Five big things from Trump’s head-spinning week – Anthony Zurcher

The Biggest Threat to America Comes From Within – “Of all the America-bashing media organizations in this country — even including hyper-partisan MSNBC — CNN is doing by far the most harm to our image at home and abroad. They’ve been colluding for years to disparage and demean American patriots, and Donald Trump represents the sort of national pride the media love to hate.” – Tana Goertz   – GOOD OP-ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mass Migration is a Globalist Weapon (VIDEO) with Alex Newman – Greg Hunter

Trump Discusses Firing Fed Chair Jerome Powell: Can He? Sure! – “To be sure, I want to end the Fed and let the market set interest rates. However, firing Powell will not accomplish that mission. The Fed has proven it has no idea where interest rates should be. Neither does Trump.” – Mish

Trump’s Mobsters in the White House Deflect Blame for Falling Market – “Before Trump was even inaugurated, I said he was clearly draining the swamp directly into the White House. That was obvious as soon as he nominated a Goldman-Sachs roster to fill all the financial cabinet positions.” – David Haggith

WAS THE RUSSIA CONSPIRACY HILLARY CLINTON’S DOOMSDAY SCENARIO? – “The politician Plan B tearing the country apart.” – Daniel Greenfield

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US leaves trail of bitterness in Syria – Melkulangara Bhadrakumar

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The Implications of Macron Implosion – “Interestingly, the international press – the MSM – is taking it seriously. Why? They fear that this relentless movement may spread to other countries, even countries beyond Europe – like “Trump Land”, the United States of America. And why not.” – Peter Koenig

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“F*ck Management, F*ck This Job, & F*ck Walmart!”: 5 Disgruntled Employee Resignations That Went Viral – “Just because jobs data is coming in at what appears to be a great looking clip doesn’t mean that workers are not growing more and more disgruntled as wages lag inflation, number of hours worked rises and the quality of benefits deteriorates.” – Tyler Durden

Child of Krakatoa strikes: Dramatic footage shows volcano hurling fire and plumes of smoke into the sky as it sparks deadly tsunami which has killed 222 in Indonesia – Darren Boyle and Zoie O’Brien

Russia, Ukraine and the Minsk agreement fiction – Pepe Escobar

Nothing Goes to Hell in a Straight Line, Not Even Stocks – “But a whole generation of investors has never been through a Nasdaq-bubble unwind, and they’re shocked.” – Wolf Richter

Pinterest Censoring Anti-Vaccine Doctors and Pins Related to Vaccine Rights – Brian Shilhavy ( Green Med Info )

‘A Whole New Level Of Creepy’: AI Bots Are Drawn To Evil And ‘Learning’ From The Worst Of Humanity – Amazon Echo Is The Perfect Example – Susan Duclos

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Isaiah 7:14  Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. 



I wanna be a lawyer
Doctor or professor
A member of the UMC

I want an air conditioner
Cottage on the river
And all the money I can see

I wanna drive a Lincoln
Spend my evenings drinking
The very best burgandy

I want a yacht for sailing
Private eye for tailing
My wife if She’s a bit too free

I’ve been told ever since a boy
that’s what one aught to be
A part of the UMC

I want a pool to swim in
Fancy suits to dress in
Some stock in GM and GE

An office in the city
Secretary pretty
Who’ll take dictation on my knee

I want a paid vacation
Don’t want to have to ration
A thing with anyone but me

And if there’s war or famine
Promise I’ll examine
The details if they’re on TV

I’ll pretend to be liberal but I’ll still support the GOP,
As part of the UMC

I wanna be a lawyer
Doctor or professor
A member of the UMC

( Upper Middle Class by Bob Seger )