Trump: Report that Obama FBI spied on campaign could be ‘bigger than Watergate’ – Julia Manchester

Giuliani Puts the Corrupt Mueller Team on Notice: “We’re Ready to Rip Them Apart if that’s What They Want!” – Joe Hoft

The Chinese Dumped Billions in US Treasuries in March – Peter Schiff

Kill and Kill and Kill – “the maintenance of a “Zionist-Jewish state with an overwhelming majority of Jews” requires permanent institutionalized violence. That was already true in 1948 and it remains true today and it will remain true until this project of racial exclusivism and privilege is abandoned once and for all for the hideous anachronism that it is.” – Saree Makdisi

Will Trump’s Pyrrhic Victory End with America’s Role As Global Bully? – Philip Giraldi

After the Iran deal: A foreign policy built on arrogance, ignorance and sheer desperation – “American foreign policy has long trended toward dark places. Under this administration, that has accelerated” – Patrick Lawrence

The Guardian Publishes Smear Against Isolated, Arbitrarily Confined Journalist Julian Assange – Elizabeth Vos

The Chair Serves the Master – “the Pope serves the Jesuit Order which in turn is a significant agent of the powerful Massimo Family. Jesuits are financially backed by an elite family whose roots are easily traced to the Venetian Black Nobility” – The Bankster Slayer  – LONG, BUT INTERESTING!!!!

The ‘Deep State’ Is Very Real, But Trump’s White House Is A Part Of It – Mac Slavo

Ebola Goes Urban: WHO Warns of “Potential for EXPLOSIVE INCREASE” – Daisy Luther

Glyphosate Hurts Gut Microbiome, Genes And Sexual Development At “Safe” Dose – Heather Callaghan

Are The Wheels Coming Off The System? – Dave Kranzler

Russia, China and Iran Counter Donald Trump’s Removal Of The U.S. From Iran Deal – Aaron Kesel

Where’s Mohammed? Media Speculates About Possible Death of Saudi Crown Prince

#Q DRAMA (VIDEO) – “Is this a battle for TRUTH or a battle to divide and conquer an otherwise cohesive TRUTH movement?” – SGT Report

Kent State Graduate Protests, Carries AR-10 in Campus Graduation Photo – Personal Defense World

Another Possible School Shooting Stopped By Good Guy With Gun That You Won’t Hear About In The Mainstream Media – Tim Brown

Silver’s Long Consolidation Looks Like a Launching Pad – Stefan Gleason

How Worms Can Deliver The Very Best Compost You’ve Used – Savannah H.

Artificial Intelligence: How Much Are You Affected By It? – “Have you ever wondered what AI or Artificial Intelligence is all about? It’s the deliberate reprogramming of the human race to think and to act according to controllers who want to have absolute control over every aspect of our abilities to think and to act other than the way they approve and program us to act!” – Catherine J. Frompovich

YouTube begins banning video channels for talking about CBD oil; claims CBD oil “poses risk of serious physical harm or death” – “Jumping in bed with Big Pharma and the corrupt cancer industry, YouTube has begun banning entire video channels that post videos describing the compassionate use of CBD oil in cancer patients.” – Mike Adams

Ultrasonic Attacks Can Trigger Alexa & Siri With Hidden Commands, Raise Serious Security Risks – Tyler Durden

Off Grid Living: How to Get Land and Build an Inexpensive Home or Cabin – Tom Chatham

First Aid 101: How To Make And Use Tourniquets – Fred Tyrell




Proverbs 13:17   A wicked messenger falleth into mischief: but a faithful ambassador is health.