NYT Columnist Worries Mueller Investigation Actually Helping Trump – Peter Hasson

The Obama Hit Men in the Russiagate Coup-Attempt Can No Longer Hide the British Controlling Hand – Harley Schlanger

BOOM: FBI agents pleading to be subpoenaed by Congress so they can reveal ALL the corruption under Obama – J.D. Heyes

President Trump Slams ‘Criminal Deep State’ As Spy Scandal Blows Up In The Faces Of The Vermin Who Fabricated It And Former Trump Advisor Warns: ‘This Is Just The Beginning – Stefan Stanford

Haspel is Not the Problem. The CIA is the Problem. – Ron Paul

Where Is Trump? Why Has He Foresaken His Base? – Dave Hodges

Stupid, Ugly Swamp Monster Pretends To Care About Iranian Human Rights – Caitlin Johnstone

When Things Fall Apart: A Graduation Message for a Dark Age – John W. Whitehead

Global Stocks, US Futures Slammed By Quartet Of Risks – Tyler Durden

Drought on tap to intensify over US Southwest – “The drought has hit the Colorado River hard. Forecasters say the river will carry only about 43 percent of its average amount of water this year into Lake Powell, one of two big reservoirs on the system.” – Susan Montoya Bryan

Climate Engineers Cool Eastern US While World Burns – ” The majority of the US population is in the eastern half of the country. By consistently engineering cool-down zones over the same heavily populated regions, the power structure and the climate engineers are able to further fuel division and confusion in regard to the actual state of global temperatures.” – Dane Wigington

Russia’s Newest Weapon Can Create A 300 Foot Tsunami And DESTROY ANY Coastal City – Mac Slavo

Are reports of Mohammed bin Salman’s death greatly exaggerated? – “In this age of fake news and heavy Arab media censorship it’s hard to know who to trust, but what seems certain is that the Crown Prince, previously ubiquitous as the international focal point of a cultural revolution in the kingdom, seems suddenly to have vanished.” – Damien Reilly

Islamizing the Schools: The Case of West Virginia – “This is an outrage, but it is common nationwide:” – Pamela Geller

ENDGAME for the Global Economic Collapse Cause A Crash Then Buy Everything for Pennies! (VIDEO) Part 1 – The Money GPS

ENDGAME for the Global Economic Collapse Cause A Crash Then Buy Everything for Pennies! (VIDEO) – Part 2 – The Money GPS

More About Wikipedia’s Corruption – Eric Zuesse

Not Born With It – “Let’s go back to the “individuals born with autism” phrase that I take issue with. It is the experience of my family and many, if not most families of children with autism, that these wonderful kids were born normally, developed normally for the first one year to 18 months of life, and then regressed into the isolated, painful and disabling world of autism. They were not born with it but experienced a significant decline in function after an environmental stressor.” – Brian S. Hooker

Alternative Energy Sources For The Homestead Part Three – Water Power – M.D. Creekmore  – GOOD SERIES, PARTS 1 AND 2 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!

More Police State Surveillance: Courtesy of the Pentagon – Jeremiah Johnson

WATCH: 96-Year-Old WWII Vet in a Wheelchair, Groped & Molested by TSA—For Freedom – “A 96-year-old grandmother and World War II veteran was repeatedly groped and molested, in the same areas, for nearly six minutes by the TSA all in the name of freedom.” – Matt Agorist  – THE GOOD OLD TSA, KEEPING US FREE OF TERRORISTS ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

How long before police “batmobiles” patrol our streets? – MassPrivateI

NY Schools to Install Facial Recognition Tech Used by Police and Military – “Amid the highly-publicized spate of mass shootings in America, one public school district is set to impose unprecedented police state tactics to ensure “security” and safety for students.” – Carey Wedler

New DARPA Program Plans To Patrol Cities With AI Drones – Tyler Durden

Breakthrough in explosive lawsuit against Monsanto – “If all else fails, Monsanto might try to settle with Johnson—and then claim the $$ payout was simply a way to show compassion for his unfortunate condition—and move on—continuing to offer the public a fine and safe product (Roundup). No guilt admitted.” – Jon Rappoport

Congo Announces 6 New Confirmed Cases of Ebola Virus – “Congo’s health ministry has announced six new confirmed cases of the Ebola virus and two new suspected cases while a vaccination effort enters its second day.” – Saleh Mwanamilongo and Carley Petesch

Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala: All you need to know about NiV (video) – MINT

Malaria rates soar in Venezuela – a nation that had nearly wiped it out  – WHEN ECONOMIC COLLAPSE HAPPENS, PROBLEMS ARISE IN MANY AREAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank To Fire 10,000 Employees: 1 In Every 10 – Tyler Durden

Survival Tools You Can Make Out Of Scrap – Bob Rodgers  – SOME GOOD IDEAS FROM BOB!!!!!

Speculation on Hyperinflation – Gary Christenson

Lycopene, the pigment that gives tomatoes their color, is one of the most powerful anti-cancer agents yet discovered – Tracey Watson




1 Thessalonians 5:3   For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.