Senate neocons initiate last ditch effort for the globalists as they propose legislation seeking to crush any peace talks between Trump and Putin – “By now most intelligent Americans realize that the majority of their elected officials are little more than bought and paid for stooges of the banks, corporations, and globalists.” – Ken Schortgen

China Releases “Retaliation List” To US Tariffs, Will Levy Tariffs On $60BN In US Goods – Tyler Durden

Designating Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism? – “Russophobic undemocratic Dems and likeminded Republicans want Pompeo to decide whether the State Department should designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. Fact: America is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, waging endless wars on humanity at home and abroad, oppressing its own most disadvantaged citizens, mistreating unwanted aliens like fifth column threats. Fact: Russia supports world peace and stability, along with mutual cooperation among all nations.” – Stephen Lendman

Revolving Door: How Security Clearances Perpetuate Top-Level Corruption in the United States – Philip Giraldi

SILENCE ON U.S. MEDDLING ABROAD – ” Among the most fascinating aspects of the brouhaha over supposed Russian meddling in America’s electoral system is the total silence in the U.S. mainstream press about U.S. meddling in the political affairs of other countries.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

US Paranoia Ramps Up Infowar on Russia – Strategic Culture Foundation

They Work To Manufacture Consent Because They Need It. So Don’t Give It To Them. – “A good liar doesn’t simply say the opposite of what’s true all the time; nobody does that. A good liar tells the truth enough of the time to gain a reputation as an honest and trustworthy source of information, and then, when the truth poses an obstacle to their agendas, they put the slightest spin possible on it to nullify that obstacle.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Light It Up? – “The Guardians of the Galaxy at National Public Radio were beside themselves Wednesday night reporting that “the lights are blinking red for a 2018 election attack by Russia.” Well, isn’t that an interesting set-up? In effect, NPR is preparing its listeners in advance to reject and dispute the coming midterm election if they’re not happy with the results. Personally, I doubt that President Putin of Russia is dumb enough to allow, let alone direct, his intel services to lift a finger “meddling” in the coming US midterm election, with this American intel behemoth vacuuming every digital electron on earth into the NSA’s bottomless maw of intercepted secrets.” – James Howard Kunstler

South Africa Is On The Road To Barbarism and So Is the Rest of the West – Paul Craig Roberts

Would War With Iran Doom Trump? – “If we start a war with Iran, on top of the five in which we are engaged still, then the party that offers to extricate us will be listened to, as Trump was listened to, when he promised to extricate us from the forever wars of the Middle East.” – Patrick J. Buchanan  – PROMISES MADE, PROMISES BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Disrupter-in-Chief – “Five Financial Uncertainties of 2018 (So Far)” – Nomi Prins


As Corporate Media Looks the Other Way, US-Backed Saudi Bombing Campaign Kills Dozens in Yemen – “Instead of providing healthcare to sick Americans or education, this is what your tax dollars are going towards. Enough is enough.” – Jake Johnson

NYT Hires Editor Who Absolutely Hates “Dumbass Fu*king White People” – Tyler Durden

New York Times stands by new tech writer Sarah Jeong after racist tweets surface – Brian Flood

Let’s all thank Sarah Jeong for showing us what liberals think of white people – “Anti-white racism is endemic among liberals. For liberals, it is permissible to show disdain for white people in a way that would be totally, totally unacceptable to show for blacks, Hispanics, or people of other “colors” of the liberal rainbow. This is clearer than ever now that we have been exposed to the ravings of The New York Times’ latest hire, editorial writer Sarah Jeong.” – Ed Straker

Cry Baby Acosta Whines ‘I’m Tired Of Being Called Fake News’ – “It is not right. It is not fair. It is not just. It is un-American.” – Steve Watson  – IF THE SHOE FITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Hannity smacks down ‘lying’ and whining CNN host Jim Acosta with one lethal tweet – “Jimmy @Acosta sorry your precious feelings are hurt & that people see through your lying bullshit for what it is. FAKE NEWS. #CNNSUCKS” – J.D. Heyes

Desperate Times for Corporate Media – MSNBC Host Wants Facebook Shut Down – Rory Hall

Our Changing World: Sanity Or Absurdity? – Catherine J. Frompovich

Will August 4 Be The Day That Shootings Begin In Civil War 2? – Ken Jorgustin

August 4 protests FALSE FLAG warning – a “perfect storm” for staged deaths to demonize conservative Americans – Mike Adams

The Importance of Friends and Family When the SHTF – Selco

San Francisco Bans Everything – “Here are a few things that are effectively legal in San Francisco: drugs, public defecation and shoplifting. And here are some of the things that are banned or will be banned in the City by the Bay. Straws. Fur coats. Bottled water. Eating at work. Vaping liquids. Upholstered furniture. Plastic bags. Pet stores. Electric scooters. Coffee cups and packing peanuts. Tropical fish. The McDonald’s Happy Meal. If you can think of something, San Francisco has already banned it. Or will be banning it soon. Everything except the behavior that’s making San Francisco unlivable.” – Daniel Greenfield

Fake silver & gold coins: 5 easy ways to spot them. (VIDEO) – The Modern Survivalist

Waldo Photos claims it is “fun to use facial recognition” at summer camps – “There is nothing and I mean nothing that can justify using facial recognition to spy on kids at summer camps. But don’t take my word for it. Leave it to the great American police state and Waldo Photos to make it “fun to use facial recognition.” ” – MassPrivateI




1 Corinthians 14:10-11   There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification.  Therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian, and he that speaketh shall be a barbarian unto me.