The Constitution Is Not Neutral: Courts of Justice Should Not Act Like Courts of Order – “For those still deluded enough to believe they’re living the American dream—where the government represents the people, where the people are equal in the eyes of the law, where the courts are arbiters of justice, where the police are keepers of the peace, and where the law is applied equally as a means of protecting the rights of the people—it’s time to wake up. We no longer have a representative government, a rule of law, or justice.” – John W. Whitehead

Trump Regime’s Rage for Militarism and Aggression – “America’s only enemies are invented ones. Instead of pursuing world peace, stability, and sustainable economic growth, Washington prioritizes endless wars of aggression. Its NATO/EU partners subserviently go along with policies harming their own self-interest – including by allying with US hostility toward Russia and other countries.” – Stephen Lendman

Europe is Panicking Over the Prospects of a Trump-Putin Summit -Grete Mautner

That Time Hillary Clinton Removed John Bolton’s Favorite Terror Cult From The Terrorist List – “Let’s get real. The two-headed one-party system has found yet another way to undermine humanity, and Trump is just as much a part of it as his predecessors. Look at the whole truth, so you can fight the whole machine. Half-truths are the same as lies.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Bill Clinton: “You Couldn’t Just Tell An Outright Lie & Get Away With It” – “The Clintons can’t stop lying. It’s the thing they’re best known for. Most politicians lie. But the scope, quality and chutzpah of the lies has always been astounding. They even lie about their lies.” – Daniel Greenfield

CAUTION: Americans Should Be Prepared for ANYTHING on the 4th of July – “While there are no specific or credible immediate threats, with all the craziness going on in our country lately, it pays to be vigilant on the 4th of July. Personally, I tend to think that at some point in the not-so-distant future, things are going to boil over. Will it be this week during the Independence Day celebrations?” – Daisy Luther

Bid to split California into 3 states gains traction – could it really happen? – Fred Lucas

Venezuela: Further Protests as Country Begins Running Out of Water – Ben Kew

Resisting The Creeping Police State, With Special Guest John Whitehead (VIDEO) – Ron Paul Liberty Report

Vaunted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is damaged goods now – “Voters hate phoniness. And, well, the Democrats’ new golden girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, now embodies it, with revelations that “Sandy from the block,” “the tough girl from the Bronx,” isn’t quite what she said she was.” – Monica Showalter

Nation’s Most Bullish Day for Stocks Goes … Well, Mediocre – David Haggith

Anti-Trump ‘Rage Junkies’ Of The Left – Liberal Media Truly Does Live In An Alternate Reality – Susan Duclos

There Is Coordinated Effort To Create Hysteria Designed To Instill Fear (VIDEO) – ” Jeff Sessions is rewriting the Asylum laws. Soros held a meeting with the PM of Spain and the discussion revolved around immigration. USS Truman is headed towards maritime security operations in international waters and the deep state is using this to say that the ship is headed near Russia to fight their aggression.” – X22 Report

OSHA Documentation Proves FEMA Is Importing Hydrogen Cyanide-There’s Only One Possible Use – Dave Hodges

Progressives Scramble To Block Potential Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Because She Is A Committed Christian – Michael Snyder

Use of Force: When Should You Pull the Trigger? – “The Second Amendment to our nation’s Constitution enshrines our God-given right to defend ourselves, by acknowledging our right to have the tools to do that with. But having the right to defend ourselves and carelessly exercising that right are two totally different things. No law on the books gives anyone the right to react to a perceived threat with violence, nor should there be. Reacting to a perceived threat in what the military would call a “preemptive strike,” which is extremely dangerous, as those perceptions could very well be wrong.” – Bill White  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

US Political Center Is Being Devoured From Both Right And Left – John Rubino

Where The Most Refugees Live – Patrick Wagner

Global Illegal Immigrant Tsunami And The Battle On The Border Prove The ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Were Right All Along! – Stefan Stanford

Superbugs Found In Nearly 80 Percent Of U.S. Supermarket Meat – Andrea Germanos

San Francisco: Literally A S**thole Of Liberalism – “Enjoy your socialist/communist ways, but don’t forget to follow what’s happening in Venezuela as this will be your ultimate end, or at least this has been the ultimate end every time socialism/communism has been tried.” – Rory Hall

An Update for 2018: More Evidence That Half of Americans Are In or Near Poverty – “The extreme level of inequality in the U.S. is battering the poor” – Paul Buchheit

Tech’s ‘Dirty Secret’: The App Developers Sifting Through Your Gmail – “Software developers scan hundreds of millions of emails of users who sign up for email-based services” – Douglas MacMillan

China Has New Laser-Powered Rifle That Can LITERALLY Set You On FIRE – Mac Slavo

The Charms And Harms Of Air Fresheners – Catherine J. Frompovich

Here’s that Precious Metals BeatDown You Ordered! – ” My goodness, we are never going to have a great year if this keeps up. The bullion banking cartel seem to be concerned about something. There are no headlines to support this beating, but, then again, since when did actual news matter to the so-called “markets” anyway?” – Rory Hall  – LOOKS LIKE A GREAT BUYING OPPORTUNITY TO ME!!!!!!

Are You Preparing for SHTF or TEOTWAWKI- Part 1 – 3AD Scout

Beyond Antibiotics: 20 Medical Supplies To Store for TEOTWAWKI

How Much Chlorine Bleach To Add In My Water Storage – When Is It Enough? – Ken Jorgustin

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.24EUR




Micah 6:11   Shall I count them pure with the wicked balances, and with the bag of deceitful weights?