‘Big and vicious’: Hurricane Florence closes in on Carolinas – Jonathan Drew

“Worst Storm In US History” Florence Set To Break All-Time Records; Forecasters Fear Harvey Flood Redux – Tyler Durden

Last-Minute Emergency Supplies:What to Buy When the Shelves Are Almost Empty – Daisy Luther

Preparing for Hurricane Florence and What We Learned From Past Experiences – David Andrew Brown

People Are “Fighting For Food” As Authorities Warn Florence “Could Produce A Disaster Comparable” To Hurricane Katrina – Michael Snyder

‘Resistance’ runs amok in the US Deep Throat War – “Bob Woodward’s book and the ‘resistance’ op-ed look increasingly like a sophisticated psy-ops scheme and a prelude for a ‘Deep State’ coup” – Pepe Escobar

Fighting Starts in Syria’s Idlib: US Military Considers Military Options – Peter Korzun

As Things Heat Up In Idlib, Remember: The US Empire Has A History With False Flags –

How To Explain The Cause Of The Syrian War In 2 Minutes – “2 minutes of truth about US intervention in Syria from Jeffrey Sachs @JeffDSachs is worth more than 98 percent of the bullshit we are hearing on TV” – Tyler Durden

China’s “Long Term Collaterisation” Of Loans Strategy & Her Disguised Recolonization Of African Countries Economically – Richard Krah

9/11: The Day Rule of Law in America Died – “Throughout its history, America was never beautiful, far from it, a fantasy democracy from inception – the nation today on a slippery slope toward full-blown tyranny. Most people are none the wiser – daily bread and circuses doing their job, manipulating and distracting them from what’s most important. Elected officials, their minions, and media scoundrels fill their heads with daily rubbish, suppressing what’s vital to know.” – Stephen Lendman

Americans Need Social Media Guided by the Rights Enshrined in the U.S. Constitution – Michael Krieger

Trump’s Tariffs Will Hit the Economy with a ‘Gale Force’ that Will ‘Accelerate’ Inflation (VIDEO) – David Stockman

Media Blackout on Dire Global Debt (VIDEO) with Greg Mannarino – “People here in our country are not being allowed to see what is going on outside of the United States. The mainstream media (MSM) outlets are doing everything they possibly can to keep people misinformed and uninformed. This is what is happening right now. On a global scale, the world is overdosing on debt.” – Greg Hunter

As White House Coups Go, Wall Street Has Staged Plenty – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Setting Up For The Next Major Silver Bull Market – Steve St. Angelo

Thanks to Obama Bailouts and Trump Tax Cuts, Five Largest US Banks Have Raked in $583 Billion Since 2008 Crash – Jake Johnson

Bezos, Kafka, and a Replacement for Book Burning – “Nazis burned books. The richest man in the world simply memory holes them from his Amazon bookstore.” – Kurt Nimmo

At Least 10 And Potentially 15 Nuclear Power Plants Are In The Path Of Hurricane Florence – Is Florence An Attack Upon America? – “Still Think ‘Weather Modification’ Is A ‘Conspiracy Theory’? You Won’t After Reading This!”- Stefan Stanford interview: Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth CEO Speaks Out (VIDEO) – “The 9/11 false flag event gave the western military industrial complex the license it needed to fully release its fury on resource rich countries in the Middle East. Below is a new exclusive interview with Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth CEO, Richard Gage.” – Dane Wigington  – A MUST WATCH/LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since 9/11, America Has Traded Liberty for Security, And We’re Almost Out of Both – Derrick Broze

Will The Housing Market Fall This Fall? – Dave Kranzler

Dealing With Dead Bodies When the SHTF – Selco

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