According to the New York Times Putin Rules America – “President Trump is only his handyman” – Paul Craig Roberts

“Stool Pigeons” Turn on Trump- “The Ol’ Deep State Cannonball is chugging up from Washington… and the Manhattan Money Machine is barreling down from New York – headed straight for each other. Our guess: When the two meet up, there will be Hell to pay.” – Bill Bonner

Russia to hold its biggest war games since fall of Soviet Union – Andrew Osborn

US Pushing The Gambit In Syria: Something Big Is Coming As Officials Ramp Up Threats – Tyler Durden

Russia Sends Naval Forces to Syrian Coast Amid Concern of US Attack – “NATO calls for Russia to ‘exercise restraint'” – Jason Ditz

Syria: Bolton’s ‘Damascus Chemical Weapons Plot’ Lacks Motive, Credibility – Tony Cartalucci

Terrorists In Syria Receive Chemicals, Victims, UK Training For Upcoming False Flag Chemical Attack – “History repeats itself and, sometimes, it doesn’t even need generation gaps to do so. In the modern-day West, it only needs a space of a few days or weeks. This is why the US, UK, and French governments feel so confident in their ability to launch airstrikes against Syria for the third time under the Trump administration on the basis of false chemical weapons claims.” – Brandon Turbeville

South Africa Calls for 300,000 Gun Owners to Turn Over Their Weapons – “South Africa is opening the door for tyranny.” – José Niño

Iran Sanctions, Emerging Markets And The End Of Dollar Dominance – Brandon Smith

It’s Time to Stop Celebrating Criminals – “Even the new darling of the socialist left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, got in on the fun, calling McCain an “unparalleled example of human decency”.” – Derrick Broze

Are the Interventionists Now Leaderless? – “John McCain was a war hawk, and proud of it.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

5 Major Stories the Media Is Missing While Praising the Establishment War Hawk, John McCain – Matt Agorist

The Other Side of John McCain – “There were few figures in recent American life who dedicated themselves so personally to the perpetuation of war and empire as McCain. But in Washington, the most defining aspect of his career was studiously overlooked, or waved away as the trivial idiosyncrasy of a noble servant who nonetheless deserved everyone’s reverence” – Max Blumenthal

Democrat love-in for John McCain another symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome – Josh Kantrow

Shaw, Steinle; Now, Tibbetts – The Growing Crisis Of Natural-Born Citizens Slaughtered By Illegal Aliens – Jon Hall

How To Get Your Dissident Ideas Heard In The New Media Environment – Caitlin Johnstone

Top Google News Story: CNN Claiming Google News Isn’t ‘Rigged’ – Charlie Nash

CNN’s Worst Week Ever Humiliates Entire Establishment Media Who Promoted Their Major Fake News ‘Bombshell’ – Susan Duclos

Amid Google Scandal, Soros-backed Plan to Censor Web Draws Fire – Alex Newman

The Trend Toward De-dollarization Accelerates – Craig Hemke

Politically Managed Trade: Trump Took “Worst Deal in History” and Made It Worse – Mish

Abominable New US/Mexico Trade Deal – “So-called free trade isn’t fair. It’s a license for corporate predators to steal, plunder, exploit, pollute, and operate unrestrained – solely for maximum profit-making. Generation-ago NAFTA promises, touted by the Clinton co-presidency, were Big Lies – well known at the time. Yet the deal was consummated anyway. US trade deals and related bipartisan policies exclusively serve predatory corporate interests at the expense of ecosanity and worker pay, benefits and other rights – millions of manufacturing and other jobs lost since the 1990s.” – Stephen Lendman


Gun Grabbers of New York – No 3D Printed Guns – Defy Federal Orders – Rory Hall

As MSM & Hollywood Quackery Continues, U.S. Government Quietly Prepares for Nuclear War – Jeremiah Johnson

The Psychology of Survival: “He Who Hesitates is Lost” – Daisy Luther

First Generation of Autonomous Killer Bots Ready to Seek Out and Destroy Invasive Fish – Terrence Newton

Let The Emerging Market Bailouts Begin: “We Don’t Have Much Choice” – John Rubino

Glyphosate Levels in Grains Increase 300 Percent (VIDEO) – RT

National Health Crisis! U.S. Rates of Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Soar To The Highest Levels Ever – Michael Snyder

Money, Fake Money, & Sound Money – Jp Cortez

Top 13 Survival Items You’ll Want To Scavenge – Bill White

Favorite Spices – Long Term Storage ‘Must Have’ Spices – Ken Jorgustin

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Proverbs 25:13   As the cold of snow in the time of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to them that send him: for he refresheth the soul of his masters.