Trump Slams “Sanctimonious Comey” After Sessions Fires FBI’s McCabe A Day Before Retirement – Tyler Durden

‘Panic Is In The Air’ – Obama Deep State Freaks Out After McCabe Firing As The Dominoes Start To Fall – Susan Duclos

Gowdy Will Be Announced As the New Attorney General (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show  – NOT SURE OF DAVE’S SOURCES, BUT IT WOULD DEFINITELY BE A GOOD CHOICE!!!!!!

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Hold my beer and watch this! – “They are all at it right now. May, Trump, Macron and Merkel, of course, but also the their sycophantic presstitutes and the herds of zombified followers. They all believe in their invulnerability and superiority. The terrifying truth is that these folks have NO IDEA whom they are dealing with nor do they understand the consequences of pushing Russia too hard.” – The Saker

America’s Phony War – “Blitzkrieg Overseas, Sitzkrieg in the Homeland” – William J. Astore

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NYT Media War on Trump and Putin – “The self-styled newspaper of record is a national disgrace, a propaganda vehicle, a lying machine, truth-telling on major issues prohibited, especially on geopolitical ones.” – Stephen Lendman

It’s all Putin’s fault… but still he wins – “For all the western narrative about Russia’s “autocracy,” Putin is arguably as popular at home as Xi Jinping is in China” – Pepe Escobar

Russia & China Just Signalled The World That It’s Ready To Move Away From The Dollar (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “Please watch, I have never said “this is the most important interview I have ever done” but this is the one. Russia and China just warned the U.S. militarily regarding hypersonic weapons and backed it up with proof last weekend. Within two weeks China will begin to supplant the petro dollar with the petro yuan. Our world is about change unlike anything we have ever seen before.” – X22 Report  – BILL IS USUALLY EXCELLENT, THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!!!!!!!

Russian Gold Acquisitions Explode Higher In One Week! – Rory Hall

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Feds Plot War on Natural Health, Boosting Big Pharma Profits – “Under the guise of keeping Americans safe by restricting their choices, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is plotting a massive power-grab that could crush the popular natural-health industry under an avalanche of regulatory red tape and policy uncertainty” – Alex Newman

Six Things We Can Learn About US Plutocracy By Looking At Jeff Bezos – Caitlin Johnstone

By Trump’s Logic On Death Penalty For Drug Dealers, Big Pharma Should Be First – “Sadly, the president’s plan to apply the death penalty to heroin dealers further perpetuates the failed War on Drugs, and it will do nothing to stop opiate overdose deaths. However, it will likely solidify the pharmaceutical industry’s place as the number one drug dealers on the planet.” – Jack Burns


Knowingly and Secretly Deciding to Put the Buying Public at Risk – “The processed food industries now use tactics similar to those used by cigarette companies to undermine public health interventions.” – Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

US training Syria militants for false flag chemical attack as basis for airstrikes – Russian MoD

Syrian War For Dummies – Three Versions – “Which will Americans believe?… here are the Disney, high school, and college versions.” – Tyler Durden

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Deutsche Bank Just Never Disappoints – “Even bigger loss than reported 6 weeks ago, cost cuts abandoned, bonuses quadrupled. Aggrieved shareholders, whose dividends had gotten slashed back in the day, have had to watch the shares in their portfolio plunge nearly 80% over the past ten years:” – Wolf Richter

Perspectives on Patrolling- Part 5 – J.M.




Romans 2:23    Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonourest thou God?