Merchants of Death: America’s Toxic Cult of Violence Turns Deadly – “As usual following one of these shootings, there is a vocal outcry for enacting more strident gun control measures, more mental health checks, and heightened school security measures. Also as usual, in the midst of the finger-pointing, no one is pointing a finger at the American police state or the war-drenched, violence-imbued, profit-driven military industrial complex, both of which have made violence America’s calling card. Ask yourself: Why do these mass shootings keep happening? Who are these shooters modelling themselves after? Where are they finding the inspiration for their weaponry and tactics? Whose stance and techniques are they mirroring?” – John W. Whitehead

Florida’s Teacher of the Year Bluntly Writes WHY School Violence Is Out of Control – Daisy Luther  – GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!

The Making Of A Sociopathic Killer: A List Of Risk Factors For School Shooters – “(And The FBI’s Deadly, Deceptive Blind Spot)” – Gary G. Kohls, MD

Is Nikolas Cruz the Modern Day Jason Bourne? – “The evidence is piling up that the Florida school shooting was indeed a false flag event. The number one smoking gun supporting the false flag narrative comes from the compromised FBI who has been so seriously exposed as a corrupt, elite-serving institution.” – Dave Hodges

Columbine survivor introduces bill to expand concealed-carry in schools – Valerie Richardson


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Deep State and the FBI – Federal Blackmail Investigation – “It’s hilariously naive how mainstream American news media feign an air of disdain concerning accusations of impropriety by the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the last presidential elections.” – Finian Cunningham

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Thirteen Russians and a Ham Sandwich – “Readers know, of course, that I’m not a Trump supporter, that I regard him as a national embarrassment, but I’m much more disturbed by the mindless hysteria ginned up Washington’s permanent bureaucracy in collusion with half a dozen major newspapers and cable news networks, who have run a psy-ops campaign to shove the country into a war mentality.” – James Howard Kunstler

Is South African Violence A Sign Of What’s Coming To The United States? – Bill White

These Are The World’s Most (And Least) Miserable Countries – “Venezuela just notched an important milestone in the brief history of the Bloomberg Misery Index: For the fourth year in a row, the Latin American socialist paradise was ranked the world’s “most miserable” economy” – Tyler Durden

The Bogus ‘War on Terror’ Has Morphed Into a War on Dissent (Part 1) – “”As you may have noticed, the ruling classes have been using virtually every propaganda organ at their disposal to whip up mass hysteria” – C.J. Hopkins

The Bogus ‘War on Terror’ Has Morphed Into a War on Dissent (Part 2) – “If you’ve enjoyed the The War on Terror … you’re going to love The War on Dissent.” – C.J. Hopkins

China: Testing Ground for U.S. Surveillance – “China is the “testing ground.” If it works in China, the Statists are convinced it will also work in the United States in the future…when they intend to unveil it. We have already seen drastic measures being taken with bills that include biometric passports with more difficulty for American citizens to leave than for anyone to enter.” – Jeremiah Johnson

Wild, weird weather on the way: Record cold West, record warm East, flooding in the center – Doyle Rice

Is the Yellowstone supervolcano close to erupting? Scientists detect more than 200 earthquakesin just 10 DAYS after warning that magma below the surface is showing signs of strain – Cheyenne McDonald

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Job 10:22   A land of darkness, as darkness itself; and of the shadow of death, without any order, and where the light is as darkness.