OPCW Investigators Reportedly Found “No Evidence” Of Chemical Weapons At Syrian Facilities Bombed By US – Tyler Durden

“The Schmear,” the War of Lies Against Russia – “Can an entire nation, particularly one with the world’s most advanced weaponry, be so insulted it might well burn down the world? Who would want such a thing? Yet, there is evidence that a plot exists, one so powerful it controls the world’s media, news and entertainment, censors the internet and dances elected officials, elected by whom under what circumstances is another issue as well, around like puppets.” – Gordon Duff

The Empire Turns Its Sights on Nicaragua – Again! – Dan Kovalik

Did McCabe issue ‘Stand-Down’ order on FBI Clinton Email Investigation? – Sara Carter

Calexit advocates pushing to have California secede from the US have been given the green light to collect signatures for their independence initiative – Emily Crane

The Backfire Continues: NRA Breaks Fundraising Records In Wake Of Gun Control Demands – Mac Slavo

Violent April breaks brief peace in Baltimore, with 29 killings in past three weeks – Tim Prudente and Jessica Anderson

Canada’s Worst Mass Killing in 30 Years Proves Lunatics Who Want to Kill People—Don’t Need Guns – Matt Agorist

Where Is The Shame? – “How can it be that the American people are undisturbed by their government’s 17 years of wars based entirely on blatant lies? How can it be that the American people and the Evangelical churches are unmoved by the millions of innocent peoples in seven countries who have been murdered, maimed, orphaned, and displaced by the profit-driven US military/security complex and by the neoconservative ideology in service to Israel? How can it be that the US media is as effective a propaganda ministry for Washington as the German press was for the Nazis?” – Paul Craig Roberts

How The Globalism Con Game Leads To A ‘New World Order’ – Brandon Smith

7 Forces Driving America Toward Civil War – John Hawkins

Never Let Anyone Call You Crazy For Doubting Establishment War Narratives – Caitlin Johnstone

Rand Paul’s Shameful 11th Hour Flip-Flop on Pompeo – “It’s added proof that nothing politicians say can be believed. They’re notorious liars. Follow only what they do. Ignore what they say. Too often actions belie public remarks. Turncoat Rand Paul showed he’s like all the rest – pro-war, anti-peace, anti-democratic values, anti-rule of law principles.” – Stephen Lendman

CounterThink with Mike Adams: Peter Schiff interview (VIDEO) – “Peter Schiff says once gold takes off, it’s going to be like “an invading army busting through the castle doors”.”

Getting Tight! Not Just Here But Everywhere – John Rubino

Colorado Will Soon be the New Capital – Dave Hodges  – INTERESTING THEORY FROM DAVE!!!!

‘Smart City’ projects are really police cam-share programs in disguise – MassPrivateI

The Peanut Allergy Vaccine – “Of all food allergies, those to peanuts are most common. Yet, no one in the scientific or medical community seems to know why. Without addressing the cause, the CDC wants you to roll up your sleeve to be injected with a new vaccine” – Rosanne Lindsay

That Was Then, This Is Now: Open Season on Vaccinating Pregnant Women – “How have these vaccine recommendations worked out for pregnant women and their babies? Published reports point to an increased risk of miscarriages and elevated risks of birth defects and autism in the offspring of mothers who received influenza vaccines during pregnancy” – World Mercury Project team

The Big Connection; Massive Chem Spraying ~ Universal Vaccine ~ Martial Law (VIDEO) –

The Tools and Information Preppers Need for Emergency Communications – Anonymous 411

Eat more berries: Anthocyanins suppress tumors, disrupt the expression of cancer genes – Vicki Batts

GOLD & SILVER: The Ultimate Hedge Against Everything That Is Wrong In The Markets – Steve St. Angelo

Prepping Essentials: Duct Tape and WD-40 To The Rescue – Paranoid Prepper

The Road to 2025 (Part 4) – A Very Bright Future If We Demand It – Michael Krieger

The Lost Art Of Map Reading – Part 2 – Bob Rodgers  – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!

The Big Importance of Small Decisions – Daisy Luther

Understanding Illuminati Mindset, Magic and Their Hopes To Take Over The World – Ray Gano

Common Cleaner Releases 146 Contaminants Into The Air – “But what you may not know is that the most ubiquitous counter cleaner has over a hundred unlisted ingredients, many of which are toxic or carcinogenic! That’s right. Comet Disinfectant Powder Cleanser, a product perceived as safe and used in schools, homes and churches everywhere, is quite the toxic bomb.” – Heather Callaghan

Lessons from the Roman Army for Post-SHTF Combat Operations – Jeremiah Johnson




Proverbs 13:5   A righteous man hateth lying: but a wicked man is loathsome, and cometh to shame.