Putin-Trump Summit Should Focus on Syria – Tom Luango

Trump Wants Unwanted Aliens Denied Due Process and Equal Protection – “Due process is constitutionally guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment, stating: “No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”“Due process of law” later substituted for “the law of the land.” It’s inviolable. Invoking executive authority otherwise is flagrantly unlawful.” – Stephen Lendman


Ingraham: Organized hatred (VIDEO) – Fox News

Maxine Waters confronted by reporter — pushes camera, waves papers, sticks out tongue – Kyle Olson

Mad Max and Nancy Pelosi: The twin faces of the Democratic Party – Patricia McCarthy

SO corrupt: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange was ready to give COMEY technical details on Podesta email hack but FBI head said NO – J.D. Heyes

Sarah Sanders, Red Hen, and Social Engineering by the State – Kurt Nimmo

How Long Can The Federal Reserve Stave Off the Inevitable? – “When are America’s global corporations and Wall Street going to sit down with President Trump and explain to him that his trade war is not with China but with them. The biggest chunk of America’s trade deficit with China is the offshored production of America’s global corporations. When the corporations bring the products that they produce in China to the US consumer market, the products are classified as imports from China.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Central banker lets slip that Global Financial Reset is underway as government’s prepare for collapse of current system – Ken Schortgen   – A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Trade With a Turd-World Nation? – Karl Denninger

Many Americans Are Getting the Country They Asked For and They Don’t Like It – “The government is like an invasive plant species. If you give them one little bed in the garden, it’s only a matter of time before they creep out of it. The next thing you know they’re covering everything, choking out the other plant life, damaging the structure of your buildings, and requiring you to fight your way through the vines. So for all the people begging for our guns to be taken away, what will you think when the police and military are the only people with guns and you have no way to protect yourself?” – Daisy Luther

Here It Comes – The Warnings About A “Civil War In America” Are Becoming Much Louder – Michael Snyder

Liberals’ Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence – Kurt Schlichter

Red Alert: Prepare To Defend Yourselves – ‘Mad Max’ Mob Mentality Goes Critical As Celebs, Dem Politicians, And Liberal Media Actively Incite Violence Against Conservatives – Susan Duclos

Chinese President Xi Jinping Looks to Take the Lead in Global Governance – James Murphy

THE WIRETAP ROOMS – “The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities” – Ryan Gallagher, and Henrik Moltke

As The Left ‘Declares War’ Upon Conservatives, ‘Luciferian Inversion’ Is Running Rampant In America – Stefan Stanford

Facebook Wants To Spy On You Via Hidden Inaudible TV Ad Messages – Mac Slavo

Silver will be gold on steroids! – “With history as a guide, silver is extremely undervalued versus gold. In fact, the argument that silver is the cheapest asset on the planet is correct in my opinion.” – Bill Holter


Is Your Home Self-Sufficient and SHTF Bulletproof? – Bill White

Bill Gates Donates $4 Million Dollars To New GM Mosquito Project – “Bill Gates is at it yet again. After promoting dangerous vaccines at home and abroad as well as GMOs in the third world, Gates is continuing on with his mission of promoting genetic modification by donating money to into a project allegedly designed to eradicate malaria.” – Brandon Turbeville

Altering human genetics through vaccination – Jon Rappoport

Some European Banks May Be Using Lehman Brothers-Style Trick to Hide Debt – Peter Schiff

Specialized Firearms Have Their Place, But… – Salty

U.S. GOLD EXPORTS TO LONDON SURGE – “As I have mentioned, a lot London’s gold is exported to China and Switzerland. And then, the majority of Switzerland’s gold is exported to Hong Kong and China. So, most of the west’s gold still ends up in Hong Kong and China.” – Steve St. Angelo

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.30EUR




Jeremiah 6:16   Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.