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Number of Germans killed by foreigners highest in years – police – RT

Putin Sneaking Up on Europe from the South? – “US media scoundrels and think tank extremists wage endless rhetorical war on Russia and Vladimir Putin, vilifying the country and its leader. Dark forces in Washington want Russia transformed into another US vassal state – headed by a puppet they appoint, doing their bidding. It worked during the deplorable Yeltsin years following Soviet Russia’s dissolution. Things changed dramatically when Putin succeeded him.” – Stephen Lendman

Why South Africa Is Taking Guns From 300,000 People – “Anyone who truly understands the US Constitution also understands that the First and Second Amendments are our only guarantee to our other freedoms. This works in other countries as well, like South Africa. Leftist progressives, who are working towards gaining total control, need to get guns out of the hands of citizens, so that they can impose their will on people who can’t fight back.” – Bill White

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Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.90EUR




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