Trade wars have begun as U.S. triggers global event through initial salvo of $34 billion in tariffs – Ken Schortgen

The U.S. Trade War With China Officially Goes To The Next Level As Financial Markets Around The World Continue To Implode – Michael Snyder

Trump-Putin Summit: Much Conjecture and Froth, But No One Knows Agenda, Goals, or Potential Outcomes – William F. Jasper

Trump-Putin Summit Flushes Out the Russophobes – “Any reasonable person would have to welcome the summit between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to be held on July 16 in Helsinki. However, what is most telling is the crescendo of scurrilous attempts purveyed by Western news media to spoil the forthcoming meeting. Trump’s political enemies in the US are almost apoplectic that he is willing to engage in a cordial, constructive fashion with the Russian leader” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Why Almost All Americans Are Dead Wrong About How We Lost Our Liberty – Bill Heid

Senate Accepts Trump Russian Collusion Fairy Tale as Fact – “We are plebs and spectators, unable to determine our own destiny as a nation. The state continues to pretend it is our representative as it serves the interest of transnational banks and corporations and chips away our bedrock of liberty as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence.” – Kurt Nimmo

Debunking the First Piece of Nonsense in Skripal 2.0 – “It is this: Queen Elizabeth Gardens is nowhere near Christie Miller Road” – Rob Slane

Novichok Hoax 2.0? – “Another alleged UK novichok poisoning incident is red meat for Russophobic Western officialdom, so-called experts enlisted to serve them, and supportive media scoundrels – virtually always going along with the official narrative no matter how outlandish or unlawful.” – Stephen Lendman

Turn The Other Cheek – WRONG! It’s a Christian Cowards Favorite Platitude -Ray Gano

Here’s Why Hillary Is Running Again in 2020 – “America has not seen the last of Hillary Clinton. In 2020, patriots may once again need to rally to save America from final defeat at the hands of a now openly radical socialist Democratic Party led by Hillary Clinton.” – Joel Gilbert

SEX, LIES AND THE DEEP STATE – “What the affairs of the deep state tell us about it.” – Daniel Greenfield

Nation Horrified To Learn Child-Killing Death Merchants Have Racist Employee – “forgive me if I am a bit dismissive of Northrop Grumman’s statement that it is “absolutely committed to the highest levels of ethics and integrity in all that we do,” “- Caitlin Johnstone

Soldiers of the Cross – Who the Real & Counterfeits Are! – Bradlee Dean

The Meaning Of Good And Evil In Perilous Times – “Every crisis is a test, a test of each person and a test of our culture. Can we act with reason and courage and principle even in the worst of times, or will we be lured to make our struggle easier through malicious means? Will we do right by those around us, or will we happily trample over them in the name of “survival?” In the end, the worst men bring the best men to the surface. This is the only “good” they will ever do.” – Brandon Smith

The ‘Boiling Frogs Police State’ In America Was Created On Robert Mueller’s Watch And His Witch Hunt Against President Trump, Using ‘Stasi Tactics’, Is A Huge Warning To All Free Americans – Stefan Stanford

Police State Defined—Man Facing Jail Time For Overdue $5 Movie Rental – Rachel Blevins

CORRUPT! Renewed effort to PROSECUTE Bundy family reveals the deep corruption and dishonesty of DoJ, FBI – J.D. Heyes

Machetes Are All the Rage Right Now. Here’s the Best One to Put in Your Backpack – Jeremiah Johnson

Southern California’s heat wave puts the power grid under pressure – Rob Nikolewski and Ethan Millman

The United States of Terror! – “the greatest “terrorist” entity on earth is not the bogymen – Russia, China, Iran, North Korea – so often portrayed by Western presstitudes and the American government, but the United States itself! Ever since World War II, the US has been the most militaristic, far surpassing all of the Communist and dictatorial regimes combined.” – Antonius Aquinas  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

What SPAM Is Made Of – “I keep an inventory of SPAM as part of my overall food storage. I have eaten SPAM years beyond it’s supposed date and not only was it still SPAMalicious,” – Ken Jorgustin

Monsanto “scientists” have been releasing dubious studies since the 1970s and the EPA has let much of it slide — why are we only learning about this now? – Isabelle Z.

Thousands of Genetically Engineered Foods Could Be Exempt From GMO Labeling – “An analysis of newly proposed rule changes reveals that thousands of genetically engineered foods may be exempt from upcoming labeling requirements.” – Derrick Broze

Disinformation Is Real, They Are Trying To Divide Us, It Will Fail (ViDEO) – X22 Report

How Facebook Is Fact-Checking Conservative Sites into Oblivion – Paula Bolyard

Scavenging and Salvaging Supplies Post Collapse – Bob Rodgers

Activism Against 5G In Europe Sets Examples For Others To Follow – Catherine J. Frompovich

8 OTC Items That Could Save Your Life – Karen Morris

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.79EUR




Luke 22:49    When they which were about him saw what would follow, they said unto him, Lord, shall we smite with the sword?