The real enemy of the people – “Western government support for terrorism, staged events and spreading disinformation via groups such as Integrity Initiative has come under closer scrutiny recently. As more revelations of wrongdoing by our governments and misreporting by our media have been exposed, the censorship and smears against independent media has intensified. It’s probably fair to say that there’s little to suggest the majority of the people challenging official narratives are motivated by money, power or ideology. In contrast those pushing the official narrative over Russia and Syria (and Iraq and Libya before) are motivated by power, money and defending the wars.” – Kevin Smith

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition – Anita Bennett

The President’s Ten Sins of Omission – “Great damage is being done to Trump’s 2020 campaign by his inaction. This is by far the lowest moment for this President and very quickly, the polls are going to reflect the growing level of awareness by the public as to the President’s inaction and acquiescing to the radical and lunatic left.” – Dave Hodges

Stone Cold Counter-Story – “Maybe twenty-nine FBI agents in tactical combat gear and a fleet of SUVs with K-Force LED lights flashing wasn’t enough to flush out the arch-villain Roger Stone from his South Florida hide-out. Maybe they should have sent in a SEAL team and the Boston Patriots offensive line for back-up. Anyway, they got their man! And CNN was there to record it, thanks to their 2018 hire of FBI former special agent Josh Campbell, who had been FBI Director James Comey’s majordomo in a previous career incarnation. Isn’t it a small world? Somehow Josh got wind of the pre-dawn raid.” – James Howard Kunstler  – ALWAYS INTERESTING TO READ MR. KUNSTLER’S TAKE ON THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Deep State “Show Trial” Persecution of Roger Stone – “Through Republican politics, I have known Roger Stone since 1969 or 1970, and pretty much disagreed with him, and from time to time disliked him, since about 1980. But this indictment is absurd. – William J. Olson” – Oathkeepers.Org

Clinton not ruling out running in 2020: report – Michael Burke

Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax – How to Destroy the United States in Less than 10 years – Martin Armstrong

Democrats Begin Eating Themselves Prepping for 2020 – Tom Luango

Hillary Clinton, Swamp Rat Debbie Wasserman Schultz And The Deep State Probably Murdered Seth Rich & Now They’re Pushing ‘President Trump Treason’ Based On That Cover-Up! – Stefan Stanford

‘Life-Threatening’ Arctic Blast To Freeze Nearly 200 Million As Polar Vortex Slams Midwest – Tyler Durden

Chicago’s record for coldest temperature ever could fall as polar vortex has city ‘in the crosshairs’ – Tony Briscoe

People robbed of Canada Goose coats at gunpoint in Chicago – FOX 5

Gabby Giffords Launches New Gun Control Group in Colorado – Robert Davis

Oregon Democrats push new bill to OUTLAW self-defense… protecting your family against violent crime is now a whole new crime – Ethan Huff

‘I’m Not Going to Enforce That’: Sheriffs Disobey New Anti-Gun Laws—Refuse to Disarm Citizens – Matt Agorist

Congress voted 357-22 Thursday to support Pelosi’s trillion dollar slush fund for NATO instead of $5 billion for a Mexico border wall – Brassballs Blog

‘Election-Meddler’ Wasserman Schultz Now “Fixing Democracy” In Venezuela – “Regime change and foreign interventions are things that the two US ruling parties agree on regardless of how much they exchange blows at home. Venezuela is the latest place where Republicans and Democrats have found common ground.” – Tyler Durden

White House Won’t Rule Out Attacking Venezuela Militarily – Jason Ditz

A Coup by Any Other Name – ” A rose is a rose is a rose, not something else. Things are what they are by whatever name. A coup by any other name doesn’t change things. US efforts to topple a sitting government have nothing to do with democracy building, humanitarian intervention or responsibility to protect – anathema notions in Washington, despite using them as pretexts for lawless actions. Coups are unlawful interventions by one country against another, a flagrant violation of core international law.” – Stephen Lendman

Surprised? Venezuela’s US-Backed Coup Leader Immediately Targets Country’s Oil, Requests IMF Money – The Free Thought Project

If The World Understood Sovereignty, It Could End All Our Problems – “The idea that there are people in the world whose lives you don’t get to control would be seen not as some outlandish, fringe notion to be dismissed as wacky crackpottery, but as a self-evident truth which forms the guiding principles of the way different parts of the world interact with each other.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Not exactly another John Paul II: Pope Francis declares neutrality on Venezuela – Monica Showalter

These Media Claims About Venezuela Are Lies Or Misconceptions – Moon of Alabama

How the West Weaponizes Refugees it Creates – Tony Cartalucci

Three Concerns Hanging Over the Davos Elite – Nomi Prins

How Astana is leading the way in Central Asia – “The Eurasian Davos” – Pepe Escobar

New York’s Gruesome, “To Term” Abortion Bill Now Will Allow Actual Baby Parts To Be Sold On Black Market – Tony Elliott

American Heart Association Is Silent On Heart Cancer And Irregular Heart Rate Risks From Cell Phones, Cell Towers, And Wireless Radiation. Why? AT&T And IBM Sit On The Advisory Board – Nina Beety

Top 10 facts about the vaccine industry that the dishonest, child-murdering media refuses to report – Mike Adams

The Seven Enemies of Wilderness Survival -Bob Rodgers

RACING OFF THE CLIFF (VIDEO) – “The Fed has thrown in the towel and hyperinflation cannot be stopped says Trade Genius founder Bob Kudla who joins me to discuss this and the latest insanity from the liberal lunatic Left.” – SGT Report

Artificial Intelligence Is Already Sending People to Jail — and Getting It Wrong – Elias Marat

Cryptocurrency capitulation? Crypto investors dump digital currency for paper gold – Ken Schortgen

Pentagon documents the military’s growing domestic drone use – Stephanie Condon

Sources Close To De Gaulle Have Informed Me That De Gaulle Was Certain The US Had No Gold Left – Egon von Greyerz

Education and the dismantling of the mind – “When the solution is worse than the problem” – Jon Rappoport

The “Working Rich” Are Not Like You and Me–or the Oligarchs – Charles Hugh Smith

How The Elites Are Using “Divide And Rule” To Control Us – Corey Savage

Water Purifier or Water Filter – Which is Best? – Ken Jorgustin




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