Putin’s State of the Union – “In his address, he says, “no one wanted to speak with us. No one wanted to listen to us. Listen to us now.” Putin stressed that Russia’s nuclear weapons are reserved for retaliation, not for offense, but that any attack on Russia or Russia’s allies will receive an immediate response “with all the attendant consequences.”” – Paul Craig Roberts

Why Vladimir Putin Is Really Pissed (VIDEO) – We Are Change

With Putin’s new belligerent mood, Democrats can stand up and take a bow – “By artificially whipping up a picture of Russia as a pariah state, Democrats have ushered in an era of resentment and revanchism in Russia. Thanks a lot, Dems.” – Monica Showalter

Vladimir Putin just revealed 6 brand new Russian weapons – and they are impressive – Alexander Mercouris

Media React to Russian Super-Weapons – “They’re solely for defense, not offense. Russia forthrightly supports world peace and stability. It threatens no other nations. Western propaganda claiming otherwise turns truth on its head. America, NATO, Israel and their rogue partners alone threaten world peace and stability. Russian super-weapons are a formidable deterrent against their imperial ambitions. Western media reacted as expected to Putin’s state of the nation address, explaining new Russian super-weapons.” – Stephen Lendman

Fatal Delusions of Western Man – Patrick J. Buchanan  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PAT!!!!!!!

Trump’s Bosses Pushing for Nuclear War with Russia – Gordon Duff

Cue the next U.S. war in 3,2,1 as Iran officially dumps the dollar in any and all trade – Ken Schortgen

In Syria, the Real Siege Is by Western Criminal Powers – Strategic Culture Foundation

The Weaponization of Social Media (VIDEO) – Corbett Report

YouTube now scrubbing older videos about SANDY HOOK shooting as content purge accelerates; strike issued against Health Ranger for 2012 interview of banned book author – Mike Adams

The Real Reason they are Purging Truther Channels & FB Pages (VIDEO) – pocketsofthefuture


Media Silent as Man With AR-15 Saves Neighbor During Violent Attack – Rachel Blevins

GUN CONTROL AND TYRANNY – “One thing is for sure: If Americans ever give up their guns, they will have to passively accept the types of tyrannical acts that U.S.-supported tyrants abroad have employed, including rape and other perverse sexual acts that U.S.-supported tyrants have committed against people’s wives, daughters, and mothers. If Americans retain their guns, at least they retain the ability to resist.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Guess Who’s Funding the ‘Student’ Gun Control Movement? – “So, who’s bankrolling the lefty kids from Parkland, Florida? It’s a veritable “Who’s Who” of leftwing money from Michael Bloomberg, to George Soros” – Onan Coca   – IN OTHER WORDS, THE USUAL SUSPECTS!!!!!!

School Shooting: False Flag – What History Teaches Us! – Bradlee Dean

Rising Economic Head Winds – “So on top of the rate hikes, the Fed is destroying money. We’re getting a double dose of monetary tightening. And let me once again repeat what I’ve said before: This has never happened before. This is completely unprecedented.” – Jim Rickards

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Mass shootings likely linked to psychiatric meds – Erin Elizabeth

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We Never Could Have Imagined (or Prepped For) What Actually Happened in Venezuela – J. G. Martinez D.

When Survival is at Stake, Your Animalistic Instincts Could Save Your Life – Jeremiah Johnson




Proverbs 3:3   Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: