President Xi Orders Chinese Army To “Prepare For War” – Tyler Durden

Chinese scholar offers insight into Beijing’s strategic mindset – “The top story of 2019 – and the years ahead – will continue to revolve around the myriad, dangerous permutations of the economic ascent of China, the resurgence of nuclear superpower Russia and the decline of the US’s global hegemony.” – Pepe Escobar

SOME CONFUCIAN CALM, PLEASE! – “The United States and China look like two punch-drunk prizefighters squaring off for a major championship fight. They have no good reason to fight and every reason to cooperate now that both their stock markets have been in turmoil. Six hundred point market swings down and then up look like symptoms of economic nervous breakdown. Factions in both nations are beating the war drums, putting presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping under growing pressure to be more aggressive.” – Eric Margolis

Death of Democracy, America’s Loss of Rule of Law – Gordon Duff

Leaving Syria? Don’t Make Me Laugh – “It only took a few days for the Trumpster to walk back his latest bit of flatulence masquerading as a principled promise. ” – Kurt Nimmo

Phony US Travel Warning on Russia and China – “US actions against both countries are all about wanting them marginalized, weakened, contained and isolated politically, economically, financially, and militarily – a harebrained objective risking nuclear war.” – Stephen Lendman

Government Shuts Down, Nation Descends into Riots, Looting and Cannibalism – “As the nation descends into chaos, one thing is clear. The government shutdown has once again doomed us all. Just like the last 18 times.” – Daniel Greenfield  – EXCELLENT SATIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Is Everything That Is Wrong With Mainstream Feminism – Caitlin Johnstone

The Latest Job Report Is Another Fiction – Paul Craig Roberts

It Has Begun, The Push Is On, Timing Is Everything (VIDEO) – “Job numbers are incredible, remember Trump is using the DS, CB manipulation and playing their game. Trump’s economic advisor says there is no recession headed our way, who else says this, the Fed. Using their playbook to show the economy is doing great and the D’s and the CB will bring down the economy.” – X22 Report

Nightmare Scenario: Jihadi Nancy ‘The Beheader’ Pelosi Now Third In Line of Succession To Presidency – Susan Duclos

An old leftist trick to smear the right from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her adoring press – “Because it didn’t take long Ocasio-Cortez, and most of the big papers and networks in her tree to lay that loathesome post at the feet of the entire conservative movement, painting us all as Mrs. Grundies and Talibanites who have a problem with dancing.” – Monica Showalter

CNN AND MSNBC DON’T COVER REP. COMPARING TRUMP TO HITLER – “Rep. Hank Johnson compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler in a speech on Tuesday and stood by it later on, but neither CNN or MSNBC has covered his comparison.” – Mike Brest   – PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY AGREE WITH HIM, SO THUS IT’S NOT NEWS TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The New York Times Incentivizes Hamas Violence -Alan M. Dershowitz

From The First Bush Presidency, 9-11, Barack Obama, To Gender Confusion, Decades Of Destruction Of America from Within – “This silent coup from Socialist insurgents within our own government has been going on for decades. Slowly and assuredly, they have brought us to the boiling point we are at today.”- Tony Elliott

Will The Dark Overlord Bring Down The Deep State? (VIDEO) – “In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the biggest hack the media is ignoring. Will the Dark Overlord bring down the Deep State by releasing everything they have? Or will members of the establishment pay the bitcoin ransom and bury these documents forever.” – We Are Change

Decoupled From Oil and Sanctions Ruble Has Become Remarkably Stable, Good Candidate for Reserve Currency – Tom Luango

It Begins: Russia, China, and India Are Now All Dumping the US Dollar – “Economic sanctions, endless wars, and dirty politics has major countries ditching the US dollar in a hurry—which will not end well for the US.” – The Free Thought Project  – ACTUALLY THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR SOME TIME AS ALL 3 COUNTRIES HAVE BEEN STOCKPILING GOLD AND NOW SILVER FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Eurozone Is in a Danger Zone – “It is easy to conclude the EU, and the Eurozone in particular, is a financial and systemic time-bomb waiting to happen.” – Alasdair Macleod

Marco Rubio Wants Your Tax Dollars to Pay for Gun Seizures Nationwide -Teresa Mull

The Race to Martial Law – Dave Hodges

The Ugly Truth – “For years critics of central bank policy have been dismissed as negative nellies, but the ugly truth is staring us all in the face: Market advances remain a game of artificial liquidity and central bank jawboning and not organic growth and now the jig is up.” – Sven Henrich

APPLE’s Collapse Means Many Others Will Crash and Burn – State of the Nation

FBI Testing Amazon’s Facial Recognition Software – “The CIA isn’t the only federal agency making use of Amazon’s vast offerings – as the FBI has been testing the Seattle-based megacorp’s facial recognition software – Amazon Rekognition, as a potential method of scanning vast amounts of video surveillance footage which the agency routinely gathers during investigations.” – Tyler Durden

Amazon Alexa a “DEMON device” that gathers information that can be used to blackmail you for life – Ethan Huff

Rothschild: Just Another Thug, Punk Gutter Dweller – “Even the elites millennial brats have forgotten their manners, respect and how to act in public.” – Rory Hall

A Metaphor For America: 700 Pound Man Plans To Eat And Play Video Games While Naked Until He Dies – Michael Snyder

Automated Cars – And Dumbed Down Drivers – Eric Peters

New Flu Vaccine More Dangerous and Less Effective – ANH-USA

Simple Homemade Cleaning Products That Work – Lynn T




Proverbs 26:24   He that hateth dissembleth with his lips, and layeth up deceit within him;