US Marines launch live-fire air assault into Syria desert in ‘strong message’ to Russia – Lucas Tomlinson and Jennifer Griffin

Trump’s Neocon Conversion and the Syrian 180 – “You have to feel a little sorry for the folks who voted for Trump expecting him to live up to his promise to bring the troops home and stop killing people. On Thursday Trump cleared up any doubt about his neocon conversion. Once again he made his supporters—or those interested in nonintervention at least—out to be fools, that is to say any principled supporters left after killing thousands in Syria.” – Kurt Nimmo

THE PENTAGON AND THE CIA ARE IN CHARGE – “What business does the U.S. government have in Syria? None. Just as it has no business in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam, Korea, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, and countless others. But that is what life is like under a governmental structure in which the military-intelligence establishment is in control. It calls the shots. Everyone else — the president, the Congress, the judiciary, and the American people — are expected to yield to its overwhelming power within the federal governmental structure and within American society.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Regime Change — American Style – “The campaign to overturn the 2016 election and bring down President Trump shifted into high gear this week.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Trump Eyes Another $267 Billion in Tariffs (And He’s Foolish Enough to Do It) – Mish

Obama Condemns Trump, “Nazi Sympathizers” In Fiery Speech Warning Of “Dangerous Times” – Tyler Durden


This George Soros Stooge Should Never Be President – Baby Killer Kamala Harris Has Given California Tent Cities And Drug Addicts Shooting Up In Train Stations – “If The Democrats Elect Harris, Just Imagine What She’d Bring To America!” – John C. Velisek

The Vice-President Is the Treasonous Author of the NYT Op-ed – Dave Hodges  – INTERESTING OPINION FROM DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watergate Redux – “There’s plenty to hold Trump accountable for, major issues unmentioned by his attackers. The worst perhaps is yet to come. A diabolical anti-Trump cabal may succeed in removing him from office the way Watergate took down Nixon or how Kennedy’s tenure ended. The earlier shameful episodes in US history are repeating, most Americans none the wiser about what’s going on – the stuff banana republics are made of, corrupt, rotten to the core gangsterism running things, replacing one leader, likely with someone worse.” – Stephen Lendman

Trump Minus Narrative Equals Bushbama – ” if you mute the mass media narratives and just look at what’s happening without any partisan filters, what you see is soldiers, planes, bases and wars ships continuing to expand into other countries. You see more and more money, resources and creativity being poured into the war machine. You see a plutocratic class continuing to dictate the behavior of the US government. You see ordinary people continuing to struggle to make ends meet. You see an increasingly militarized police force, a continually expanding Orwellian surveillance system, dangerous and steadily increasing tensions with Russia, increasingly uninhibited ecocidal capitalism, increasingly unregulated exploitative corporations and banks.” – Caitlin Johnstone

‘Steady State’ Or Deep State? New York Times’ Hate-Driven Coup (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

UK Launches New Wave of Anti-Russia Hysteria to Pursue Its Own Hidden Agenda – Arkady Savitsky

Twitter Exposes Its Politically Motivated Censorship Policy In Banning Of Alex Jones – Elizabeth Vos

The Hi-Tech Threat – “It’s real, and it has a solution” – Justin Raimondo

Big Tech Censors Alex Jones — Who’s Next? – “In June of 2018, many of the titans of the Internet and the establishment media — along with heads of government, leaders of the “intelligence” community, royalty, globalist think-tank bosses, top international bureaucrats, agents for the Rothschild banking dynasty, and more — came together behind closed doors and militarized security in Italy at the annual Bilderberg summit to discuss the issue further. The chiefs of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Amazon, among others, regularly attend these secretive meetings with fellow globalists” – Alex Newman  – EXCELLENT INFORMATIVE ARTICLE FROM ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Jobs Fictions – Paul Craig Roberts

The Employment Report Has Become Orwellian In The Extreme – “The employment report is unquestionably the most manipulated economic report issued by the Government. The content of the the headline on which the mainstream media bases its broadcast and analysis of the report is entirely disconnected from the actual data contained in the report.” – Dave Kranzler

The pension crisis is bigger than the world’s 20 largest economies – Simon Black

With the new Kaepernick ad, Nike has you right where they want you – Cort McMurray

There Is No “Perfect” Location for Preppers: You MUST Make the Best of Where You Are – “There’s good stuff and bad stuff no matter your location.” – Daisy Luther

Facial recognition touted as ‘user friendly’ system for airports – “ACLU policy analyst Jay Stanley warns that the deployment “normalizes face recognition as a checkpoint technology” and could eventually lead to “mission creep.” “We’ve seen these technologies spread from airports and now they are used in all kinds of venues, including in some high schools,” Stanley told AFP.” – Rob Lever

Why the Whole World Should Be Up in Arms About the EU’s Looming Internet Catastrophe – Cory Doctorow

‘Killer Robots’ film warns of perils of automation – “The case of the Dallas police attaching explosives to a bomb disposal robot and sending it into a building to kill a man who ambushed a group of officers in 2016 was described in media reports cited in the film as a “watershed moment in police tactics.” It was the first time American police used a robot to kill anyone.” – France24

Basic Survival Skills Every Prepper Should Master ASAP – Will Scott

Must Know Bushcraft Survival Skills for Living Off the Land – Tony Nester

Ways To Protect Your Family From In-house EMF & Microwave Radiation – “As more and more research indicates the harms of microwave radiation in all its genres, it’s becoming apparent consumers will need to learn how to protect their bodies and environments, especially at home where many “smart” devices operate using microwaves.” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Why Won’t the EPA Protect the Public from This Cancer-Causing Product? – ANH-USA

There Are Trillions Of Pieces Of Floating Plastic In Our Oceans, And If We Don’t Stop All Marine Life Will Eventually Be Dead – Michael Snyder

US Mint Sold Out of Silver Eagle Coins 2018 – Silver Doctors  – SOMEONE OBVIOUSLY THINKS SILVER IS WORTH ACCUMULATING!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Last Time Silver Did This, It Shot Up 38% in 5 Months – Matt Badiali

First Time In 17 Years Commercials Long Gold, Plus A Silver Shocker! – King World News

Credit-Cardholders & Bank Customers Burned Again as New IT Chaos Breaks Out in the UK – “The payments industry deplores it, but cash is starting to look pretty good, and central banks agree:” – Don Quijones




Ezekiel 11:2   Then said he unto me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city: