Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Vows “Hell To The Zionists” As Putin Warns Netanyahu – Tyler Durden

US Blames Iran and Syria for Israeli Aggression – “Washington and Israel coordinate their military activities, partnering in regional aggression. Both countries bear full responsibility for preemptive Israeli attacks against Syrian targets on Saturday.” – Stephen Lendman

British Controlling Hand in Russiagate Exposed – Harley Schlanger

US finally admits: ‘NO EVIDENCE’ Assad used sarin gas – “No specific supporting evidence for claims that Syrian leader Bashar Assad ordered sarin gas attacks in 2013 and 2017” – Seraphim Hanisch

AK-47 Rifles, Claymore Mines, & Grenade Launchers Discovered On Mexico Border – Tyler Durden

Trump declares war on MS-13 gang: President vows to change America’s ‘sad, weak and pathetic immigration laws’ and again pledges to end the lottery system – Minyvonne Burke

Globalist Pence Is Acting Like a Treasonous Democrat (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Very, Very Bad News For Mainstream Media – 31% Of Democrats, 55% Of Independents Paying Close Attention To FISA Abuse Issue Know The MSM Is Lying To Them – Susan Duclos

‘This is Nuts’: Liberals Launch ‘Largest Mobilization in History’ in Defense of Russiagate Probe – “Social psychologists have long talked about how emotional manipulation can work effectively to snooker a large percentage of the population, to get them, at least temporarily, to believe the exact opposite of the facts. Such emotional manipulation is the likely explanation for the fact that so many people are now gearing up to defend someone like Mueller, while largely ignoring other important topics of far greater consequence.” – Coleen Rowley and Nat Parry

Soros ‘Proud’ of Providing £400,000 to Scrap Brexit Referendum Results

Daddy Warbucks of the Radical Left: George Soros Hates Putin, Trump and Nationalism – “George Soros epitomizes globalism. Thus, the only possible reason he may have to condemn nationalism as a matter of principle is that it obstructs globalism/globalization. In his mind, Russia, China and even Trump are ‘dictators’ and ‘mafia’ because they threaten to limit his global influence – whether he believes his own virtuous liberal narrative or not. This logic is not unlike that of a stalker who accuses his victim of cruelty because she will not let him take over her life.” – Andrés Perezalonso

When will it stop? Conservatives who vowed to cut spending keep spending – Lesley Clark and Brian Murphy

Rolling Stone’s Jessica Pishko: Islam Is A Race & “Right-Wing Extremists” Are Bigger Threat than Jihadis – “What race are Muslims again? What race is the jihad mass murder of innocent civilians again? I keep forgetting.” – Robert Spencer

Engineered Market Crash: Who ordered the controlled demolition and why now? – The Millennium Report

Stocks Could Easily Drop 50% (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

The House That Spied on Me – “Getting a smart home means that everyone who lives or comes inside it is part of your personal panopticon, something which may not be obvious to them because they don’t expect everyday objects to have spying abilities.” – Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 10, 2018 (VIDEO0 – “With each passing day the transformation of our world is accelerating, the human race is pushing our once thriving planet past the point of no return. Though there is still no shortage of enthusiasm for sports spectacles like the “Superbowl”, a sincere interest in salvaging life on Earth is not common.” – Dane Wigington

Domestic Terrorism Bill Targets Patriot Groups and Citizen Militias – Joe Jarvis

Rats Jumping Ship? 2 More High Level Employees At FBI & DOJ Cited In Texts Step Down – “These things just don’t happen by coincidence. There is a reason these men are leaving at the time they are. They have now been implicated in the crime.” – Tim Brown

Fabricated Reality: Lobbying for GMO Agriculture in India – Colin Todhunter

The Alien Agenda Just Jumped the Shark (VIDEO) – Truthstream Media

Top Pharma-Brand of Children’s Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs, & Other Hazardous Chemicals – Sayer Ji (Green Med Info)

Hunting vs. Trapping vs. Fishing: Why Hunters Will Starve In The Next Food Crisis – Bill White

Something Biblical is Going On! (VIDEO) -“Strange Weather is Happening Worldwide!” – Jason A

HOLLYWOOD: Systemic Pedophilia EXPOSED (VIDEO) – SGT Report




Ecclesiastes 8:3   Be not hasty to go out of his sight: stand not in an evil thing; for he doeth whatsoever pleaseth him.



I’m a spy in the house of love
I know the dream, that you’re dreamin’ of
I know the word that you long to hear
I know your deepest, secret fear
I’m a spy in the house of love
I know the dream, that you’re dreamin’ of
I know the word that you long to hear
I know your deepest, secret fear
I know everything
Everything you do
Everywhere you go
Everyone you know

( The Spy by Jim Morrison )