Falsehoods and Lies: Inciting War Is a War Crime – “The torrent of reckless false accusations against Russia made by the US and its NATO allies is hitting warp speed. This week saw more baseless allegations of Russian cyber attacks on American elections and British industries. There were also crass claims by US officials that Russia was behind so-called sonic attacks on American diplomats in Cuba.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Insane Anti-Trumpists Call For Even More Escalations Against A Nuclear Superpower – “We are already at an extremely dangerous point in the ongoing trend of continuous escalations with a country that is armed with thousands of nuclear warheads. And these deranged lunatics want more.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Until there are facts on election meddling, it’s all just blather – Lavrov on Mueller indictment

How Real Is Fake News? (VIDEO) – Sharyl Attkisson

Michel Temer signs security decree to stem Rio violence – “Brazil’s President Michel Temer has signed an emergency decree authorising the country’s armed forces to take over policing duties in Rio de Janeiro.” – Sam Cowie

America Is Descending Into a Dangerous Psychosis – “If I was running the Russian intel services, I’d just pay to send a few Nebraska county commissioners to Disneyland — that would keep our seventeen US intel agencies busy until kingdom come trying to figure out the angle.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Result of Mueller’s Investigation: Nothing – “Finally, note that Mueller’s release of his charges in the face of dead news weekend means that Mueller knows that he has nothing to justify the massive propaganda onslaught against Trump for conspiring with Putin with which the presstitutes have regaled us” – Paul Craig Roberts

Mueller’s Investigation A Farce: Files Joke Indictment Against Russian Trolls – Elizabeth Vos

Media Scoundrels Cheerlead Phony Indictments of Russian Nationals – “They find new ways of sinking to new lows, featuring disgraceful rubbish. Friday’s “bombshell” was all smoke and no fire. It revealed lots more about America than Russia – more proof that its deeply corrupted system is too debauched to fix.” – Stephen Lendman

Trump Is Disposable, He’s The Doorman – “The Deep State Runs The Show” – Jeff Thomas via

Trey Gowdy To Gun Grabbing Politicans: “Show Me a Law That Will Prevent the Next Mass Killing” – “The purpose of the law is not to stop crime, it’s to point out who the criminals are.” – Tim Brown

5 Reasons To Question The Official Narrative Of The Florida School Shooting – Aaron Kesel


THIS is why we won’t “solve” problem of school shootings: American Pravda media can’t even be honest about reporting on GUNS – “If you’re like me, you’re tired of seeing our school children shot like fish in a barrel. But you’re more tired of partisans and biased media going out of their way to not identify the real issues surrounding these shootings because they’re too focused on the “forks make you fat” theory.” – JD Heyes   – EXCELLENT ARTICLE ON HOW THE MEDIA DISTORTS THE TRUTH, A MUST READ!!!!

From Prozac to Parkland: Are Psychiatric Drugs Causing Mass Shootings? – Selwyn Duke

They saw something, they said something, and Big Brother still couldn’t protect them – ““See something, say something.” It is a false government promise that has proved their failure again and again and again. At this point, it is nothing more than a hypnotizing, insulting lie. It is a way for politicians in power — from anywhere on the partisan spectrum — to shift blame off of themselves and onto the innocent citizen.” – Charles Hurt

Yesterday’s Gun Free Zones Are Today’s Killing Fields – Dave Hodges  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM DAVE!!!!!

Behold! 1991 Book Warned Us ‘Secret Government’ Would Use School Shootings To Disarm Americans! Was Florida School Shooter ‘MK-Ultra-Cated’? – Stefan Stanford

AMERICA: A MILITARY NATION – “Americans like to think of their country as different from those run by military regimes. They are only fooling themselves. Ever since the federal government was converted into a national-security state after World War II (without a constitutional amendment authorizing the conversion), it has been the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA that have run the government, just like in countries governed by military dictatorships.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Soros Calls on EU to Regulate Social Media to Fight Populism – Liam Deacon

George W. Bush doesn’t deserve the media’s efforts at rehabilitation – James Bovard

Critical Trends about to Explode. Prepare. (VIDEO) -Gerald Celente

Magnitude-7.2 earthquake slams south, central Mexico – Peter Orsi and Christopher Sherman

The Fed Targets Stock Prices – Here’s Why – “The Federal Reserve is targeting stock prices with it’s monetary policy because, if it did not, the financial system would collapse led by collapsing pension funds and the housing market. The pension collapse alone would run into the trillions of dollars.” – Dave Kranzler

The Really Weird World Of Smart Meters – Catherine J. Frompovich

The great healing plant your doctor will never tell you about – Erin Elizabeth

Reality Check: More Minnesotans Own Guns, Violent Crime Remains Low – “We took a hard look at the numbers, and found: Minnesota has a high rate of gun ownership, and a relatively low rate of violent crime.” – Pat Kessler  – QUITE OBVIOUS THEN IF PEOPLE HAVE WAYS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES THEN CRIMINALS WILL STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!

The Deep State Is All In Now, Be Prepared The Next Event Is On The Way (VIDEO) – X22 Report

IT’S ALL DESIGNED TO TRANSFER YOUR LIFE & WEALTH TO THE ELITE (VIDEO) with Derrick Michael Reid – Reluctant Preppers

More Tariff Madness: Trump Targets Steel, Aluminum – “Not only are tariffs economical madness, mathematically they cannot reduce balance of trade issues caused by deficit spending.” – Mish

7 Things Your Doctor’s Not Telling You About Coconut Oil – Amy O’Donnell

Forget Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dogs: Purdue’s Microbots Are the Real Nightmare The microTUMs are coming. – Becky Ferreira




Proverbs 20:3  It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling.