The Only Regime Change that Is Needed Is in Washington – Philip Giraldi

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Stocks Skid as Major Indexes Shed 2018 Gains – “A selloff in shares of highflying technology companies bled into other corners of the financial markets” – Corrie Driebusch

It’s possible the decline has already begun. . . – Simon Black

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CDC: Romaine lettuce linked to E.coli outbreak, 1 in CT infected – **“CDC said any romaine lettuce should not be eaten, and retailers and restaurants should not sell or serve any.” – Matt Dillane

Bitterly Cold Thanksgiving Will Be Among the Coldest on Record in Parts of the Northeast – Chris Dolce

Unthinkable! – “Sometimes we must consider the unthinkable. Official US national debt is $21.6 trillion. Unfunded liabilities are five to ten times higher. Global debt is about $250 trillion. US national debt has doubled every eight to nine years for decades.” – Gary Christenson

Khashoggi: How US Media Is Losing Its Moral Compass by Feeding Off Conspiracy Theories – Martin Jay

Fabricated Trump Regime Accusations Against Iran – “Accusations by hegemons against governments they want toppled lack credibility, disinformation used to gain broad support for what no ruling authorities anywhere should accept. The US and its imperial allies notoriously accuse countries they attack of crimes committed against them.” – Stephen Lendman

Revenge Is Mine Saith Washington – “Justice has disappeared in the West. In Justice’s place stands Revenge. This fact is conclusively illustrated by Julian Assange’s ongoing eight year ordeal. For eight years Julian Assange’s life has been lived in a Kafka Police State. He has been incarcerated first under British house arrest and then in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, despite the absence of any charges filed against him. Meanwhile, the entirety of the Western world, with the exception of former Educadoran President Rafael Correa and a UN agency that examined the case and ruled Assange was being illegally detained by the UK government’s refusal to honor his grant of political asylum, has turned its back to the injustice.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Assange Under Siege… Where is Justice? (VIDEO) with Lew Rockwell – Ron Paul

Doug Casey on the Migrant Caravan – “I hate to bring up George Soros, who’s justifiably the bête noire of the right wing. But he, along with Hillary Clinton, has been quoted as saying that it’s time for a “Purple Revolution” in the U.S. “Purple” comes from a merging of the red and the blue. A Purple Revolution in the U.S. might be similar to the Arab Spring revolution and the colored revolutions of Eastern Europe – very unpleasant, with unpredictable results. Perhaps it’s already underway; there’s plenty of antagonism, actual hatred, and irreconcilable views in evidence.”  – SOME EXCELLENT POINTS BROUGHT UP HERE!!!!!

Democrats Voter Fraud In 2018 Was A Trial Run To Steal The Presidency For The Globalists In 2020 – Democrats Proved In 2018 They’ll Stop At Nothing To Destroy The ‘Rule Of Law’ And America – John C. Velisek

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Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.21EUR




Revelation 18:23   And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.