“It Will Be A Cold War”: APEC Summit Ends In Unprecedented Chaos After Dramatic US-China Showdown – Tyler Durden

With Regard to War, Trump Doesn’t Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk – Wayne Madsen

LE BULL IN LA FRENCH CHINA SHOP – “Ironically, Trump’s evident hatred for Europe and calls by his neocon Praetorian Guard for the US to dominate the entire globe have made Europe turn away from its old subservience to Washington and talk about real independence” – Eric Margolis

President Trump Slams Democrat Adam Schiff – Calls Him ‘Adam Schitt’ in Twitter Post – Cristina Laila

National Red Flag Gun Laws Are Coming – “If President Trump supports them, it is likely he could get a Republican Senate to go along with them.” – David Risselada


Three Cheers for the Queen of the United States of America – “And while liberal media portrayed Mrs. Trump negatively as some kind of Medieval intercessor, it is just such intercession that is sorely needed in our world. From London to Berlin and onward to the Clinton Foundation we have women in pants pretending to be men in leadership when genuine femininity and intelligence is what should be admired and sought.” – Phil Butler

Judge Jeanine on the Rule of Law (VIDEO) – The Still Report

Seriously: Why is the DOJ indicting Julian Assange but not Hillary Clinton? – Mike Adams

Hillary Clinton: White House Or Jailhouse? – “The 71-year-old, two-time presidential candidate failure doesn’t seem to get the idea that it’s time to retire and fade into obscurity. Like her one-time boss, Barack Obama, she’s still trying to steal the limelight and push leftist ideology down our throats.” – Off The Grid News

This Is How George Soros Does His Dirty Work, Covered Up By Mainstream Media Treachery, As America Is Invaded – John C. Velisek

George Soros: “Protection” Of Muslim Migrants “Is The Objective”… “National Borders” Is “The Obstacle” – “All one needs to do is look to Germany and the massive financial burden and criminal element that has been allowed to come into their country to know that between these two men, only one of them is telling the truth; and it’s not Soros.” – Tim Brown

Billionaire Anti-Gun Rights Advocate Considers Presidential Bid – “Bloomberg is an effeminate tyrant. He wants to be everyone’s mommy and daddy and determine what you eat and drink down to whether or not you have God-given rights.” – Tim Brown

Civil War: Ocasio-Cortez launches formal bid to OUST establishment Dems – “Upstart Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an avowed Democratic Socialist, hasn’t been in D.C. a week and already she’s launched a bid to overthrow the “old guard” Democratic leadership.” – J.D. Heyes

Brexit Replaces Sovereignty With Terrorism – “Instead we are seeing a political animal unlike any other. Brexit is not giving back sovereignty, it is undermining everything which makes up that sovereignty.” – Seth Ferris

The Myth of EU Sovereign Independence – “Post-WW II US-orchestrated new world order transformed sovereign Western European countries into virtual US colonies. Their status remains unchanged today, their sovereign independence more myth than reality – serving Washington’s geopolitical interests, even when harming their own.” – Stephen Lendman

Cop Negligently Kills Guard – “Of course the pigs didn’t release the name of the murderer. Now if the murdering party was not a cop their name would be all over the place and they’d be in jail. Instead this ******* is walking free (at least at present) and a man doing his ****ing job is dead. Try this ******* for Murder 2. Now.” – Karl Denninger

Woolsey Fire – Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons? – Ray Gano

The Political Rebellion Gathers Momentum – “The Ruling Class that wants us to love our servitude incites us to seek divisions: between red and blue, left and right, progressive and conservative, and so on. The Ruling Class in the mainstream media, in Washington D.C. and in Silicon Valley are experts at manipulating language and terminology to divide and conquer.” – Charles Hugh Smith


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The EPA Gave Its Website a Pro-Fracking Makeover – Sarah Emerson

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The Essential Man’s Library: 50 Fictional Adventure Books Edition – The Art of Manliness   – SOME GREAT CHOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!




2 Corinthians 10:3  For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:



Day by day, night after night
Blinded by the neon light
Hurry here, hustlin’ there
No one’s got the time to spare

Money’s tight, nothin’ free
Won’t somebody come and rescue me?

I am stranded, caught in the crossfire
Stranded, caught in the crossfire

Tooth for tooth, eye for an eye
Sell your soul just to buy, buy, buy
Beggin’ for a dollar, stealin’ a dime
Come on, can’t you see that I—

I am stranded, caught in the crossfire
I am stranded, caught in the crossfire

I need some kind of kindness
Some kind of sympathy. Oh, no
We’re stranded, caught in the crossfire

Save the strong lose the weak
Never turning the other cheek
Trust nobody, don’t be no fool
Whatever happened to the golden rule?

We got stranded, caught in the crossfire
We got stranded, caught in the crossfire
We got stranded, caught in the crossfire
Stranded, caught in the crossfire
Help me

( Crossfire by Bill Carter, Ruth Ellsworth, Chris LaytonTommy Shannon, and Reese Wynans )