Gimme Some Truth: John Lennon Tells It Like It Is – “Lennon dared to speak truth to power about the government’s warmongering, and as a result, he became enemy number one in the eyes of the U.S. government, his phone calls monitored and data files collected on his activities and associations. Until the day he died, Lennon continued to speak up and speak out. In honor of what would have been Lennon’s 78th birthday, here are some uncomfortable truths about life in the American police state:” – John W. Whitehead

A Bigger Picture On The China Threat To The U.S. (VIDEO) – “Is The China Technology Takeover Already Here?” – We Are Change

America Has Become Even More Dangerous – “The issue is world conquest, and the unanswered questions are “by whom” and “for what purpose.” The mechanism, military and financial war, “hard and soft war,” as they call it in Washington and can only be achieved with total control of America’s political system. The only way that can occur is with rigged elections, a congress and presidency under control as well and the Supreme Court of the United States ready to overrule any tries to reinstitute democracy or reform.” – Gordon Duff

US Forever War in Syria and Elsewhere – “Make no mistake. Washington intends endless war in Syria, the same scenario as in all its war theaters. US forces come to stay. Republicans and undemocratic Dems pursue the same imperial aims, wanting sovereign independent governance replaced by pro-Western puppet rule everywhere. Russia, China, and Iran are prime targets for regime change. The US pursues a permanent war policy, risking catastrophic consequences.” – Stephen Lendman

John Bolton Ups the Pressure on Iran – “This week saw secession from an obscure treaty and a move to make Iran the centerpiece of U.S. counterterrorism.” – Curt Mills

End the Noxious U.S.-Saudi Relationship – Daniel Larison

Venezuela’s annual inflation hits 488,865 percent in September: congress – Reuters

Aftermath as Prologue – “I believe that the Christine Blasey Ford gambit was an extension of the sinister activities underway since early 2016 in the Department of Justice and the FBI to un-do the last presidential election, and that the real and truthful story about these seditious monkeyshines is going to blow wide open. It turns out that the Deep State is a small world. Did you know that the lawyer sitting next to Dr. Ford in the Senate hearings, one Michael Bromwich, is also an attorney for Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director fired for lying to investigators from his own agency and currently singing to a grand jury? What a coincidence. Out of all the lawyers in the most lawyer-infested corner of the USA, she just happened to hook up with him.” – James Howard Kunstler

Investigative Journalist Probing EU Corruption Found Brutally Raped And Murdered – Tyler Durden

Some Thoughts On Climate Change – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NAFTA 2.0: Free Trade or Central Planning? – Ron Paul

Columbus Day Proves History is Written by the Winner Who Cons People into Celebrating Mass Murder – “People are finally waking up to the fact that Columbus was a mass murdering tyrant but only after centuries of celebrating him as a hero.” – mATT aGORIST

The Clinton Sexual Predator Behind Murphy Brown’s Fake Feminism – Daniel Greenfield

Russia, US Are In a Military Exoskeleton Race – Patrick Tucker

The Monsanto Papers (VIDEO) – reported by Stephanie March and presented by Sarah Ferguson

Pope blames devil for Church divisions, scandals, seeks angel’s help – Philip Pullella

Schools Pushing For Police-Grade Surveillance Technology To “Protect” Students – Aaron Kesel

Police-Grade Surveillance Technology Comes to the Playground – Sydney Fussell

Creating National Biometric System For Patient Matching Will Threaten Privacy And Security – Natural Blaze

Nearly 50 Oregon Gun Owners Have Their Firearms Seized by the State – Teresa Mull

How to Survive When You Can’t Pay Your Bills – Daisy Luther

Eerie News From Social Media: Facebook Wants To Put A Camera In Your Home – Mac Slavo

The Music Fades Out – “A $20 trillion loss in market capitalization” – John P. Hussman

With corruption like this, it’s no wonder so many pension funds are insolvent – Simon Black

Sea Foam: All Purpose Fuel & Motor Treatment For The Prepared – Ken Jorgustin

The Top 6 Survival Rifles And Why You Need One – Cody Griffin  – OLDER ARTICLE, BUT INTERESTING!!!!!!

Buy Five Preps For $5 – “There are a whole host of preps you can buy for one dollar if you shop at the right place and plan ahead, here are a few of our favorite non-perishable long-term items to stock up on.” – Salty




John 7:43   So there was a division among the people because of him.