FBI Director Wray “Shocked To His Core” By FISA Memo, McCabe ‘Removed’ Next Day, More Heads To Roll: Report

Too Many Wars. Too Many Enemies – “We have become an empire, committed to fight for scores of nations” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Despite Senate Demands, Twitter, Google, Facebook Can’t Show Evidence of ‘Russian Meddling’ – “The US Senate Intelligence Committee is demanding Google, Facebook, and Twitter hand over information on Russian Medling in 2016, the only problem is there is none.” – The Free Thought Project

If The Deep State Propaganda Fails, Get Ready For The Event From Hell: Q (Video)

Releasing the Memo Will Unleash Extreme Deep State Revenge Upon America – Dave Hodges

Putin reacts to US Treasury ‘Kremlin List’: ‘Dogs bark but the caravan moves on’

US Treasury’s Kremlin Report – “Trump is hostage to congressional and media Russophobic hostility – the darkest political chapter in US history since the scourge of Joe McCarthy communist witch hunts. A so-called Treasury Kremlin Report lists scores of noted Russian politicians and businessmen – subject to possible unilateral/illegal US sanctions not so far imposed.” – Stephen Lendman

Let’s Keep Donald Trump – “True believer Mike Pence could be a whole lot worse” – Philip Giraldi

The State of Our Union: A House Divided, Enslaved & Mired in the Mistakes of the Past – “You want to know about the true State of our Union? Listen up. The State of the Union: The state of our union is politically polarized, controlled by forces beyond the purview of the average American, and rapidly moving the nation away from its freedom foundation.” – John W. Whitehead

WikiLeaks Exposes How Council on Foreign Relations Controls Most All Mainstream Media – Matt Agorist

MICHAEL MOORE: AMERICA MUST BE “CLEANSED” OF ITS “WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE” – “Far-left film maker demands ‘replacement’ of culture that brought us Trump” – Paul Joseph Watson   – WHAT AN IDIOT, ISN’T HE A WHITE MALE. HOW ABOUT MOORE BEING THE FIRST VICTIM OF THE CLEANSING!!!!!!!!!

Left Blames Brexit for Problems of Britain’s Socialist Healthcare System – Steve Byas

Massive Russian Silver Hoard – “If you look at the images: How much silver and for what purpose is all this silver stacked is what I want to know. Not that I will ever get an answer, but it is interesting the Russians are showing their “hand” when it comes to money and the diversity in their vaults. That’s a lot of silver!” – Rory Hall


Threads Of Establishment Russia Narrative Trace Back To Neocon Think Tanks – Caitlin Johnstone

Silver Could Jump $10 per Day (VIDEO) – ” A currency reset is the only way out of our financial problems, Rubino says. The fundamentals of gold and silver are “outrageously bullish.” Plus, China, Russia, and India are buying massive amounts of gold.” – John Rubino

Global Markets A Sea Of Red As Dollar Selloff Resumes

Rising Social Disorder Is Inevitable: Here’s Why – Charles Hugh Smith

Serial Killers Without Guns – “Modern killers often use guns, simply because guns are efficient tools of war. But that doesn’t make guns killers. People are the killers and some percentage of our population has been killing their fellow man since Cain first realized that he could use a rock to bash in his brother Abel’s head (or however he did it). Cain didn’t have a Glock or an AR-15 to use; he probably didn’t even have a bow and arrow, so he used what he had at hand. The problem isn’t the gun. As others have said before, guns are merely tools, no more able to commit crime than hammers are.” – Bill White

Stockpile Challenge: The Final Check-In – Daisy Luther

The Urgent Case for Legislation against Facebook and Google – Pamela Geller

Facebook Plans To Produce Pseudo-Scientific “Proof” To “Justify” Alt-Media Censorship – Andrew Korybko

The Importance Of Prepping: Alaskans Turn To Government For Food Amid Recession – Mac Slavo

Lab-bred mosquitoes to fly near Miami to help combat Zika – “Thousands of bacteria-infected mosquitoes will be flying near Miami to test a new way to suppress insect populations that carry Zika and other viruses.”  – HMM, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG HERE!!!!!!

Doctors Show Common Vaccine Likely Worse than Getting the Disease It’s Suppose to Stop – Matt Agorist

A Precautionary Look At The Current ‘Flu’ Season – “Did you know that there is another ‘viral entity’ making the rounds in January 2018 that causes flu-like symptoms but IS NOT the flu? “Adenovirus looks like flu, acts like flu, but it’s not influenza” What do you think of that news, CDC and FDA? How about leveling with healthcare consumers! I can see it coming: A new push to get vaccinated against the Adenovirus! One more vaccine shot to impair the immune system further! ” – Catherine J. Frompovich

Basic vaccine lies in the world of fake news – Jon Rappoport

Flu Vaccine Increases Your Risk of Infecting Others by 6-Fold, Study Suggests – Green Med Info

What Does it Mean, Saving Rate drops to 12-Year Low when 50% of Americans Don’t Have Savings? – Wolf Richter

NSA Doles Out Massive $112 Billion In High-Tech Contracts Over Last Two Years – “Just in the last two years, the NSA has granted over $112 billion in high-tech contracts to private industry representing just over $400 for every man, woman and child in America. This is ten times more than their own basic budget, so the question is, how do these contracts get funded? The second question is, Is the NSA forming outright Fascist relationships with private industry? – Patrick Wood”

Hussman: “I Expect the S&P 500 to Lose 2/3 of Its Value” – Mish

Why You Should Carry Cash In A Credit Card Society- Kathy Bernier

Springfield Armory 911: In case of Emergency, Drop the Hammer — SHOT Show 2018 – “Concealed Carry guns can often be too large to carry everywhere or be too small to be shootable. And some carry guns have near useless sights and terrible triggers. None of this is the case for the Springfield 911 series. If you are in the market for a very small and light carry gun, this one is a winner.” – Clay Martin

‘Secretive Army of Darkness’ Is Dedicated To The Enslavement, Impoverishment And Extermination Of Every Human On Earth – William B Stoecker




Psalm 37:1-2   Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.