Trump Says He “Never Worked For Russia” After “Disgraceful” NYT, WaPo Reports – “I have been FAR tougher on Russia than Obama, Bush or Clinton” – Tyler Durden

Trump a Russian Agent or Asset? – “Washington’s silly season is sinister, ongoing year-round, drawing blood, taking no prisoners. Trump is the prime domestic target for undemocratic Dems and major media for triumphing over Hillary, winning when he was supposed to lose.” – Stephen Lendman

The War Against America’s Only Anti-War Candidate – “Unlike Trump or Clinton or Obama or Romney or so many, Tulsi is military, a decorated combat veteran.” – Gordon Duff

Bolton, a Seriously Deranged Madman, Sought Options to Strike Iran – Mish

Pompeo At It Again: Calls For Venezuela Coup (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Warning Neocons Joining Democrats to Support War – Martin Armstrong

Continued US Occupation of the Middle East Does Not Suppress Terrorism, It Causes It – Craig Murray

Hunting for Golem – “The news media has taken LBJ’s place in today’s Wile E. Coyote phase of our history, cheerleading the congressional hunt for the glittering golden scalp of You-Know-Who in the White House. They got all revved up on Friday in a New York Times front-page salvo with the headline: F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia. The purpose of this blast was to establish the high and grave seriousness of Robert Mueller’s Russia Collusion investigation, because otherwise the yarn has completely shed its credibility.” – James Howard Kunstler

Trump Derangement Syndrome Turns Liberals Into Hawks! – Rich Scheck

If President Trump is really a racist or a Nazi, then please explain these facts – Alicia Colon

Trump, The Manchurian Candidate: “Conspiracy” to Destabilize the Trump Presidency. Regime Change in America – “The objective from the very outset has been to discredit president Trump, presenting him as a Manchurian candidate serving the interests of the Kremlin. The end game is regime change in America.” – Prof Michel Chossudovsky  – OLDER, UPDATED ARTICLE!!!!

The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know the facts about border security – Brett Velicovich

Identity Politics = White Genocide – Paul Craig Roberts

Democrats Prepare Hearings on “Rightwing Extremism” – “The new terrorists are “homegrown” and include nationalists (shorthand for racist), constitutionalists, and libertarians. There will be hearings and possible show trials in the months ahead. The DHS will finally arrive at its final destination—a national secret police focused on political activism challenging the ruling elite and their contrived political arrangement.” – Kurt Nimmo

The 5 most likely Trump impeachment scenarios – Matthew Walther

Ninety Percent of Guns Used in Crime Not Obtained From Gun Stores/Shows – Bob Adelmann

California’s Communist Governor Proposes Taxing Drinking Water – Mac Slavo

The Yellow Vests Get it Right – “The mainstream media has degenerated irreparably. Here’s a reliable rule of thumb: if it’s important it’s not covered; if it’s covered it’s not important. Stories in the American mainstream press about Yellow Vest protests have been few. One aspect of the protests, transcendently important, has received scant coverage.” – Robert Gore

Assessing Angela Merkel’s Legacy – “From unemployment, to immigration, to banking, many of Angela Merkel’s policies have planted ticking time bombs in the German economy and in German politics.” – Antony P. Mueller

Real Crickets, Fake News – “Irritating cricket sounds produced a kind of dancing mania among US diplomats and the presstitutes sank to the occasion – even though the Cuban evidence was out there – and blamed Russia.” – Patrick Armstrong

Not A Chance Next Financial Crisis Can Be Avoided (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – Silver Bullion TV  – ALWAYS INTERESTING TO HEAR WHAT BILL HAS TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s What an American Economic Collapse Could Actually Look Like (And How It May Be a Lot Different Than Folks Expect) – Daisy Luther

Chicago Concealed Carrier Kills Alleged Armed Robber With 1 Shot – Personal Defense World

A Message To The Enemies Of America Within: The American People Put You On Notice – “CNN Commentator Filing Her Nails While Discussing The Blood Of Americans Spilled By Illegal Immigrants Shows How Low They Have Fallen” – John C Velisek

The BIS: the Secret and Sinister Bank Running the World (VIDEO) – maneco64

Opioid Epidemic – The Root is at the Top – the FDA! – Marianne Skolek Perez

Big Pharma’s Worst Nightmare, Survey Finds Most Medical Pot Users Quitting Prescription Drug Use – Matt Agorist

The Organic Narrative & Whole Foods Red Flags – Corey Lynn

The American Psychological Association Issues New Guidelines That Say “Traditional Masculinity Can Hurt Boys” – Michael Snyder

The Ultimate Prepper’s SHTF Supplies Checklist – Victoria S

GET READY FOR TURBULENT MARKETS IN 2019: Gold & Silver To Outperform Most Assets – Steve St. Angelo


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