Are Trump’s Trade Wars truly aimed at China and Europe, or are they really being instituted to kill the globalists and central bankers – Ken Schortgen

Everyone is Hoarding Gold – “This is a thought-out, long-term plan for Russia, and U.S. trade sanctions are only a part of the picture. With large gold reserves and a relatively small international debt, Russia has positioned itself as a strong global financial force.” – Tom Lewis

Washington’s Gunboat Diplomacy – Philip Giraldi

Will Trump Shake off the Chains of the Banksters? – “American policy has always been driven by “the banks” but few if any know what or who “the banks” are or know the names, Schiff, Harriman, Kuhn, Loeb, Rothschild or Warburg. Those are the chains that Trump will drag to Helsinki, the chains that will choke off détente or fall aside. The current warlike stance NATO has taken against Russia will be a major issue between Presidents Putin and Trump when they meet for their first “one on one” sit-down. America’s inexplicable direction toward Russia, renewed sanctions, bizarre actions in Syria and a massive military buildup aimed at Russia must be addressed.” – Gordon Duff

Trump Isn’t Moronic: He Just Sounds This Way – “Trump is a front man for US imperial and monied interests – at the expense of peace, equity, justice, and cooperative relations with all other nations.” – Stephen Lendman

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Poll Asks Americans To Name The Greatest President In Their Lifetimes – Barack Obama Wins With 31 Percent – “44 percent of all Americans that believe that either Barack Obama or Bill Clinton was the best president during their lifetimes, and that is absolutely frightening. It essentially means that nearly half of the entire U.S. population has gone mad, and with numbers such as those it is very difficult to imagine how we are ever going to restore our Constitutional Republic.” – Michael Snyder  – JUST SHOWS HOW DUMBED DOWN MOST AMERICANS ARE. PROPAGANDA DOES WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Walmart Patents “Big Brother-Style” Surveillance Technology to Eavesdrop on Workers’ Conversations – Jessica Corbett

3 Times LAST WEEK Women Defended Themselves and Others With a Gun – “I’ve often written about the fact that gun control is every bit as much of a women’s issue as equal pay and maternity leave. Anyone who believes in destroying the 2nd Amendment doesn’t understand what an equalizer a firearm can be. A determined woman with a gun can fend off a number of larger male attackers, sometimes without even firing a shot.” – Daisy Luther

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US Senate Snakes Found Out – “t’s not the blood money these carrion fuels their lifestyles with that bothers me. I’d as soon have a King or Queen in power anyhow, based on what I’ve seen of democracy. What boils my blood is the arrogance of these people” – Phil Butler

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Psalm 140:11   Let not an evil speaker be established in the earth: evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him.