Migrants defy Trump at Mexico border as US forces flex muscle – AFP

Planet War: Still Trapped in a Greater Middle Eastern Quagmire, US Military Prepares for Global Combat – “The US stands alone in history as the only country to militarize the whole globe (with space thrown in) in preparation for taking on just about anyone.” – Danny Sjursen

MI6 Scrambling To Stop Trump From Releasing Classified Docs In Russia Probe – Tyler Durden

All U.S. Gov’t. Accusations Against Russia’s Gov’t. Are Lies – “The U.S. Government routinely interferes in elections all over the world, but builds mountains out of molehills of ‘evidence’ to charge that Russia’s Government is the global threat to democracy, and especially to America’s (fake) ‘democracy’.” – Eric Zuesse

Holiday Doings and Undoings – “Somehow I doubt that this Christmas will win the Bing Crosby star of approval. Rather, we see the financial markets breaking under the strain of sustained institutionalized fraud, and the social fabric tearing from persistent systemic political dishonesty. It adds up to a nation that can’t navigate through reality, a nation too dependent on sure things, safe spaces, and happy outcomes.” -James Howard Kunstler

Trump Mocks What Responsible Governance Is All About – “He disgraces the office he holds. There’s virtually nothing redeeming about his tenure so far, no prospect for turning a page for improvement, things likely worsening ahead. The myth of the anti-establishment candidate vanished straightaway after his inauguration. A dirty politician like nearly everyone else in Washington on both sides of the isle, he breached every populist promise made, serving privileged interests exclusively, abandoning ordinary people everywhere.” – Stephen Lendman

Are the Saudi Princes True Friends? – Patrick J. Buchanan

The Case for Leaving Syria – Douglas Macgregor

SEASON’S BEATINGS: Black Friday shoppers throw punches in Walmart, wrestle TVs in merch scrum – Kyle Olson

Black Friday 2018 Video Hall of Shame: Keep in Mind They’re Not Even Hungry – “Personally, I see Black Friday as a cautionary tale for preppers, a live-action snippet from some future apocalypse full of hungry people in search of food.” -Daisy Luther

BATTLEFIELD PARIS Police bombarded with fireworks fight back with tear gas as mass riots turn Paris into warzone – “The worst violence took place on the Champs Elysee where a huge crowd called for President Emmanuel Macron to quit” – Guy Birchall and Peter Allen

Herpes, Hillary Clinton & The Media’s Treatment Of Trump – “FOX News decided that it needed to air an apology to Hillary Clinton after a guest compared her to herpes. An apology to herpes might have been in better taste.” – Daniel Greenfield

Are Both Sides Of The Brexit Divide Being Played For Fools? – Steven Guinness

Where were the Brexit no deal warnings during the Scottish independence debate? – Bernard Connolly

The Globalists Tried To Build A Future On A Mountain Of Sand But Like All Tyrants, They’ll Eventually Be Overthrown, Though Only After Creating Misery And Destruction Across America – “There will be anarchy, there will be barbarity and they will find that history does indeed repeat itself” – John C. Velisek

The American ‘Melting Pot’ Can Turn into a Volatile Mixture at the Top – Wayne Madsen

U.S. Silently Passes And Signs Bill To Create New Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency – Aaron Kesel

Gun Bill to Require Buyers to Hand Over Social Media Passwords & Search History – “James Tresmond, a gun rights lawyer, told the local NY station that the bill would violate multiple constitutional rights. “The first, the second amendment, the fifth amendment, the fourth amendment, and the 14th amendment,” Tresmond said.” – Joseph Jankowski

‘Electric shocks & broken bones’: Amazon workers to protest ‘inhuman’ conditions on Black Friday – RT

Climate Scammers Are Still At It – Karl Denninger

Don’t Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling – “Inconvenient Science: NASA data show that global temperatures dropped sharply over the past two years. Not that you’d know it, since that wasn’t deemed news. Does that make NASA a global warming denier?” – Investor’s Business Daily

How Social Media Is Becoming an Arm of the State – José Niño

Wealth Preservation: Understanding Silver and Gold Content for Collapse Investing – Jeremiah Johnson

How the world will look like in 2050? – “We will most likely see same type of public surveillance and social scoring as they have in China, although it will be far more advanced, and unfortunately we will not be able to do anything to stop it.” – Filip Poutintsev

Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020 – Claire Che, David Ramli, and Dandan Li  – A BLUEPRINT FOR WHAT’S TO COME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China and Russia look to ditch dollar with new payments system in move to avoid sanctions – “Cross-border pact in development for direct trade payments in the yuan and the rouble Impetus for move is threat of more economic sanctions by the US” – Karen Yeung

Do Witches Outnumber Presbyterians In America? – “Witches are one of America’s fastest-growing religious groups.Notably, there could be as many as 1.316 million witches or practitioners of Wicca and similar faiths in America. Pew Research also estimates that around 0.4% of Americans practice witchcraft or Wicca.” – Off The Grid News

Study: Can toxic aluminum be removed from the body by drinking water containing silicon? – Jon Rappoport

Are The Stock, Bond, and Real Estate Bubbles Beginning To Pop (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – StockPulse

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.18EUR




Joshua 24:20   If ye forsake the Lord, and serve strange gods, then he will turn and do you hurt, and consume you, after that he hath done you good.