GUN RIGHTS DON’T COME FROM THE SECOND AMENDMENT – “But notice something important about the Bill of Rights: It gives no one any rights. Instead, it prohibits the federal government from infringing or destroying rights that already exist. it really should have been called a Bill of Prohibitions rather than a Bill of Rights. Thus, people don’t have the right to own guns because of the Second Amendment, just as people don’t have the right of free speech because of the First Amendment. People’s natural, God-given rights preexist government. They exist whether the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the federal government are there or not.” – Jacob G. Hornberger  – SUPERB ARTICLE, KUDOS TO MR. HORNBERGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Deep State Wants Snowden, He Might Have The Evidence To Take Them Down (VIDEO) – X22 Report

One Of Georgia’s Safest Cities REQUIRES Its Citizens To Own A Gun, But CNN Doesn’t Know Why Crime Is So Low – Scott Morefield

Gun Confiscation Begins in Illinois – “A bill requiring 18-20 year olds to hand over or transfer ownership of heretofore legally possessed “assault weapons” is gaining sponsors in the Illinois Senate after passing the House last month.” – Daniel John Sobieski

Will Banning Guns Ban Bad Behavior? – “Banning tools, like guns, will not eliminate the bad behavior of mass shooters, serial murderers, rapists, gangs, drug dealers, and other criminals. It only emboldens them.” – CENTER FOR SELF GOVERNANCE (CSG) ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM

The curious case of Parkland school shooting victim Kyle Laman – Dr. Eowyn  – VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!!!!

Cohn Resignation Opportunity To Jump-Start Trump’s Anti-Wall Street Economic Program – Harley Schlanger

NYT Anti-Syria Propaganda – Stephen Lendman

Ten Percent ( Putin has spoken softly, but he’s carrying a big stick.) – “These weapons put yet another nail in the Russia collusion fabrication. With this kind of arsenal, why would Putin care one whit who’s president of the United States? He’s been more than happy to let Americans waste their time, money, and energy on trivialities, internal bickering, and useless foreign wars.” – Robert Gore

Time to Get Over the Russophobia – Patrick J. Buchanan

New Orleans And Detroit Are Models For The Urban Police State – “Detroit and New Orleans are quickly becoming examples of a city under total surveillance. How can you prevent your hometown from becoming a Surveillance State?” – Derrick Broze

Transvestites, drag queens, court eunuchs: Nancy Pelosi will pander to anyone – Monica Showalter

New Revelations About Pulse Nightclub Shooting Highlight Everything Sick About America – Caitlin Johnstone  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!

CBS: Nurses hit the street to vaccinate homeless with flu shot – “Straight out of an Orwellian novel. Interestingly the mainstream Hawaii source says they’re now approaching homeless people (who knows their physical or mental state of being) to help “stop ER visits”. and keep them “healthy” with the flu shot. That’s funny because the flu shot is ineffective and the CDC stated Hawaii is the only place not having a “flu epidemic” this season.” – Erin Elizabeth

Merck and UAB Recruiting 16 to 26 Year Old Mothers Who Just Gave Birth to Enroll in Gardasil 9 Vaccine Trials – “breast-fed healthy infants have died after their mothers were vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccine” – Brian Shilhavy

‘Emotionally Unhinged’: Internet Roundup As Those With Trump Derangement Syndrome Hit New Levels Of Crazy – Susan Duclos

“RussiaGate” is simply an extension of Hillary Clinton’s campaign – Seraphim Hanisch

313k Jobs Added? Nice Try But It’s Fake News – “The numbers make no sense. Why? Because the alleged data does not fit the reality of the real economy. Retail sales, auto sales, home sales and restaurant sales have been declining for the past couple of months. So who would be doing the hiring?” – Dave Kranzler

If Toys ‘R’ Us Closes Its Stores, 36,000 U.S. Workers Could Lose Their Jobs – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Law of Self Defense – “This book is a must read for all gun owners.”

America is Disneyland – “Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth! Millions of families visit the theme park every year to enjoy the magical place of rides, spectacular shows and cheerful cartoon figures. Everything is clean, perfect and joyful. Unless … you realize that Cinderella might actually be homeless. That’s right, 10% of Disneyland’s employees are actually homeless, many more are on food stamps, and 75% struggle to make ends meet. Does this ring familiar? Think of America.” – Chris Kanthan

Missing $21 Trillion Used to Manipulate Markets? (VIDEO) – “the Exchange Stabilization Fund is most likely using a missing $21 trillion to manipulate the capital markets.” – Rob Kirby

What is Your Weapon of Last Resort? – “We always hear about survival knives for preppers and survivalists but we rarely hear about combat knives for preppers.”

The Amazing Amount of Gold The U.S. Exported Since 2000 – Steve St. Angelo

The 12 Foods The Government Wants You To Stockpile (But Is It Enough?) – Rich M

23 Items (Besides Food & Water) FEMA Says You Should Stockpile – “All in all, the only true value that the FEMA list has is as a starting point. For someone who hasn’t done anything about emergency preparedness, this list is an eye-opener. But the sad thing is that many will take this list as being the definitive word on survival and not go any farther. Simply put, it is not wise to put our survival in the not-so-capable hands of the government.” – Rich M




Revelation 3:2   Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.