Comey And Lynch Will Be Subpoenaed By Senate Unless Feinstein Obstructs – Tyler Durden

PARENTS TO BLAME FOR BORDER CRISIS, NOT GOVERNMENT – “According to a new Rasmussen poll, a majority of Americans blame illegal immigrant parents for the child crisis on the border over the U.S. government.” – Amber Athey

IT’S A LIE! Crying girl on TIME mag was NEVER separated from her mother at U.S. border – “Fake News: The disgusting lamestream media is at it again fabricating “news” in order to advance a Left-wing, anti-Trump narrative.” – J.D. Heyes

Hillary and the Children – “The hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood on the subject of children separated from their illegal alien parents at the border is mind-numbing. The enabler of her husband’s serial lust and adultery, whose greed even led her and her husband to steal from the children of Haiti, and the champion of unrestricted abortion actually invoked the name of Jesus on behalf of separated children”- Daniel John Sobieski

Just Over The U.S. Border, A Once Mighty Nation Is In The Process Of A Complete And Total Societal Meltdown – Michael Snyder

Border Patrol Agents School Media With Brutal Truths As Liberals Forced To Admit End Game – They Want Unlimited Illegal Immigration With Zero Prosecutions – Susan Duclos

A Lover Of Death Gets His Wish: Neocon Charles Krauthammer Dead At 68 – “there is a mad media rush of establishment eulogies scrambling to canonize him as a great man in the eyes of the public before anyone can step back and take stock of what this man’s legacy actually is. To the very end of his career, Charles Krauthammer was shoving the world as hard as he could toward death. He loved death. Now he has it. May all other neoconservative death cultists soon get their wish as well.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – HARSH, BUT TO THE POINT!!!!!

Trump Regime Endangers World Community – “America’s rage for global dominance is longstanding, aggressive wars and color revolutions its favored strategies. Hawkish neocon extremists surrounding Trump pose a greater threat to world peace and stability than their earlier counterparts, Iran a prime target for regime change, global war an ominous possibility.” – Stephen Lendman

Trump’s military drops a bomb every 12 minutes, and no one is talking about it – Lee Camp

Trump Quits UN Human Rights Council. Is War the Next Step? – Kurt Nimmo

While No One Is Looking, Trump Is Escalating America’s Drone War – “In expanding US drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, Trump has “shredded” Obama-era safeguards to minimizing the risk of civilian casualties.” – David Axe

So IRS Tea Party persecutor Lois Lerner had help all along: John McCain – Monica Showalter

Congress Prepares to Give Jeff Sessions More Power to Ban Whatever Substance He Doesn’t Like – Michael Krieger

Trump Border Battle, DOJ FBI Indictments Coming, Big Bank Bankruptcy (VIDEO) – “Deutsche Bank (DB) is signaling big troubles again. Its share price is hitting record lows again and is off by more than 40% this year alone. DB is one of the biggest banks in the world and is designated the most systemically dangerous by the IMF. Could a DB bankruptcy start another financial meltdown just like Lehman Brothers did in 2008? It looks like we will soon find out.” – Greg Hunter

Q: THE STORM IS REAL – Resignations, Sealed Indictments & Pedo Arrests (VIDEO) – SGT Report

NSA Launches Amazon-Backed Cloud-Computing Service For Sharing “Top Secret” Info – Tyler Durden

The Persistent Myth of U.S. Precision Bombing – Nicolas J S Davies

China’s Technological System to Control Dissenters – Makia Freeman

There’s about to be a lot more creepy Boston Dynamics robots in the world – Mike Murphy

Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser keeps erupting, and scientists want to know why – Jamie Yuccus

Deutsche Bank could spell economic and financial chaos. Could this be why Germany has repatriated 583 tons of Gold? – “Before declaring bankruptcy, Lehman Bros. had $639 billion in assets. It was thought to be too big to fail. Currently, Deutsche Bank has almost triple those assets, $1.7 trillion, but its future is in question. The bank’s net income plummeted by 80 percent from its 2017 level.” – Tom Lewis

Something Wicked Comes This Way… (PODCAST) – “the U.S. financial system is heading into another black hole like 2008. In this conversation we discuss the signs that are pointing in this direction.” – Craig Ferguson and Dave Kranzler

Pepper Sprays for Preppers: What You Need to Know

34 Beneficial Epsom Salt Uses You Never Knew Before – Morning Chores

Meeting Scheduled To Discuss New Reserve Currency – Chris Marcus

Another EEU nation preparing to dump dollars and other fiat currencies for gold – Ken Schortgen

Survival Knife Options – Jim Watson

OFF-Grid Solutions to Less Dainty Living and Money Saving – Part 1 – Bob Rodgers

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.45EUR




Proverbs 8:36   But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.