Trump Warns Russia “Missiles Are Coming” At Syria After Moscow Vows To Shoot Them Down – “A shooting war between the US and Russia appears imminent.” – Tyler Durden

Defining Moment for Putin: Stand up to US/Israel Empire of Chaos, or Fold? – Damian Martinovich

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World War III Will Be An Economic War – Brandon Smith

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STRIKE IMMINENT: Trump Threatens WW3 Over Unverified Chemical Weapons Attacks In Regions Controlled By Terrorists – Aaron Kesel

Idiocy Is Bringing The End Of The World – “What if there was a chemical attack? Why does it matter to people who are killed whether it was by bullets, bombs, missiles, or chemicals? Why is it so bad to use chemicals instead of Hellfire missiles? Why is it OK for Washington and Israel to blow up schools, hospitals, weddings, funerals, market places, and homes full of women and children with missiles, but not OK to kill people with chemicals? Why is it worth starting World War 3 over a hoax chemical weapons attack or a real one?” – Paul Craig Roberts  – EXCELLENT POINT FROM DR.ROBERTS!!!!!!!!!

No Smiles for Syria – “It will be a crying shame if WW3 gets fought over an incident that never happened. Nikki “Don’t Bother Me With Facts” Haley is perpetuating the Douma Massacre illusion and laying blame at the feet of that “monster Assad.” Meanwhile, Russian envoy Vassily Nebenzya made it crystal clear that Russia has not seen one shred of evidence that any such massacre has taken place at all.” – The Bankster Slayer

Nikki Haley Ravings Reflect US Imperial Madness – “Haley and John Bolton especially, along with other administration neocons, are lunatic fringe extremists. They’re trusted Trump advisors, hostile to world peace and stability, supporting endless wars of aggression, risking direct confrontation with Russia.” – Stephen Lendman

Haley uses child victims as tool v Russia – after US called civilian casualties a ‘fact of life’ – “Children suffering in war have become tools for the West, with Nikki Haley stating that Russia’s hands are “covered in their blood” in Syria. However, the US seems to not mind “collateral damage” in the wars it’s backing.”

We All Need To Unite Against War In Syria, Regardless Of Ideology – Caitlin Johnstone

Britain and its Deadly Chemical Games – Martin Berger

Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald Discuss Authoritarian Behavior of American Media Clamoring For War (VIDEO) –

Guess Whose House Wasn’t Raided by the FBI – “If there was any doubt that Robert Mueller’s Ahab-like goal is the unseating of President Trump at all costs and by any means, it was erased by the thuggish FBI raid he orchestrated on the home and office of Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen. Can’t find any collusion between Trump and Russia? Hey, why not look for collusion between Cohen and professional whore and porn star Stormy Daniels? But where were the raids on the offices of the DNC, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Fusion GPS? – Daniel John Sobieski  – MAYBE WE WILL FIND OUT THAT STORMY IS REALLY A RUSSIAN, HENCE, COLLUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Color of Gun Crime in America’s Big Cities – “Media claim white men are the problem; the facts say otherwise.” – Paul Kersey

Facebook: Zuckerberg’s Pitiful Mannequin-Like Congressional Testimony – “Tweets sum up the situation far better than any individual article.” – Mish

MONTAGE: Zuckerberg Doesn’t Know — His ‘Team’ Will ‘Follow Up’ – “Over and over again, Zuckerberg awkwardly informed the committees that he didn’t know the answer to their question, wasn’t “aware” of what they were referencing or needed his “team” to follow up with them later.” – Amber Athey


Facebook censorship: the grotesque mainstream solution – Jon Rappoport

Mark Zuckerberg has big plans for regulating ‘hate speech’ through AI on Facebook – “Thune wasn’t able to follow up on the key thing, which is finding out how Zuckerberg defines “hate speech,” and the only information Zuck provided was “slurs” and speech that “is hateful.” Does he mean that anyone who criticizes President Obama or Hillary Clinton is a practitioner of hate speech? – Monica Showalter


Facebook Has DOZENS Of Former Obama And Hillary Staffers In Senior Positions – Mac Slavo

SUN, SEA AND SLAUGHTER Mexico’s party hotspot Cancun sees 14 murdered in 36 hours as tourist town is overrun by drug gang violence – Sofia Petkar

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BE SAFE: How to Interact With Police While Carrying or Not – “If you are the subject of the call, do not forget that a Code Orange situation awareness level may be aimed at you, and that the officer is entering the situation with potentially wrong, but damaging information that you don’t know about. Do not forget they can make mistakes and misread every move you make because of that prior information. You have no choice but to listen and follow what they tell you to do.” – Carmela Tyrell

California Goes To Hell And Liberals Want America To Follow: Expanding Authoritarianism Is A ‘Test Run’ For The Despotic Tyranny Left Wants To Unfurl Upon The Rest Of Country – Stefan Stanford

Individual, national, and global debt is now so high it is virtually impossible for any of it to be paid off – Ken Schortgen

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How Much Worse Does It Have To Get Before You Act? – “Today’s current events are exceedingly problematic. Alarmingly, most people don’t even realize the dangers we’re facing.” – Ken Jorgustin


Fact-checking the Tor Project’s government ties – “For years, the Tor Project — along with other government-funded crypto tools like Signal — has been seen in almost religious terms by the privacy community as the only way to protect people from government spying online. But the facts wouldn’t go away. The initial evidence that I had gathered in my reporting left little room for doubt about Tor’s true nature as foreign policy weapon of the U.S. government.” – Yasha Levine

FRAGILE NATURE OF CURRENCIES: Why Gold & Silver Are High-Quality Stores Of Value – Steve St. Angelo

FEMA: “Each Family Needs To Have a Central Rally Point” – Jeremiah Johnson




Isaiah 10:1     Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;

Isaiah 17:12   Woe to the multitude of many people, which make a noise like the noise of the seas; and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!