In Major Escalation, Israel Unleashes Airstrikes, Shelling On Syria In Retaliation For Alleged Iran Attack – Tyler Durden

Neocon John Bolton Tells a Big Lie about Iran – “He says the US has no intention of invading Iran, taking it back to the Stone Age like he and his fellow neocons did to Iraq in 2003.” – Kurt Nimmo

Trump’s Pull Out Of Nuclear Deal Was Planned From The Beginning — One Step Closer To The “Path To Persia,” War With Iran – Brandon Turbeville

U.S. History Of Attempting To Overthrow Iran Is Riddled With Conspiracy To Stage Conflicts #DisbandTheCIA – Aaron Kesel

Trump Pulls Out of Iran Deal – U.S. Determined to Become a Rogue State – Michael Krieger

CNN’s Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon – “Why doesn’t CNN Defense Department reporter Barbara Starr just leave CNN and instead work directly for the Trump DoD?” – Adam Johnson

Putin begins new term in office by declaring Russia needs to focus on getting the world to ditch the Petrodollar completely – Ken Schortgen

Public Health Alert: Gina Haspel—and not for the reason you think—Is the President Promoting Someone Out to Destroy Him? – Harley Schlanger

What You Need To Know About Trump’s CIA Pick Gina Haspel (VIDEO) – We Are Change

$70+ Oil Just The Start, Wait Until You See What Happens To Gold As Currencies Crash – “If measures are not taken to stop the march to war, oil prices will spiral toward $150 per barrel while also crashing the dollar, euro, yen, yuan and other fiat currencies of deeply indebted nations. And gold, the ultimate safe-haven asset, will see its value catapult into unchartered territory of $2,000 an ounce or more.” – Gerald Celente

Making Persia Great Again – The Bankster Slayer

Trump’s Pyrrhic Victory: the US Opts for a Path That Can Only Lead to War – Philip Giraldi

Cardiologist Called New Cholesterol Guidelines A Disgrace And Benefit For Big Pharma – “It seems like every time the mainstream media reports some new changes to health guidelines, another recruit of people is suddenly considered in the unhealthy class.” – Heather Callaghan

McCain Confirms He Gave Trump Dossier to Comey: ‘Duty Demanded I Do’ It – Gideon Resnick

1 mln people enter Colombia amid Venezuela crisis: Red Cross – AFP

Venezuela’s Death Spiral Offers Preppers Priceless Lessons To Be Learned With ‘Day Of Reckoning’ Approaching In America – “Collapsing Socialist Nation Proves ‘Food Is A Weapon’ And Just How Close ‘Society’ Is To ‘Anarchy’ ” – Stefan Stanford

If our economy collapsed today, could we handle food rationing? Experts say no – Vicki Batts

Amazon is showing what it’s like to have a home completely controlled by Alexa – Todd Haselton

Google’s Creepy New Artificial Intelligence Bot (VIDEO) – Mark Dice

Detecting cancer: can you trust all the tests? – Jon Rappoport

Stagflationary Crisis: Understanding The Cause Of America’s Ongoing Collapse – Brandon Smith

Banking Fraternity Felons – Except for Goldman Sachs – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Keeping Clean When SHTF – A Short on Sanitation and Hygiene – Bob Rodgers

Nomi Prins: Collusion! How central bankers rigged the world – Adam Taggart

New Loan Sharks Entering The Credit Card Business – “Two of the biggest U.S. banks, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.and Wells Fargo & Co., are on the brink of piling into credit-card lending, seeking a share of the $183 billion in fees and interest tied to the product.” – John Rubino

5 Must-Dos If You’re Confronted With A Knife – Carmela Tyrell




Isaiah 13:5     They come from a far country, from the end of heaven, even the Lord, and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land.