Yes, You Have the Right to Talk Back to the Government, But It Could Get You Killed – “What the architects of the police state want are submissive, compliant, cooperative, obedient, meek citizens who don’t talk back, don’t challenge government authority, don’t speak out against government misconduct, and don’t step out of line. What the First Amendment protects—and a healthy constitutional republic requires—are citizens who routinely exercise their right to speak truth to power. It’s not an easy undertaking. Weaponized by police, prosecutors, courts and legislatures, “disorderly conduct” charges have become a convenient means by which to punish those individuals who refuse to be muzzled.” – John W. Whitehead

Straight-Talking Tulsi’s Rising Star Means Setting Sun for Dem Party Establishment — Hopefully – ‘The hero we need” – Finnian Cunningham

5,000 Migrants in Tijuana Waiting to Cross U.S. Border, With 20,000 on the Way – Warren Mass

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC wins the prize for the stupidest comment on the border assault – “There is a lot of competition, but one Trump-hater stands out for utter, implausible, easily refuted inanity in attempting to demonize opposition to the organized attempt to force our southern border open to anyone who wants to come here and sign up for the rich subsidies and benefits offered to poor people.” – Thomas Lifson

Leaked Transcript Proves Russiagaters Have Been Right All Along – “This introduction has been authored by the editorial board of the National News Conglomerate. Obey.” – Caitlin Johnstone   – SOME GOOD SATIRE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Thanks was Given in Syria to the US on Thanksgiving Day – Martin Berger

Russia Falsely Blamed for Ukraine Black Sea Provocation – “Longstanding US-led Western and Israeli policies repeatedly and consistently blame victims for aggression and other wrongdoing committed against them.” – Stephen Lendman

Russia Is Disadvantaged by Her Belief that the West Is Governed by Law – “The Russian Navy detained the Ukrainian ships. Of course, the Western presstitutes, most of whom are CIA assets, will blame “Russian aggression.” Washington and its presstitutes are doing everything they can to make impossible Trump’s expressed goal of normal relations with Russia.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Murphy’s Law to the Rescue! – “Ukraine verges on martial law after a naval incident with Russian ships in the waters off Crimea. Say what? Martial Law? They might as well declare a Chinese Fire Drill. Details of the actual incident around the Kerch Strait between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov remain murky besides the fact that two Ukrainian gunships and a tug disobeyed orders from Russian ships to stand down in Russian maritime waters and shots were fired. Who knew that Ukraine even had a navy, and how can they possibly pay for it?” – James Howard Kunstler

The World Is At a Showdown Moment — A New Paradigm vs. the Entire Geopolitical Apparatus in the West – LaRouche PAC


Major Psy-Op in Europe Exposed: UK Government Tramples on Values It Vowed to Protect – “Those who have been saying that the West has turned Russia into a scapegoat to be blamed for each and every thing that goes wrong have been proved right. We have witnessed concocted stories invented to denigrate Moscow that have gone viral as directed by the secret services. The UK, the country that is spearheading the anti-Russian information campaign, offers a good example that illustrates how this is being done.” – Alex Gorka

France’s Macron Laments Protests While Selling His Country Down the Globalist River – James Murphy

How the UN Plans to Become the Global Authority by 2030 (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Agenda 2030 & UN’s Call For A One World Government – Ray Gano  – NICE TO SEE THAT RAY AND DAVE ARE TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF AGENDA 2030. THE REPORT FROM THE UN CAN BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING ON THE LINK HERE:  Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ,  AND ALSO IN OUR WE RECOMMEND SIDEBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Same Company Facebook Uses to Censor Alt Media is Openly Helping Saudis Spin Khashoggi Murder – The Free Thought Project

The Media Does The Impossible And Breaks Their Own Fake News Record On Caravan Invasion And ‘Hate Signs’ And Nooses In Mississippi – Susan Duclos

Could GE’s Slow Collapse Ignite A Financial Crisis? – Dave Kranzler

General Motors And General Electric Were Both Victimized By The Same Ponzi Scheme, And They Are Both Telling Us The U.S. Economy Is In HUGE Trouble – “America’s twin economic “generals” are both in very deep trouble. General Electric was founded in 1892, and it was once one of the most powerful corporations on the entire planet. But now it is drowning in so much debt that it may be forced into bankruptcy. General Motors was founded in 1908, and at one time it was the largest automaker that the world had ever seen. But now it is closing a bunch of factories and laying off approximately 14,000 workers as it anticipates disappointing sales and a slowing economy.” – Michael Snyder

Flashback: creating a genetically altered human – Jon Rappoport

Global Warming Alarmism Meets a Blizzard of Reality – “Reality, including winter storms, serves as a reminder of the folly of turning science into political propaganda” – Brian C. Joondeph

CALIFORNIA DEW ATTACKS & PYRO-TERRORISM: “We ain’t seen nothing yet!” – “Worst Consequences of California Arson Fires Yet to Occur or Be Felt by the Nation” – State of the Nation

Google accused of breaching EU laws by tricking users into consenting to be tracked – RT

Surveillance cameras equipped with thermal imaging allow police to identify people by their gender, body size and color of their skin – MassPrivateI

Immune System-Boosting Nutrients You May Need During Fall and Winter – Lisa Egan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.59EUR




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