fight Anti-Vaccine Information: Report – “As the “fake news” phenomenon continues to sweep across the Web, and the purge of independent media accelerates, lawmakers are calling on Facebook and Big Tech to take responsibility for anti-vaccine messaging that appears on their platform(s).” – Jason Erickson

Here’s How Survival Is NOT Like the Movies – Selco

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.75EUR




Proverbs 8:6  Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the opening of my lips shall be right things.