MEDIA DEMAND TRUMP IMPEACHMENT FOLLOWING COHEN SENTENCING FILING [UPDATED] – “MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Eddie Glaude Jr., and Ali Velshi have all suggested Trump should be impeached. On CNN, Carl Bernstein and Watergate attorney John Dean also called for Trump’s impeachment. The Boston Herald’s Kimberly Atkins is calling for impeachment, too. On MSNBC, host Lawrence O’Donnell said flat out that Trump “must be impeached.” ” – Tom Elliott

Comey Lied – “James Comey is a serial liar and arguably a serial felon who supervised and directed Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page in an organized deep state coup to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison and Donald Trump out of the White House.” – Daniel John Sobieski

The “Punishing Truth” About Donald Trump’s Policies _ Phil Butler

Trump Flies Solo as Perils to Presidency Mount – “The tumult of personnel turnover that’s come to characterize Donald Trump’s administration is suddenly posing a major problem — just as his presidency enters an especially risky phase.” – Kathleen Hunter

IT’S ALL OVER! With AG Nomination Trump Proves Swamp Will NOT Be Drained – State of the Nation

Hey, Mr. Trump! Tear Down That Deep State Wall…..Of Secrecy – “After 22 months in office, however, the truth is patently obvious: The only Swamp that Donald Trump wants to drain is one filled with his political enemies and policy adversaries at any given moment in time. Even then, you have to consult his tweetstorm ledger to know exactly who the swamp creatures de jure actually are.” – David Stockman

Eventually This Had to Happen: France Investigates Russia Over Yellow Vest Riots – Mish

Macron facing a crisis that he created by baiting Trump – Thomas Lifson

The Largest Conspiracy Theory Peddlers Are MSM And The US State Department – Caitlin Johnstone

CLINTON NIGHTMARE! Chief Financial Officer of Clinton Foundation Turns Government Informant on Crime Family – Jim Hoft

It’s Not Over Yet For Hillary Clinton – Approaching Time To ‘Lock Her Up’? While The MSM Slobbers Over ‘Trump-Russia’ Collusion, They Want You To Know Nothing Of These Under-Reported Court Cases And Investigations – Susan Duclos

Futures Tumble After China Summons US Ambassador, Threatens “Further Action” Over Huawei Arrest – Tyler Durden

US Media Whitewash Bush Senior’s Bloody Saudi Legacy – Finian Cunningham

UN Approves Terror, Torpedoes Peace – Bassam Tawil

UN Proposes Repopulation Migration In Global Migration Compact – “When did the united States, virtually all European nations, and possible Japan relinquish authority to the United Nations (UN) to regulate, control or solve any “population” issues – aging, declining or otherwise? What the world’s nations and populations can take from this is the UN is out to destroy the individual culture present in individual nations through inundating more wealthy nations with multiple cultures, causing culture wars, extreme violence inside each nation that could result in a thinning of the world’s European, American, and other wealthy nations’ native populations.” – Suzanne Hamner

ANTIFA Violence Breaks Out at Ottawa Protest Against Global Compact for Migration – “Meanwhile – north of the border my countrymen are finally starting to wake up. These protests were held across the country. The anger against our government is growing on many fronts – immigration is only one issue as the frustration with globalism bubbles continuously to the surface.” – Francis Marion

The French People Feel Screwed – “For the first time in his presidency, Macron is in trouble and Europe and America are looking on.” – David Brown

The Riots in France Are NOT Just About Taxes – Robert Wheeler

Jerome Powell Is Between A Rock And A Hard Place – “Powell’s borne the brunt of President Trump’s recent accusations that the Fed’s hikes are what’s hurting the stock market and threatening the economy.” – Nomi Prins

Central Banks Have Triggered A Global Collapse – Egon von Greyerz

Name One Government Agency That Doesn’t Do The Exact Opposite Of Its Purpose – Joe Jarvis

Facebook censors photo that ‘may show violent or graphic content.’ Photo depicts Santa Claus kneeling to honor baby Jesus in manger. – True Pundit

Homeland Security creates exclusive “Platinum” spy on your neighbors cam-share club – MassPrivateI

NIH Swiftly Condemns Gene Editing In China, Silent On The U.S. Fetal Harvesting Market – “U.S. scientists are outraged over gene editing on babies in China, yet silent about the federally expanded market for aborted baby parts here in the United States.” – Grazie Pozo Christie

Self Reliance & Self Sufficiency – What’s The Difference? – Ken Jorgustin

Gerber Prodigy – “I’m always on the lookout for knife bargains and knives to test for our readers. It’s a lot of knife for very little money. I think you’ll really like it.” – Pat Cascio  – I OWN ONE, NICE KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artificial intelligence is creeping up on us—literally – Corinne Purtill

Big Names in Big Data Continue to Harvest Users’ Data, Put Users at Risk – C. Mitchell Shaw


Revelation 11:18    And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.