Kavanaugh’s accuser wants FBI probe before she testifies – Alan Fram and Lisa Mascaro

Kavanaugh vs the Santa Clause Theory (And Why He Cannot Get a Fair Hearing) -Mish

The Late Hit on Judge Kavanaugh – “Upon the memory and truthfulness of Christine Blasey Ford hangs the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his reputation and possibly his career on the nation’s second-highest court.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Kavanaugh- Another Fake Sideshow – “When Donald Trump selected mainstream conservative Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee, those truly anxious to “drain the swamp” were disappointed once again. Even CNBC acknowledged that he was an “establishment favorite.” Kavanaugh has never been anyone’s kind of maverick. He has long been tied to former President George W. Bush. The most troubling thing about Kavanaugh, to those of us who have bothered to investigate such things, is Kavanaugh’s role in covering up the death of Clinton White House counsel Vince Foster.” – Donald Jeffries

Can Russia Survive Her “Partnerships”? – “Has Putin Made A Strategic Miscalculation?” – Paul Craig Roberts

How the Trade War Helps Hide Central Bank Sabotage Of The Economy – “Almost every aspect of the global economic downturn, which started ostensibly in 2007-2008 and is still ongoing to this day, can be traced back to the actions and policies of central banks” – Brandon Smith

Trade War Amplifies: China Sets Tariffs On $60 Billion Worth Of US Goods – Mac Slavo

Congress Needs to Force an End to U.S. Involvement in the War on Yemen – Daniel Larison

Is Germany Colluding With Islamic Terrorists? – Daniel Greenfield

NGOs are smuggling immigrants into Europe on an industrial scale – Gefira

How Many “Swamp Critter” Heads Will Roll When Trump’s Declassified Order Of Specific Documents Is Fulfilled? – Catherine Frompovich

Democrats and Deep State howl from the swamp about declassification – Monica Showalter

The Committee to Destroy The World: The Federal Reserve Virginia Fidler

After 78 Attempted Terror Attacks, France Proposes Making Guns Mandatory for Local Police – Teresa Mull

Thoughts on the Leaked Google Video and Why Populism Is Just Getting Started – “The U.S. is not a free market economy, but a kakistocracy in which the “elites” have placed themselves above the law and above failure. We bail criminals out so they can shove it all back in our faces ten years later.” – Michael Krieger

‘Unprecedented’ Government Spending Spree Picks Up Speed – “The federal government could spend close to half its appropriated budget in the final fiscal quarter, which ends Sept. 30” – Frank Konkel

Trump Will Send “Presidential Alert” To Every Cell Phone In America On Thursday – Tyler Durden

The ‘Hollywood Of Hanoi Jane’: ‘In Most Countries, Traitors Are Executed – In America, They Join The Democratic Party’ – The ‘Resistance’ Wants To Return America To The Disaster That Was Barack Obama” – John Velisek


Inflation Is Eating Up Your Wage Growth – Peter Schiff

Feminists Rage Over Latest Injustice: Sexist iPhones – Tyler Durden

Big Pharma drug pushers infiltrate local public schools under the guise of “mandatory mental health screenings” for children – Tracey Watson

Free Press Advocates Alarmed by US Government’s “Terrifying” Secret Rules for Spying on Journalists -“It makes me wonder, what other rules are out there, and how have these rules been applied?” – Jessica Corbett

The Solar Observatory That Closed Has Reopened and They Still Haven’t Explained – Daisy Luther

Evacuated Solar Observatory Set To Re-Open; Officials Offer Unbelievable Explanation – Tyler Durden

Survival Essentials List: A 16-Point Checklist For Preppers – M.D. Creekmore

DARPA Wants to Find Botnets Before They Attack – “The defense agency awarded a contract to develop a tool that scours the internet for dormant online armies.” – Jack Corrigan

Killer robot ASSASSINS to be sold on BLACK MARKET advertising ‘untraceable murders – David Rivers

Electrical Grid Down For 2 – 4 Weeks (Level 2 Preparedness) – Ken Jorgustin

16 Unique and Versatile Gun Storage Devices to Keep Hands Off Firearms – Andy Grossman

Dr. Wakefield Talks Candidly About The Documentary “Vaxxed From Cover-Up To Catastrophe” – Catherine J. Frompovich




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