Trump Tweets: Russia Probe Is A “Witch Hunt” With “No Evidence Of Collusion” – Tyler Durden

Are You a Russian Troll? – “Take this quiz and find out!” – A. Barton Hinkle

Russiagate or Intelgate? – “The publication of the Republican House Committee memo and reports of other documents increasingly suggest not only a “Russiagate” without Russia but also something darker: The “collusion” may not have been in the White House or the Kremlin.” – Stephen F. Cohen

She’s Got a New Reason Now! (VIDEO) – Mark Dice

Dems Ignore Trump’s Nuclear Recklessness With Russia, Because Of Course They Fucking Do – Caitlin Johnstone

Syrian Air Defenses Reportedly Fire on American Warplanes – James the Russian Analyst

Nation Magazine and Democracy Now Disinformation on Syria – “The publication and broadcaster are part of the self-styled progressive left – its ranks far thinner than claimed. On key geopolitical issues, their progressivism is more pretense than real. Their funding sources expose them – gotten from George Soros, the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation and other establishment groups. The Nation disgracefully fronts for undemocratic Dems” – Stephen Lendman

The Committee of 300 and The Fall of America (VIDEO) – Newsbud  – GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!

Armed and Dangerous: If Police Don’t Have to Protect the Public, What Good Are They? – “In the American police state, police have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. In fact, police don’t usually need much incentive to shoot and kill members of the public. Police have shot and killed Americans of all ages—many of them unarmed—for standing a certain way, or moving a certain way, or holding something—anything—that police could misinterpret to be a gun, or igniting some trigger-centric fear in a police officer’s mind that has nothing to do with an actual threat to their safety.” – John W. Whitehead

Americans Are Horrified by Mass Killings — Unless the Government Is Doing It – Carey Wedler

Federal Court Quietly Rules ‘Assault Rifles’ Not Protected by 2nd Amendment – Matt Agorist

YouTube Censorship: ‘They Are Stepping It Up, Something Is In The Works’ – Mac Slavo

“FULL METAL GARB”! The Real Shooter(s) Was A Professionally Outfitted Military Commando. – “We’re supposed to believe that a depressed and medicated teenager –acting alone — shot up a high school in “FULL METAL GARB”? Since the teacher is obviously telling the truth, it’s even more obvious Nikolas Cruz was not the shooter.” – The Millennium Report   – QUESTIONS ARISE!!!!!!!!

Did Anyone Else See Nikolas Cruz In “Full Metal Garb” Complete With Helmet, Face Mask & Bulletproof Armor? – ” police apprehend Cruz just walking along in the maroon shirt and black pants, as indicated by the eyewitness who saw him enter the school after exiting the Uber car. Finally, we also know that police were conducting an active shooter drill at the time, and that students have said they were told the police would be shooting blanks. That isn’t a coincidence. Somehow, I’m just not understanding how he can be in plain clothes and body armor inside of a minute and then back out of them before his apprehension.” – Tim Brown

The Shooting At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School In Parkland Florida – “What I have to say about this is the same as what I have said about other events. Instead of clearing up the inconsistencies and acknowledging that a drill had been announced, the media dismisses those who ask the obvious questions as conspiracy kooks. In place of rational explanations we get name-calling. Why?” – Paul Craig Roberts

MSM Uses Children As Weapon To Misinform Audiences By Spitting Out Bullets Of Disinformation & Using ‘Survivor’ Status As Shield From Criticism – Susan Duclos

Gun Sales Skyrocket As Gun Owners Brace For An All-Out Assault On Our Second Amendment Rights – Michael Snyder

World famous psychiatrist says: more psychiatric drug treatment means more mass shootings will happen – “Listen to this man. You’d better listen. His name is Peter Breggin. He is a world famous psychiatrist. He has been called the conscience of his profession.” – Jon Rappoport

Pilots Are Armed, Why Not Teachers? – Bob Adelmann

6 Realistic Ways To Stop School Shootings – Carmela Tyrell

98% of mass shootings occur in “gun-free zones” … why do gun control loonies refuse to protect their own children? – Mike Adams

Amazon Made $5.6 Billion in Profits Last Year and Reportedly Paid Zero American Dollars in Federal Taxes – Emma Roller


Is Fed Pumping Stocks To Keep Pensions Solvent? – “With pensions now 50% or more invested in stocks, it seems pretty obvious that one way to inflate away the looming pension catastrophe is for the Fed to inflate the stock market” – Dave Kranzler

Will the Fed Let the Debt Bomb Blow Up? – Peter Schiff

Could robots pretend to be YOU? Cyber security experts warn that AI could mimic writing styles and habits of millions of users to launch devastating scams – James Tapsfield

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Their Radical Plan To Off-Grid, Debt-Free Living Worked. Here’s What They Did. – Tricia Drevets

The Status Quo Will Reign – ” if you look beneath the surface, what you’d see is that consumers aren’t actually doing well across three core areas that “govern the ability of individuals to spend.”” – Nomi Prins




1 Corinthians 14:38    But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.