Provocations Have A History Of Escalating Into War – “The Russian Government and President Putin are coming under pressure not from US sanctions, which are very good for Russia as they force Russia into independence, but from Russian patriots who are tiring of Putin’s non-confrontational responses to Washington’s never-ending insults and military provocations.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Trump Doesn’t Want Peace with the EU – “Donald Trump is on a mission. His goal? Destroy the post-WWII institutional order that has outlived its usefulness. And there have been a number of major moves that fundamentally tear at the fabric of that order. In a span of a day we’ve had the following things occur in quick succession.” – Tom Luongo


Iran Stuns Enemies By Moving Ballistic Missiles To Iraq – Within Easy Striking Distance of Tel Aviv – Tyler Durden

What’s really behind the MSM’s McCain-worship – ” The mainstream media don’t like John McCain. They don’t respect John McCain, either. The recent torrent of articles gushing about John McCain’s honor, patriotism, civility, and amenability have nothing whatsoever to do with the man and everything to do with his adversary in the White House.”- Amalric de Droevig

Michael Moore Flashback: In Praise of Venezuela – “”Oil for the People”: Michael Moore is in praise of Chavez ending poverty in Venezuela. I captured that Tweet as an image in case Moore deletes it. It was retweeted 6,684 times. 1,862 fools liked it.” – Mish

Economic Doom Returns: Emerging Market Currencies Collapse To Record Lows As Global Financial Chaos Accelerates – Michael Snyder

Is a ‘Suez’ Event Being Prepared for Syria? – Alastair Crooke

Russian Evidence Shows CW False Flag Planned in Syria – Stephen Lendman

A Chemical Weapons ‘Attack’ Trap Is Being Laid to Keep Trump in Syria – Tom Luongo

US Strategy in Syria: ‘Create Quagmires Until We Get What We Want’ – “In seeking to control post-war Syria, US determined to keep war going” – Jason Ditz

US Senator Chris Murphy Says That “The Survival of Our Democracy” Depends on MORE Censorship – “Welcome to the United States of Censorship. Your tour guide today is Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, tweeted some pro-censorship nonsense the other day. In doing so, Murphy proved that (a) he doesn’t understand the First Amendment, (b) he wants the internet to be an echo chamber, and (c) he must have slept through high school civics class.” – Daisy Luther

Bad Faith Nation- “The New York Times, once known as the Newspaper of Record, continued to ignore that story. Their bad faith specialty these days is stoking the fires of race war under the pretense of “social justice.” For instance, the op-ed piece they ran today (Friday) titled The Religion of Whiteness Becomes a Suicide Cult. It’s hard to imagine a better way to send those Hoosier clods to the gun cabinet — and not to blow their own brains out, either, but to hunt down the very Wokesters who openly pledge to exterminate them. This isn’t even “fake news.” It’s more like racist sedition.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Power of Divide and Conquer: The Left’s Hatred for Trump Has Them Embracing War Criminals – The Free Thought Project

Russian Collusion Poll Shows How Easily Americans Are Fooled – “The Washington Post has posted the results of a recent poll conducted in conjunction with ABC News. All this poll demonstrates is that the American people are easily fooled when a Big Lie stamped with the seal of approval and imprimatur of the state is rolled out by its corporate propaganda service, the same folks who engineer misleading polls.” – Kurt Nimmo  – SURPRISED THAT THE NEW YORK TIMES WASN’T IN ON THIS POLL TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Contrary To The Propaganda, America Doesn’t Lead The World In Mass Shootings – Tim Brown

Bill to Make It Easier to Confiscate People’s Guns Heads to California Gov’s Desk -Teresa Mull

FBI: Armed Citizens In “Mass Shooting” Incidents Examined – “We’ve all heard stories about armed citizens stopping mass shootings, they are all over the internet, generally through alternative news sources and not via the mainstream media. Read into that whatever you will. In 10 incidents, citizens confronted the shooter. In eight of those incidents, one or more citizens safely and successfully acted to end the shooting.” – Salty

Is There A Plan In South Africa To Take White Farms And Kill White Farmers? – Don Boys

How To Wake Up – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE FEAR OF BEING LABELED A CONSPIRACY THEORIST – “One of the CIA’s most successful propaganda campaigns in its 70-year history has been its use of the term “conspiracy theorist” or “conspiracy theory” to disparage anyone who dares to question the official narrative of the Kennedy assassination. The campaign has worked brilliantly. Today American society is filled with people who have a deeply seated fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist. The fear is almost as big as the fear that people had of being labeled a communist during the Cold War.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

With Global War Drums Beating, The Perfect Storm Is Brewing As Radical Islamic Cleric Calls For The Overthrow Of America – “How Many Globalist Leaders Have Converted To Islam And Thrown Their Countries Populations To The Wolves?” – Stefan Stanford

How Government Keeps Us Sick (VIDEO) – Dr. Mary Ruwart

This Is Why Your Stockpile Needs High-Capacity Magazines – Nicholas O.

Are We Headed For A New Dark Age? – Tom Chatham

Genocide For Profit – How The Govt, Big Pharma, Psychiatry, And DSS Are Conspiring To Destroy Native American Culture – “From the first moments Europeans landed on the shores of North America, a war was waged against the indigenous people who lived there. That war took the form of deceptive agreements, settlements, outright violence, genocide, and, after defeat on the battlefield, an attempt to erase Native American culture and history from the minds of the victims. This war on Native Americans has never ended.” – Brandon Turbeville

Aretha Franklin Funeral: Internet frenzy at Bill Clinton’s gaze during Ariana Grande’s performance in Detroit – Olivia Tobin  – ONCE A PERVERT, ALWAYS A PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are You Confused About 5G, The Military’s Microwave Weapon? – Catherine J. Frompovich

Widely Used Diabetes Drug Can Cause Flesh-Eating Genital Infection – Michelle Cortez

Editors of medical journals confirm: HPV vaccines cause more harm than good… science author facing death threats – Isabelle Z.

Why Our Kids Are Becoming Killers? It’s NOT What You THINK! (VIDEO) – The Patriot Nurse

Are They Telling Us What Is Coming? The Mainstream Media Boldly Declares “You Will Be Microchipped” – Michael Snyder

People Are Not Going To Be Able To Get Their Money Out Of Their Country – Egon von Greyerz

Newsweek States Which Cell Phones Emit Most and Least Radiation but Wrong That Research Is Inconclusive About Risks – B.N. Frank

The Federal Reserve Puts on an Epic Display of Jawboning, Causing Stocks to Soar Higher – Nathan McDonald

Home Defense Tips For When The SHTF – M.D. Creekmore




Ecclesiastes 7:15    All things have I seen in the days of my vanity: there is a just man that perisheth in his righteousness, and there is a wicked man that prolongeth his life in his wickedness.