I-Team: Former ATF Agent Suspects Austin Bomber May Have An Accomplice – “The search for the person behind the series of package bombs terrorizing the city of Austin appears to have come to an end after the suspected bomber apparently blew himself up amid a police pursuit. But did he act alone?”

AUSTIN BOMBINGS: Deep State Carries Out False Flag Attacks To Terrorize Texas – The Millennium Report

When Madmen Are Leading the Way – “We are once again reminded of the neocons and their destructive force. These war criminals need to be brought to justice and then eliminated from this earth. The images within the video is where children used to play, people would pray and commerce was conducted.” – Rory Hall

Truth Is The First Casualty In War. Especially In Cold War. – “The people who control the international alliances which comprise the western empire are liars and killers, as evidenced by its actions in Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, and Syria . In a cold war, we can expect them to tell more lies, not less. Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!

26 Reasons Why You Need to Start Paying Attention to Edward Snowden – Carey Wedler

Will The Upcoming IG Report Trigger Politically-Motivated Violence? – Ken Jorgustin

Illegal immigrants, who dodged California ICE raid after Dem mayor’s tip-off, re-arrested for new crimes – Adam Shaw

John Brennan: Deep State Political Hack – “Considering his past record and current shenanigans, it is John Brennan who is guilty of political corruption and using the extraordinary powers of his office – not to serve his country, but to subvert it.” – Daniel John Sobieski

Has Russia Had Enough? – Paul Craig Roberts

Russophobia Gone Wild – “Accusations without evidence are baseless. It hasn’t deterred Western officials from allying against Russia, piling on, blaming the Kremlin for the alleged Skripal poisoning incident it had nothing to do with. The incident took Russophobia to a new level, matching Star Trek, going where no one has gone before, unchartered territory, risking serious consequences.” – Stephen Lendman


What Do They Know? High-Level Govt Officials Reportedly Flocking to ‘Doomsday’ Camps – “High-level government officials and national security officers are reported flocking to “doomsday camps” around the country citing “inevitable” events as the impetus behind the move.” – Matt Agorist


The Weaponization of Social Media (VIDEO) – The Corbett Report

Then Why Is Anyone STILL on Facebook? – “Where’s the panicked rush to “delete” accounts? While Facebook allows you to “delete” items and “delete” your account, the data stays behind on the server.” – Wolf Richter

Facebook Keeps Track Of A Terrifying Number Of Details About You: Here’s How To See That Data – Mac Slavo

Facebook: Six Degrees of Giant Squid – “Do you want to provide a bunch of, well, geeks, with the ability to change how you feel, just so their employers can make -more- money off of you? That is 1984. That is thought control. And Facebook is some modern honey trap. That the intelligence community today is powered by artificial intelligence is pretty out there to start with. That AI would give it the means to predict your future behavior, and manipulate you into that behavior seemingly at will, is something that warrants reflection. George Orwell could not have foreseen this.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

YouTube Cracks Down Further On Gun Channels – Tom Knighton


Congress quietly formed a committee to bail out 200 pension funds – “The US pension system has gotten so bad, Congress is actually planning for its failure.” – Simon Black

Truth About Fukushima — The Entire World is in Danger – “Do CNN, MSNBC and the rest of them think that if they DON’T report upon Fukushima, what’s happening to the fish and our oceans is ‘fake news’? Do they think that because we can’t actually SEE the radiation, it’s not really there?” – Amy S.

European Commission Clears Bayer’s Acquisition Of Monsanto With Conditions

‘Whataboutism’ is a Nonsensical Propaganda Term Used to Defend the Failed Status Quo – Michael Krieger

Why are AR-15s Controversial? – Paranoid Prepper  – GOOD ARTICLES WITH GOOD POINTS!!!!

Yes, Gun Confiscation Just Happened in Florida, and it Will Happen Nationwide – Jeremiah Johnson

Social Security “Steals” $131.8 Million From Widows… – Nilus Mattive

JPMorgan’s Domination of COMEX Silver – “JPMorgan has amassed a monopolistic and manipulative position in COMEX silver. They can create and sell thousands of COMEX contracts and then justify their short position (and clear violation of mandated position limits) through their CFTC-blessed “qualified exemption”. These are your “markets” in 2018.” – Craig Hemke

WATCH OUT BELOW: Dow Jones Index Next Stop… 19,000 – Steve St. Angelo

Deutsche Bank Plunges To 16-Month Lows, Bank Credit Risk Spikes – Tyler Durden




Psalm 11:2   For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart.