Russia’s Maddening Patience – Why Doesn’t She Strike Back When Attacked? – Dmitry Orlov

White House Planning Summit Between Trump And Putin – Tyler Durden

Kiev Embarasses Western Media, SBU Fakes Murder of Anti-Kremlin Russian Activist Arkady Babchenko – James The Russian Analyst

Russia Bashing NYT-Style – “On virtually anything related to Russia, the self-styled newspaper of record is a bullhorn lying machine with global reach. All the news it claims fit to print is pure rubbish on Russia and other major geopolitical issues – truth-telling banished from its reports.” – Stephen Lendman


The One Question We Should All Be Asking About Establishment Russia Hysteria – “Anyone who has ever publicly expressed doubt about any part of the establishment Russia narrative already knows the answer to that question. Any skepticism toward the CIA/CNN-authorized official story about the Skripals, Douma, the Democratic Party emails published by WikiLeaks or what have you is immediately attacked as deranged, bat shit crazy conspiratorial lunacy suitable only for helping Alex Jones sell fluoride-resistant testicle supplements.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Poland Unwisely Plays the ‘American Card’ Against the EU and Russia – James George Jatras

Jim Mattis Warns of Consequences If Beijing Keeps Militarizing the South China Sea – Nancy A. Youssef  – MORE SABRE RATTLING!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank, not Michael Cohen, May Be Donald Trump’s Biggest Problem – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

If Trump Really Wanted to Fight the Deep State, He’d Pardon These 5 Heroes Instead of Criminals – John Vibes

National Security or Insecurity? Trump Tariffs Will Cost 195K to 624K Jobs – Mish

Mueller Investigation Started by Fraud, Roseanne Dangerous, Credit Crisis Coming (VIDEO) – ” I don’t think Barr was fired for this tweet, but she was fired because she was waking up the masses to what the Deep State and George Soros were doing to America. According to Barr, Soros is trying to initiate an “overthrow of US Constitutional Republic.” The ideas she was putting out on her show were so dangerous to the Deep State they were willing to flush $60 million in revenue a year by cancelling the hit TV show.” – Greg Hunter

Is America’s Racial Divide Permanent? – Patrick J. Buchanan

Trump Only Notices Mass Surveillance When He is the Victim – Kurt Nimmo

Opening the White House to the Muslim Brotherhood – “The coziness among Obama, Jarrett, Abedin, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other radical Islamic terrorist groups is a historical fact and should not be obscured by a bigoted tweet.” – Daniel John Sobieski

Who’s That Ringing the Korean Bell of Friendship? – “Do citizens of the United States trust their government will do what’s right? It depends who you ask.” – M. N. Gordon

Democracy Is Fighting to Survive the Rise of Western Authoritarianism – Paul Craig Roberts

Brazil, Scared and Leaderless, Looks to the Military – “I arrived here on Sunday in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Or so it seemed. A nationwide truckers’ strike was in its seventh day and 99 percent of São Paulo’s service stations had run out of gasoline. The roads of South America’s biggest city were deserted of cars and people, and the skies were a murky gray.” – Brian Winter

CNN is on life-support and STILL the network thinks 24/7 Trump-bashing is a winner – J.D. Heyes

A Whole Lot Of Crazy In The #Resistance Liberal Party – There Is Something Very, Very Wrong With These People – Susan Duclos

5G: Hype Or Horror? – “The wireless industry claims 5G probably will not affect your health. Ah! That word “probably,” which sounds like Nirvana to those who are pushing for 5G; however, the real meaning of probably is “as far as one knows or can tell,” and the microwave industry is not telling the real true facts” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Southwest drought worsens as hot June weather arrives – Dr. Mario Picazo

Ebola outbreak 2018: What’s different this time? – Jacqueline Howard

They Are DESPERATE To Keep The TRUTH Hidden (VIDEO) – “It’s clear to me that that the deep state criminals have never been more at risk for being exposed and brought to justice than they are right now thanks to the election fo Donald Trump as President of the United States” – SGT Report

The Even Older Plan For World Government You’ve Never Heard Of (VIDEO) – Truthstream Media

Bilderberg Group: What is the secretive gathering and are its members really plotting the New World Order? – “Annual meeting of American and European elite attracts huge amount of suspicion and paranoia but is it really just an ‘occasional supper club’?” – Joe Sommerlad

Jobs Report Feeds Delusional Economic Narrative (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Perennial Prepping: A Fresh Look At Berries – Spice

Should you tell people you’re a prepper? Experts say keep your cards close to your chest – “There are a few aspects of prepping that you should never discuss with others. The first one is what weapons you do and do not have and where you might be keeping any caches. Another bit of information that should never be shared is if you’ve been storing gold or other valuables, or even cash.” – Isabelle Z.

“WTF Just Happened?” Elites Scramble to Disable the Italian Economic Landmine (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – WallStForMainSt

Amazon’s Rekognition Surveillance Tool Will Grant Police Even More Surveillance Power – Derrick Broze

Inside America’s ‘Preparedness Expert’ $1,000-a-day course in the Pennsylvania woods which will teach you how to survive off-the-grid in the event the nation’s power supply fails or society collapses – Daily Mail

Death of the Great Recovery Part 3: Housing Collapse 2.0 Has Begun – David Haggith

SPY Guide: 10 TSA-Approved Multi-Tools – Brad Smith




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