Trump Hints At Second Putin Summit, Blasts Fake News As “Real Enemy Of The People” – “And cue another ‘meltdown’ in 3…2…1…” – Tyler Durden

Trump: news media wants confrontation, even war, with Russia – Zeke Miller, Ken Thomas and Lisa Mascaro

America Overrules Trump: No Peace With Russia – “There is no support for Trump’s agenda of peace with Russia in the US foreign policy arena. The president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass, spoke for them all when he declared that “We must deal with Putin’s Russia as the rogue state it is.” Russia is a “ rogue state” simply because Russia does not accept Washington’s overlordship. Not for any other reason.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Putin slams ‘pathetic’ US forces ready to sacrifice Russia ties – “Vladimir Putin on Thursday slammed the US opposition to Donald Trump as “pathetic, worthless people” who were willing to sacrifice Russian-US ties to their own ambitions.” – Anna Smolchenko

Sen. Rand Paul Praises President, Says ‘Trump Is Right To Meet Putin’ – Harley Schlanger

Russian Collusion, Clinton $tyle – “Mueller should probe the Clintons’ $152 million–plus in payoffs” – Deroy Murdock

The Russian US Election Meddling Big Lie Won’t Die – “Propaganda works, proved effective time and again – why it’s a key tool in America’s deep state playbook. Virtually anything repeated enough, especially through the major media megaphone, gets most people to believe it – no matter how preposterous the claim. Not a shred of evidence suggests Russia meddled in America’s political process – nothing.” – Stephen Lendman

Mueller’s witch hunt a growing disaster for national security – “Is it time to shut the Mueller investigation down?” – Monica Showalter

The Establishment Strikes Back – “If the Kremlin’s objective were truly to undermine American democracy, a task that is already being undertaken very ably by the GOP and Democrats, hundreds of officers would be involved, all working under deep cover and operating securely out of dispersed sites. And no one involved would be using computers connected to networks that could be penetrated to enable personal identification or discovery of the ultimate source of the activity” – Philip Giraldi

Russiagate Is Like 9/11, Except It’s Made Of Pure Narrative – Caitlin Johnstone

U.S. President Donald Trump Initially Refused to Acknowledge Manufactured Reality – ” Why should Trump give any credence to the intelligence agencies who first tried to prevent, and later subvert, his presidency?” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

WAS REAGAN A TRAITOR TOO? – “Panic. Sheer panic came to the deep state when the Cold War ended. After all, don’t forget: The reason that the federal government was converted from a limited-government republic to a national-security state in the first place was the so-called threat from the Soviet Union and “godless communism.”” – Jacob G. Hornberger

What is the Anti Trump Crowd Hiding? (VIDEO) – Dan Bongino

Trump Haters Don’t Get the “Art of the Deal” – “Trump is in a league of his own. What amazes me is that the media still do not understand his style and keep taking the bait when he announces something crazy” – Jim Rickards

THE RAGE Has Surfaced – THE RAGE is Attacking – THE RAGE is Here – “I hate to say this but… If honorable men and women don’t start standing up things are going to get worse.” – Ray Gano

BUCKLE UP: China Is About To Trigger A Global Market Earthquake – “Yuan Suffers Largest One Day Decline vs US Dollar In Nearly 3 Years!” – King World News

Climate Engineering Cover-Up: Geoengineering Over Our Oceans – Dane Wigington

Bankrupt Chicago Ponders Universal Basic Income, Obama Sings Hallelujah – “Socialist fools are giving high fives and singing hallelujah as a Chicago alderman seeks a “free money” trial.” – Mish


Central Banks Are Using The Trade War To Hide Their Direct Influence On Stocks – Brandon Smith

Henry Paulson – We Must Be Prepared to Use Our Authority in Controversial Ways – “it may be time for “scorched earth” economic policies to come to the fore. Not only is Henry “there will be tanks in the streets” Paulson saying this, two other monkeys of economic destruction, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner, support this notion of more power for the Federal Reserve.” – Rory Hall

DARPA Researching Mind-Controlled Troops Connected to Weapons Systems – Nicholas West

AI and the future of medical treatment – Jon Rappoport

Why You Should Buy A Gas Mask And How To Pick One – Cache Valley Prepper

The explosive questions the gold riggers won’t answer-and the press won’t ask – Dave Kranzler

A Bag of Grey: Prepare to go Transparent (Grey Man) – Doc Montana

Is the HPV Vaccination Preventing Your Pregnancy? – “The data say yes: yet the FDA might approve the vaccine for adults.” – ANH-USA

Chemotherapy found to SPREAD cancer throughout the body, warn scientists – Amy Goodrich

Health Basics QUIZ: Which kills more Americans, cancer or chemotherapy? – S.D. Wells

Barter Items & Skill Sets To Trade (Part 4) – Jerry D. Young

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.32EUR




Jeremiah 22:17   But thine eyes and thine heart are not but for thy covetousness, and for to shed innocent blood, and for oppression, and for violence, to do it.