Talks collapse on border deal as U.S. government shutdown looms – Richard Cowan and Doina Chiacu

After holiday lull, Central American family migration returns to record levels, new figures show – Nick Miroff

42 Million Reasons Why Trump Thinks Democrats’ New ‘Open Borders’ Demand Is “Crazy!” – “Forty-two million seekers of citizenship or asylum are watching to determine exactly when and how is the best time to make the move. This suggests that open borders could potentially attract 42 million Latin Americans. A full 5 million who are planning to move in the next 12 months say they are moving to the U.S.” – Tyler Durden

How To Tell If Someone Is Controlled Opposition – Caitlin Johnstone

Mistaken Futures – “And so the Democratic Party has gone and hoisted the flag of “socialism” on the mizzenmast of its foundering hulk as it sets sail for the edge of the world. Bad call by a ship without a captain, and I’ll tell you why. Socialism was the response to a particular set of circumstances in time that drove the rise of industrial societies. Those circumstances are going, going, gone.” – James Howard Kunstler  – GOOD READ AS USUAL FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students all about Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’…then find out what’s in it (VIDEO) – “Most students loved the Green New Deal…until finding out what’s in it” – Cabot Phillips

Why was the Green New Deal yanked from Ocasio-Cortez’s website? – “Watching Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ditzy staff over the next two years will be better than any sitcom on TV.” – Rick Moran

“Green New Deal” Scam Based on the ‘Hoax of the Millennium’ – “This “Green New Deal” Floated by a Closet Communist Is More Serious Than Anyone Knows. The primary control mechanism manufactured by the NWO globalists was the fake Global Warming narrative based on human activity-generated CO2. They always conveniently forget to mention that geoengineering is the single greatest cause of Global Climate Change (GCC) And that’s why GCC manifests in such a regionalized manner.” – State of the Nation

How to Destroy Civilization by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Martin Armstrong

The Socialist Insanity of a Green Utopia (VIDEO) – ” Ocasio-Cortez describes herself as a Democratic Socialist – “I’m not a real Socialist, I am a DEMOCRATIC Socialist – putting the word “Democratic before something bad doesn’t make something bad into something good. If you read this proposal, it is pure, unadulterated Socialism. It is about the government taking over the means of production.” – Peter Schiff

John Rubino Explains Why Socialism Provides a Bullish Case for Gold (VIDEO) – Jay Taylor Media

REP. ILHAN OMAR GOES ON ANTI-SEMITIC TWITTER RAMPAGE; ADVOCACY GROUP DEMANDS APOLOGY – “She accused deep-pocketed Jews of buying American politicians and retweeted a post calling Jews ‘hook nosed’ ” – Tom Elliott

*Eyeroll* Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Appearance at Grammys – Audience Claps Like Seals (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila

President Starts a War? Congress Yawns. Threatens to End One? Condemnation! – Ron Paul

More violence in Paris as gilet jaunes protests enter 13th weekend – “Scuffles break out as protesters march on National Assembly and Senate in Paris” – Reuters

Brexit Trifecta: May Rejects Corbyn’s Customs Union Offer, What’s Next? – Mish

2019: The Three Trends That Matter – “Look no further than Brexit in Britain, the yellow vests in France and the Deplorables in the U.S. for manifestations of a broken social contract and decaying social order.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Suddenly Europe Is an Open Question – ‘A Nazi EU?’ – Alastair Crooke

China-Russia Rapprochement is Still Firing on all Cylinders. – “It’s curious that references to a major Asian power can be found in Bible prophecies that foretell in Revelation 16:12 that “the kings of the east” must come. Basically, this means that China is going to play a major role in the end of time event that quite possibly will be a nuclear holocaust also know WWIII. It’s impossible to tell what makes Western think tanks freak out more – the above mentioned prophecy or the fact bilateral cooperation between China and Russia is advancing in giant leaps” – Jean Perier

This Nuclear Arithmetic May Decide The Future Of The World: Russia Could Annihilate America In 30 Minutes – “DC ‘elite’ are largely asleep to the fact of Russian nuclear superiority and its terrible implications” – Dr Peter Vincent Pry

RIP INF Treaty: Russia’s Victory, America’s Waterloo – Dmitry Orlov

BOUGHT OFF: Why You Don’t Hear About Low-Cost Natural Remedies In The News – Bill Sardi

The Pope Encourages Those Attending “The World Government Summit” To Enthusiastically Embrace Sustainable Development – “The phrase “sustainable development” has become a shorthand way of referring to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is not just a plan to fight climate change. It is actually a comprehensive blueprint for global governance, and it envisions a much larger role for global institutions such as the UN in the years ahead.” – Michael Snyder  – ALL PART OF THE UN’s AGENDA 2030 TO CONTROL ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE AND TO HELP USHER IN THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT OF THE ANTICHRIST. THE POPE SUPPORTS THIS, SHOWING HIS TRUE COLORS AND WHO HE REALLY BELIEVES IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They Actually ADMITTED There’s No Money in Curing People (VIDEO) – Truthstream Media

With The Left Utterly Obsessed With Their Dark Ritual Of Child Sacrifice, How Long Until They Embrace Euthanization On Demand For The ‘Mentally Ill’? – “Remember! To The Left, Gun Owners And Christians Are All Mentally Ill!” – William B. Stoecker

Uninvited Guests In Time Of Crisis – Ken Jorgustin

It is the right and duty of all Americans to REFUSE to comply with unconstitutional gun laws – Ethan Huff

Unprecedented Gun Confiscation Hits US as Thousands Of Guns Seized from Innocent Citizens – “As politicians claim they aren’t coming for your guns, over 1,700 citizens have had their guns confiscated in 2018 and this number is likely far higher as many states don’t report it.” – Matt Agorist

Learn To Stockpile Like The Pioneers – Bob Rodgers

Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Anxiety, Depression, or Alzheimer’s? Science Says CBD May Help – Lisa Egan




Revelation 22:14-15   Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.  For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.