Former President George H.W. Bush dies at age 94 – Mike Tolson

The Bush Family Dynasty – “World headlines announced the passing of GHW Bush at age-94, eulogizing him, ignoring the disturbing Bush family legacy. It’s not pretty. It goes back over four generations – during and after WW I, closely connected to Wall Street and America’s military, industrial, security complex.” – Stephen Lendman

G20 Summit – US-Russia Diplomacy Sabotaged, Again – Strategic Culture Foundation

MEDIA GIDDY AT COHEN PLEA: TURNING ‘GUN’ ON TRUMP, PREZ IS NEXT, ‘JUST THE BEGINNING’ – “Today is a good day for Donald Trump to resign” – Tom Elliott

Rogue Robert Mueller will not end his Gestapo-like rampage until someone stops him – J.D. Heyes

Deep Quandaries of the Deep State – “Now, an epic battle of wills is setting up as Robert Mueller’s investigation concludes its business and its primary target, the Golden Golem of Greatness, girds his loins to push back. Behind the flimsy scrim of Russia collusion accusations stands a bewildering maze of criminal mischief by a matrix of federal agencies that lost control of their own dark operation to meddle in the 2016 election. The US intel community (CIA, NSA, FBI, etc), with the Department of Justice, all colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the intel agencies of the UK and Australia, to derail Mr. Trump as a stooge of Russia and, when he shocked them by getting elected, mounted a desperate campaign to cover their asses knowing he had become their boss.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Treason Trials Begin When You Say They Do, Mr. President – “The Constitution gives authority to the president and the president alone to enforce the law.” – Tim Brown

The Total Loss of the Rule of Law in the US, Will Lead to the Deadliest Purge In World History – “Robert Mueller is using his office and that of the FBI to seize all evidence connected to Uranium One and stop any further investigation.” – Dave Hodges

EXCLUSIVE: FBI RAIDS HOME OF WHISTLEBLOWER ON CLINTON FOUNDATION, LAWYER SAYS – “The FBI raided the home of a whistleblower who was in possession of documents regarding the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, according to the whistleblower’s lawyer” – Richard Pollock


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to join Maxine Waters on the House Financial Services Committee? – “My first reaction is that obviously, the incoming Democratic committee chairwoman, Maxine Waters, wants someone there to make her look less stupid and ignorant. Because just about the only person who can manage to do that is Ocasio-Cortez, whose economic illiteracy, despite an economics degree from Boston University, has been shown again and again.” – Monica Showalter

Liberals Want America to Go Borderless – Ilana Mercer

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz blows the lid off media’s deceit about the migrant caravan – “What I mean by that is … look at every image that you see on CNN or MSNBC or the New York Times or Washington Post, any image or video that you see of the caravan. What’s the one thing you always see? You always see women and kids right in the framing — and it’s so ludicrous because you literally have to sit there for a while to find that frame because there are so few women and children. Literally, I would say 90 to 95 percent of the people there are men.” – Glenn Beck


Never, Ever Forget The Guardian/Politico Psyop Against WikiLeaks – Caitlin Johnstone

Hypocrite Theresa May in Bed With the EU While Chastising the UK Parliament – Mish

Mass Arrests In Paris As “Yellow Vest” Protests Enter Violent Third Week, Spread To Belgium – Tyler Durden

Unstable Planet: Anchorage, Alaska Is Devastated By A Giant 7.0 Earthquake – Is The West Coast Next? – Michael Snyder

The Complete Disarray of US Politics: What Goes Around, Comes Around – Nathan McDonald

The trials and tribulations of Turkish foreign policy – Pepe Escobar

Israel and Syria Exchange Missiles; IDF Denies Missiles Fired, Netanyahu And Other Officials Recommended Indicted As UN Passes Anti-Israel Resolutions – Aaron Kesel

Independent Media Labeled ‘Dangerous’ & Disqus Comment Notifications Listed In Gmail As Suspicious Or Spam As Big Tech Finds News Ways To Attack Alternative Media Websites – Susan Duclos

Mainstream Media Finally Reporting on How the Elite Gave Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein a ‘Deal of a Lifetime’ – “For years, the Free Thought Project has been set on exposing the cozy relationship between billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein and high-level establishment insiders. And, for years, we’ve been one of only a few voices out there willing to report on this corruption and depravity inside politics. That is, until now.” – Matt Agorist

Genetically modified people: what could go wrong? – Jon Rappoport

Is There Any Aspect of Socialism that is Actually Good? – “The short answer, of course, is no. Nothing about socialism is good, positive or helpful to humanity – nothing. The driving force to behind the young people in western “developed” societies screaming for socialism and condemning capitalism is they don’t understand our current system is not capitalistic – it is very close to socialistic. Many would argue, including myself, it is fascism plain and simple.” – Rory Hall

Relentless Totalitarianism Toward What End? Depopulation and Global Rule – Jeremiah Johnson

Declassify FISA Docs Coming, Mueller Desperate, Economy Tanking? (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

The Fed’s Crazy Game of Chicken – Peter Schiff

What Will YOU Be Like When the SHTF? – Daisy Luther

Government now wants to seize your car for going 5 MPH over the limit – Sovereign Man team

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.11EUR




2 Kings 21:6    And he made his son pass through the fire, and observed times, and used enchantments, and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards: he wrought much wickedness in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger.