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UN Member States: Migration Is a Human Right – “It cannot be stressed enough that this agreement is not about refugees fleeing persecution, or their rights to protection under international law. Instead, the agreement propagates the radical idea that migration — for any reason — is something that needs to be promoted, enabled and protected.” – Judith Bergman

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Vitamin D vs. Flu Shots – “Flu season is upon us again. To prevent the flu, we’re told that the best remedy is to get a flu shot–a shot which is consistently ineffective, and, incredibly, still contains mercury in many cases. More and more evidence has accumulated that vitamin D is a cheap, safe, and effective natural medicine for the flu.” – ANH-USA

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Do gut bacteria make a second home in our brains? – ” If these common gut bacteria are a routine, benign presence in and around brain cells, he says, they might play a key role in regulating the brain’s immune activity” – Kelly Servick

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Psalm 149:6  Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand;



I swear by Almighty God
To tell the whole truth
And nothing but the truth

Guns guns
They torture all the women and children
Then they’ve put the men to the gun
‘Cos across the human frontier
Freedom’s always on the run

Guns guns a-shaking in terror
Guns guns killing in error
Guns guns guilty hands
Guns guns shatter the lands

A system built by the sweat of the many
Creates assassins to kill off the few
Take any place and call it a court house
This is a place where no judge can stand

Sue the lawyers and burn all the papers
Unlock the key of the legal rapers
A jury of a billion faces
Shouted out condemned out of hand

Guns guns, and nobody’s kidding
Guns guns, or foolin’ around
Guns guns, the violence is singing
Guns guns, a silence the sound

‘N I Iike to be in Aferica
A-beatin’ on the final drum
‘N I like to be in U.S.S.R.
Makin’ sure these things will come
‘N I like to be in U.S.A.
Pretending that the wars are done
‘N I like to be in Europa
Saying goodbye to everyone

( Guns on the Roof by The Clash )