The FBI’s Failures on Kavanaugh Are Like the SEC’s Failures on Madoff – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Blasey Ford’s Kavinaugh Testimony Unravels After Ex-Boyfriend Refutes Key Claims – Tyler Durden

Creating a Suspect Society: The Scary Side of the Technological Police State – “It’s a given that Big Brother is always watching us. Unfortunately, thanks to the government’s ongoing efforts to build massive databases using emerging surveillance, DNA and biometrics technologies, Big Brother (and his corporate partners in crime) is getting even creepier and more invasive, intrusive and stalker-like.” – John W. Whitehead

US Switching to Ukraine as Location to Start World War III Against Russia – Eric Zuesse

Trump Sells Better Than Sex – “The Donald is the Golden Eggs Goose. That is the no. 1 business model for not just the US media, but for its entire society. Everything Trump touches turns into gold for someone. The media are making a killing, and they’re going to keep doing the same 24/7 scandal stories.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Is Argentina in America’s Future? – Bill Bonner

Neera Tanden And Bill Kristol Agree That Populism Undermines Democracy – “If there’s one thing that brings a tear to my eye, it’s the inspiration I feel when watching Republican-aligned neoconservatives and Democrat-aligned neoconservatives find a way to bridge their almost nonexistent differences and come together to discuss the many, many, many, many, many, many many many things they have in common.” – Caitlin Johnstone

How the American Media Was Destroyed – Paul Craig Roberts

Conservative America Has a New and Dangerous Enemy- His Name Is Jeff Flake – Dave hodges

Making the Arctic Safe for Neoliberalism – “Let’s put aside for a moment the nonsense about Russia hijacking the vote with Facebook ads and focus on the endgame. The neoliberal economic order is based on natural resource and market dominance, so it’s no surprise when it reacts violently to efforts by others to map out resource acquisition.” – Kurt Nimmo

NAFTA 2.0 – “US free trade deals are profoundly unfair. They facilitate offshoring of jobs to China and other low-wage countries. They empower corporate predators at the expense of ecosanity, worker pay, benefits and other rights.” – Stephen Lendman

The Truth about ‘Democracy’ – “The inability of governments to ‘get things done’ is what is on display in the drama being played out over the threat to the US and the world of an American president who is ‘unfit for the office’— whom the American political system should have never allowed to run.” – Deena Stryker

US Gross National Debt Jumps by $1.27 Trillion in Fiscal 2018, Hits $21.5 Trillion – “But wait — these are the Boom Times!” – Wolf Richter

Uranium One: FBI Refuses To Release Three-Dozen Secret Memos Involving Clintons, Russia And Obama – Tyler Durden

Q: Their E _ _ _ Knows NO BOUND. (VIDEO) – “#MeToo has been weaponized and the evil on the Left knows no bounds. Stay on the watch for a RED October, according to Q. This is a massive and detailed REAL news update.” SGT Report

The Massive Communist Infiltration of the Catholic Church in the 1930s Caused the Current Pedophile Crisis – Iben Thranholm

Gold and Silver Eagle Sales Surged in September – Peter Schiff

Why you should be worried about Five Eyes having access to every electronic device – MassPrivateI

‘Insurmountable Chaos’ Can Begin Like This: ‘Just One Cough And You Can Have A Catastrophic Chain Of Transmission’ -Stefan Stanford

High Level “Biodefense” Govt Agency Quietly Created For The Event Of A Pandemic – Edge Canopy

The Circus At The End Of The World: Things Are About To Get Down And Dirty In The USA – “If Democrats Win House/Senate In Midterms, It Will Be Game Over For President Trump And Our Late, Great Republic” – William B Stoecker

This bull market run has echoes of the late 1920s, Nobel Prize-winning economist Shiller says – Keris Lahiff

Planet X? Mysterious Planet ‘The Goblin’ Redefines Solar System – Mac Slavo

Experts say Trump’s EPA moving to loosen radiation limits – Ellen Knickmeyer

EPA Aims to Weaken Radiation Regulations As FCC Gives Telecoms $2B To Install 5G Everywhere – B.N. Frank

In The Aftermath Of a Disaster, Do You Really Want To Be Dependent on FEMA To Feed Your Family? – Amy S.

“Leave No Trace”: A movie every Prepper should watch – SURVIVING IN ARGENTINA

“Digital Strip Searches” Increasing at Borders; Refusal Could Lead to $5K Fine – Nicholas West

Everything You Need to Know About Those “Expiration Dates” on Your Food – Meadow Clark

6 Things To Consider For Surviving (The Upcoming) Winter – Bill White



Revelation 18:2   And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.